Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick Play Friday

So it is actually getting kind of difficult to find trick plays...but I found one 7 pages deep on youtube and here it is...

good quality also which we always appriciate...


I had never seen this before, looks like a fan got a little too close to a player post game and got absolutely rocked...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Never heard of a squib kick huh...

Ok, so the site that the video I want you to see is on sucks, you can't embed a link from it, so here it is...

It appears that they are kicking straight into a 100 wind, not the best idea. Did the coach/kicker really think that he was going to boom this one down field in the wizard of oz weather...

Apparently they have never played Madden because the squib kick is incredible...

Learn from these...

This might as well be real life...

Another Announcer Freak Out...

This guy has every reason to be pissed, that was clearly a backwards pass and clearly a fumble...

I've got an idea...during every High School game they should have a color commentator for each team. On any questionable calls/plays they could just argue with each other for a couple of minutes while ref's sorted out the problem, it would be great entertainment...good idea right...right???

Watch until the end for one of the most overused/awesome High School chants...

Wanna hear an announcer freak out?

On the topic of helmet to helmet hits here is an announcer who is pretty pissed off about a helmet to helmet hit that occurred in a blowout.

This is pure gold, a lot of passion here and the dude completely loses it.

You need to listen to the whole thing because at one point he tries to fight everyone in the stands...

I guess if your are going to argue something you might as well give it a buck 10, what's the point of complaining if your not going to go hard...

Wake Up With Hits: Had to Post it

Just saw the cover of SI this week, and it's this hit. There has been a lot of talk about head hits and concussions lately, and I had not posted this vid yet. This continues the softification of the NFL...was this hit really that bad. Was he headhunting? I thought it looked like a pretty clean hit...

I completely understand that with athletes getting bigger, stronger and faster every year that rules do have to change. But I think in some instances the NFL is going to far. At some point it's just a really hard hit and they are playing football. If a dude clearly lead with his helmet and launched himself into someones dome, it is obviously dangerous and should be handled. But I have seen too many clean hits with guys leading with a shoulder that are being punished.

And don't get me started with how quarterbacks are treated...get a good backup...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wake Up With Hits: WR Swag

Kenny Britt had a gigantic