Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bowl Picks 2010 Vol 1

Alright, let's be honest, nobody is reading this until tomorrow.

I've got the early picks ready...

Auburn OVER Northwestern



Player to watch in these games is Noel Devine of WVU
Game to watch is LSU vs PSU...should be good...

Late game picks coming tomorrow...

Oregon vs OSU

Cincinnati vs Florida

Have a great NYE

Be safe....

Bowl Picks NYE

Alright let's make this short and sweet I know everyone has parties to go to...

Were taking...

Air Force OVER Houston...28-14

Oklahoma OVER Stanford...26-14

Missouri OVER Navy...21-19

Iowa State OVER Minnesota...32-28

Virginia Tech OVER Tennessee...16-13

Alright...go make some money...

2ndnShort 6-9

Vegas 7-8

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nebraska vs Arizona

Sometime games are too close to call, this should be a very interesting one. Arizona has had an incredible season and so has Nebraska.

I think that this game will be close the whole way...

Nebraska in a close low scoring affair...18-16

don't forget about...

one of the most dominating defensive player to come a long in a while...

Mike Leach FIRED

When you lock a player in an electrical closet for three get fired...

Pretty crazy...a lot of stuff here to sort out

oh, and he lost $800,000, he was supposed to get that today...yikes

Bowling Green vs Idaho

Freddie Barnes, Freddie Barnes, Freddie Barnes...enough said

Bowling Green 40-34

2ndnShort 5-8
Vegas 6-7

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UCLA vs Temple and The U vs Wisconsin

UCLA has had a down year, and Temple is playing very well right now. Led by Bernard Pierce I think Temple pulls the upset and wins this one...26-24

Miami has had a roller coaster ride of a season and will look to cap it off right with a win against Wisconsin. I think Jacory Harris and company get it done and Miami wins...33-27

Get ready for some football...Ed Reed will help


Monday, December 28, 2009

Bulldogs With the Dubski

Joe Cox and the Georgia defense pulled through and won big 44-20 over a mistake prone Texas A&M team.

Aron White had two touchdown receptions for the Bulldogs.

A&M was led by Christine Michael who ran for 78 yards and had a TD.

2ndnShort 5-6

Vegas 5-6

Texas A&M vs Georgia

AJ Green and Joe Cox will have to be on the same page tonight as Georgia takes on Texas A&M. AJ Green is one of the best WR's in college football and if Joe Cox can get him the ball he can make plays for the Bulldogs.

A&M will need to get the ball to Christine Michael and Cyrus Gray if these guys can do some work on the ground the Aggies can win this game.

I look for A&M to struggle stopping the Georgia offence and think that the Bulldogs will win...33-24

2ndnShort 4-6

Vegas 4-6

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Clemson With the Dub

Clemson just beat Kentucky 21-13. CJ Spiller had a touchdown(of course) and set a record as he had one in every game this season. He is nasty and I can't wait to see him run in the L...172 all purpose yards tonight...

2ndnShort is now 4-6

Vegas 4-6

Urban Meyer will return...

Well, looks like Florida head coach Urban Meyer will return to the team after a leave. He made statements this morning and said he will be back next year. This is great news for Florida.

Cj Spiller (Clemson) vs Kentucky

CJ Spiller has 1,145 yards on the season and I expect him to add at least 125 to that total tonight when Clemson takes on Kentucky. To have a chance at winning this game Kentucky has to try to contain Spiller.

For Clemson to win they need to get Spiller the ball, a lot. They also need to make sure that Randall Cobb does not get hot. Cobb is a threat to run and catch and the Wildcats need him to be productive to win.

Look for this one to be close for a while until the Tigers pull away late...Clemson wins 34-22

and were all tied up...

2ndnShort 3-6

Vegas 3-6

PS...CJ Spiller is really good, just look below

Saturday, December 26, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Urban Meyer to Step Down!!!!!!

Urban Meyer has just stepped down as head football coach at Florida. This was completely unexpected and right now I am still catching my breath. Apparently Coach Meyer went for a check up and had some health concerns. This news just broke 6 minutes ago so we are still waiting for details.

Check "2ndnShort" on Twitter for the latest details...this is crazy...

Coach Meyer WILL coach them in their bowl game against Cincinnati and it will be his last...


Montel Harris will be the key to this game for the Golden Eagles. He runs very hard, and displays power when running in between the tackles. Montel Harris is the reason the Boston College Golden Eagles will win this game.

USC does not want to be in this game, and honestly I don't think they are focused. I have not been in their locker room, but I'm sure they were looking towards the Rose Bowl earlier in the season. Sure USC has loads of talent despite the down year but I don't think they play as well as a team as BC does. BC is very happy to be here and they are eager to get this win for their program.

BC will win this game 28-24

why not...


This game should be great. The Pitt attack led on the ground by Dion Lewis against the air attack of TJ Yates and UNC. Spread is Pitt -3 and I think it will play out just about as close.

Dion Lewis could be a top pick in the draft in a couple years so definitely watch for him. QB TJ Yates is a strong leader for the tar heels and should be successful against the Pitt pass defense.

I look for Pitt to win in a close one 29-25....


after Ohio just lost to Marshall we are now 2-5...Vegas stands at 1-6

Marshall VS Ohio

Marshall will try to shut down Theo Scott and the Ohio passing attack, and Ohio will have to deal with the running of Darius Marshall. I think that Ohio will get the better of this match up and win the game.

Ohio 28
Marshall 19

2ndnShort 2-4
Vegas 1-5

Friday, December 25, 2009

SMU Rolls...Chritmas Break

SMU rolled Nevada last night...yea, we don't want to talk about it...

2ndnShort is now 2-4
Vegas is 1-5

Let's shake this off and enjoy Christmas...more games to come tomorrow

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nevada vs SMU

Colin Kaepernick will lead 8-4 Nevada against 7-5 SMU tonight in Hawaii.

Nevada has THREE 1,000 yard rushers and is first in the nation in running the ball averaging 362 yards a game. SMU will have a hard time stopping the run for sure.

To win the game SMU will have to control the run and get Emmanuel Sanders the ball, he is their play maker and if he can get involved SMU can win the game.

I see this game staying on the ground and Nevada taking control early...

NEVADA 44-28


2ndnShort 2-3

Vegas 1-4

Wynn and Reed Shine

Utah beat Cal last night 37-27 as Jordan Wynn led the passing attack with 338 yards and 3 TD's. David Reed caught 103 of those yards.

Utah was down 14-0 early then scored 24 straight to end the half.

Shane Vereen did all he could in the loss rushing for 122 yards and 2 TD's.

Utah has won nine bowl games in a row.

2ndnShort is now 2-3 with the picks

Because everyone loves to gamble we are going to gamble against Vegas...they are 1-4 right now with their bowl picks...let's see of we can beat them...let the competition begin...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Utah VS Cal

Sean Vereen will be the man to watch tonight as Cal tries to beat Utah. Vereen has the responsibility of filling some huge shoes. Cal RB Jahvid Best was considered by many as the best RB in the country. Since going down in a scary injury Vereen has been filling the void.

Utah started the season on fire, but then fell to Oregon and TCU. Cal has also been very streaky as they were once a top five team and now find themselves unranked.

This should be a good game and hopefully it proves more entertaining then last nights game.

With Jahvid Best out I'm going to pick Utah....24-17

2ndnShort is 1-3 on the bowl picks so far, but so is Vegas...let's get hot here

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BYU Wins Big

As you all know were not big time fans of BYU on this blog. But props have to be given where they are due...Gongrats, big win for the program...

Oregon State vs BYU

Tuesday brings us an early Christmas present as we get a very good match up tonight.

Max Hall vs Sean Canfield and Harvey Unga vs Jaquizz Rodgers.

Max Hall is the QB for BYU and he is a solid veteran ready for the big stage. The same can be said for OSU's Sean Canfield who is making his 24th start at QB. These two dudes will be responsible for starting the game on the right foot for their respective teams, but after that anything can happen.

Harvey Unga is having a great year and has run for 1,016 yards and ten TD's so far. If the Beavers struggle to stop Unga then Max Hall will have a field day. Those numbers are hard to top, but not many are better then OSU's RB Jaquizz Rodgers. Rodgers has a boastful 1,377 yards and a school record 20 TD's this year. The BYU defense is ranked 23rd in the country in rush defense, but let's be honest nobody can shut down Quizz completely.

This game should be an all out battle for the duration and I think the Rodgers Brothers will come out on top...


this should be a great game...

oh PS...Jaquizz Rodgers scored 135 TD's in High School...IN THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Oregon State vs BYU tomorrow in what should be a very good game...preview tomorrow, for now...tease

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Southern Miss vs Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee QB Dwight Dasher will be the key to the Blue Raiders pulling this one out tonight. He is crazy talented and can certainly take over this game. If he can play great, the Blue Raiders will win this game.

Southern Miss has Martevious Young at the helm and since becoming the starter he has played very well. Southern Miss also has DeAndre Brown who is very explosive at WR. If these two can get on the same page then Southern Miss will win.

So now we know what both teams have to do to win, who will prevail? I think Southern miss takes this one in a close contest.

Southern Miss OVER Middle Tennesse...32-27

2ndnShort Bowl Picks Record: 1-1

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Double OT Thriller

Austyn Carta-Samuels led Wyoming over Fresno State in the St Petersburg bowl. Great game all the way. David Leonard caught a TD late for Wyoming as they pulled the upset.

UCF vs Rutgers now, should be good.

2ndnShort is 0-1 so far on the bowl picks. 33 more games to go!

DIII Championship PODCAST

Little D3 football podcast...

also quick shout out to Josh Mathieu who was named DII and DIII National Defensive Player of the Year...awesome...

Bowl Picks Volume 1

Alright today we have two bowl games. The first game is a 4:30 and the second at 8:00. To get everyone ready lets take a look at both of these match ups.


Because these are bowl games we will pick without the spread as most office/online pools pick without the line for the bowl games.

Fresno State OVER Wyoming

In this game look for Ryan Matthews of Fresno State to take over early. He has already rushed for 1,664 yards on the season and he is very hard to stop. He will get 20+ carries and run for at least 150 yards. Wyoming does not have the team speed on defense to stop Matthews.

On the Wyoming side look for WR David Leonard to get a lot of balls thrown his way. The problem for Wyoming is that they don't have a lot of big play receivers, or running backs and they can not stay with the high octane offense of Fresno State.


Next we Rutgers vs UCF, this game should be really good and either team could take this one. But we have to make a pick...

Rutgers OVER UCF

Tim Brown is the big play guy for Rutgers and I think that he will have a great game against the UCF pass defense. Look for this game to go back and forth and Rutgers to control the end and win the game.

UCF will try to establish Brynn Harvey on the ground, and although I can see him having a good game I think the Rutgers defense will be able to keep UCF in check for most of the game.

This game could be low scoring...


continue to check back throughout the bowl season for the picks

enjoy the games...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RIP Chris Henry

Troubled at times but this year he had completely turned his life around. He will be missed...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AP All American Squad

This squad is absolutely loaded, certainly one of the best squads in years. Bama is all over this list and well deserved.

More talk of this is come

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jake Locker will return to school

U of Washington QB Jake Locker was going to be one of the top QB's taken in this years NFL draft. Many people even saw Locker being the first QB taken.

That being said, the QB class is pretty deep this year, and staying back and improving might be the best idea. He still has the chance to be the top QB prospect after next season, and he should be much more polished by then.

Look for Jimmy Clausen to become the top QB on the majority of draft boards.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

Just Army vs Navy last night in a boring game which Navy won. But we got tons of NFL action today....enjoy

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Mark Ingram just won the a very close race...congrats, much deserved.

The voters could of easily given it to Colt McCoy, but they made the right choice.

Great year...Albama vs Texas should be great...


Alright ladies and gentleman, tonight is the night we find out who is the "best"* player in college football. The favorites are Colt McCoy and Mark Ingram, but I could see Ndamukong Suh taking this home because of his performance against Texas last week, and all year. Ndamukong Suh will be the first player taken in the NFL draft, and he won a bunch of awards this week.

McCoy also took home his fair share. RB of the year went to Toby Gerhart, not Mark Ingram, those two will battle it out tonight as well as Tim Tebow. I think the race between first and second is going to be very close. McCoy or Ingram could both win this thing, and like I said Ndamukong Suh could very well take home the hardware.

After seeing the votes come in from a couple of people I think this is how it will break down... chances of winning

Mark Ingram 40%
Colt McCoy 35%
Ndamukong Suh 15%
Toby Gerhart 8%
Tim Tebow 2%

This is going to be a very close race and it is definitely worth checking out tonight at 8PM on ESPN.

Hit the jump to check out the 5 finalists...

*Eric Berry, and CJ Spiller among others could be seen as in the top 5, replacing Tebow and Gerhart as NFL prospects.






Thursday, December 10, 2009


As expected Ndamukong Suh cleaned up this year winning a total of four awards. Colt McCoy was another multiple selection. 2ndnShort favorite Jerry Hughes out of TCU won the best DE award, and Toby Gerhard took home the RB award. Best LB went to Bama's Rolando McClain and top WR was handed to Notre Dame's Golden Tate.

Nothing surprising yet, this Heisman race continues to heat up.

Notre Dame is now Brian Kelly's problem...

Cincinnati head ball coach Brain Kelly is now the man in charge at Notre Dame. This news surprised nobody and has been in the works for a couple weeks now. I know that Notre Dame wanted to get a new coach ASAP but why weeks before the most important game of Cincinnati's program. Cincy is about to play Florida and sources are already saying the Kelly might not coach the Bearcat's for the game.

I understand the coming from DII Grand Valley State (awesome school) to Cincy was a big leap, and I know that the Notre Dame job is a once in a lifetime chance. But please, you have done a great job thus far at Cincy, finish what you started.

I was already predicting that Florida will blow Cincy out, but now it's going to happen...good luck Kelly...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In case you missed it vid...

If you have not seen this by now I feel horrible for you...if you have, you know you have to see it again...unreal...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BOWL Rankings

Nice little post on the Bowl rankings...

I def agree with 1 and 2 but think that Florida vs Cincy will be more entertaining then OSU vs Oregon. Also I would have WVU vs FSU higher.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Heisman Finalists

Colt McCoy, Mark Ingram, Toby Gerhart, Tim Tebow, and Ndamukong Suh.

The thought going into this is that this award belongs to Colt McCoy, he has been there before, and you could argue that last year he should of won it. Many people think he will get it due to his body of work, not just this year, the thinking being that if Tebow and Bradford have one then he should too.

Not so fast, let's take a real quick look at this thing...

Tebow is here because he is Tim Tebow, period. He does not deserve this award this year , and will not win it. Especially after losing to Bama...

Toby Gerhart is a great story. His numbers are ridiculous and he plays for a Stanford team that had a great year. He runs hard and managed to stay under radar until the last couple months of the season. This kid runs hard and has definitely earned his trip to the ceremony, but he is a long shot to take home the Trophy.

Ndamukong Suh is an absolute beast, he is the best DT in college football and might be selected #1 overall in the NFL draft. HE leads his team in, TFL, sacks, TACKLES, and PASS BREAKUPS...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! But defensive players rarely win this thing, and I don't think this is his year due to the heavy competition. Suh could win and I would have no complaints I just don't see someone from Nebraska winning this thing this year, maybe if they had beat Texas. Suh and Gerhart are certainly the two dark horses this year.

The two favorites are Colt McCoy and Mark Ingram, personally I think that it came down to the last game of the season, and I think Ingram played better. Ingram raked up the yards against then #1 Florida as they cruised to victory. McCoy led Texas to victory over Nebraska but did throw two picks. This is going to be one of the closest races in recent memory and either one of these kids is very deserving, we will just have to watch and see who wins. 2ndnShort will stay firm with Mark Ingram as our slight front runner over Colt McCoy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Alabama rolled over Florida 32-13. They completely dominated and Tim Tebow and the Florida offense never got on track. This win puts Alabama against Texas (probably) in the national championship. Bama was good all year and they proved to be the better team today against Florida...what a game from the Bama defense.

Mark Ingram looked incredible and he is probably going to win the Heisman now unless Colt absolutely explodes against Nebraska tonight.

Game clinching TD...



From down 21 Tony Pike took Cincinnati all the way back to beat Pitt 45-44. Pitt missed the extra point and down six Pike took the Bearcats all the way down the field to win.

Cincy might jump TCU into the #4 spot with this win...TCU does not play this weekend...

Pitt RB Dion Lewis played out of his mind rushing for 194 yards on 47 carries!!!...he will be a front runner for the Heisman next year as he is only a freshman...

WR and return specialist Mardy Gilyard of Cincy played electric football all game and helped them to the win


Friday, December 4, 2009

In Case You Missed It...

This is the weirdest thing you will see all week I guarantee it. Absolutely ridiculous...Just watch and wonder what the heck is going on...

Be safe tonight

Thursday, December 3, 2009


(Can Rolando McClain and the Alabama defense stop Tim Tebow)

The conference championships are finally here and this weekend is highlighted by #1 Florida vs #2 Alabama. We also get Texas vs Nebraska, Cincinatti vs Pitt, and Georgia Tech vs Clemson.

Should be a reallllllllly good week of football!!!

Let's take a look at the spreads and how things will shake out...JUMP!!!


Oregon State +9.5 OVER Oregon...this game is going to be really good, it should stay tight the whole way...SHOOTOUT!!!...oh btw(hilarious, in a bad way)


East Carolina -2.5 OVER Houston...You should go to ECU for your next Halloween...that being said Houston is a really sketchy team this year and I find it hard to bet on them...ECU 28-23...4.24

Cincinnati -2 OVER Pittsburgh...Cinncy is rolling, they have not lost yet and I don't see Pitt knocking them off...Pitt does have a great chance of upset though...this chance has a name...Dion Lewis...if he gets the ball 20 times they might win...might...Cincinnati 39-30

WVU +1.5 OVER Rutgers...this will certainty be a great game...blogger actually refused to let me make this post before I showed you this...WVU 22-17

Boise State -47.5 vs NMSU...well...not a lot to say here...another quality opponent for Boise...58-6

Arizona +7 OVER USC...this a officially a year where you can feel pretty confident about betting against USC...I'm taking full advantage...Zona 33-30

Alabama +5.5 OVER Florida...biggest and best game of the we go...this game should be tight all the way and I think Florida comes up big on D late to beat matter the winner either team will beat Texas in the National championship...this should get you ready for the big game...this too...and this...and of course...

California -7 OVER Washington...still feeling bad for Jahvid Best...Washington looked good early in the season but it's late now and California has plenty of vet's to get them through this one...Cal wins 31-20

Georgia Tech +1 OVER Clemson...coming off a loss GT will be hungry VS Clemson and CJ Spiller...GT won the first meeting 30-27, and I think exactly the same thing will happen this time around...too much run game for Clemson...check this out...and this

Texas -14.5 Nebraska...absolute MUST WIN FOR TEXAS...they win and they get into the National Championship...McCoy will win the Heisman with a dominant performance in this one...gotta give UT related props in this one


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Team Bonding aka Slugfest

More players have been suspended from the MSU football team for the brawl that happened last month. Good job guys, that's what teammates are for, to beat up...

Trouble in Gainesville...

What is a smart thing to do when the biggest game of your life is a week away? DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!! Well, at least that's what Carlos Dunlap thinks. Dunlap was driving, and was so drunk that he actually feel asleep at the wheel, at a red light. The light eventually turned green, and well...Dunlap didn't move. Dunlap is a starting DE for the Florida Gators and is having a really good season. Mark Ingram is definitely licking his lips now, The Gators have tons, and tons, and yea tons, of experience on defense but Dunlap is crazy good and will be near impossible to replace.

Florida plays Alabama for the SEC championship on Saturday and the winner will most likely face Texas(if they can beat Nebraska) in the National Championship...

Bobby Bowden is Out...

Bobby Bowden was the head football coach at Florida State for 89 years, and his run has come to an end. He is second to only one person in all time wins and won two National Championships at FSU. He is truly a college football legend...

Remember this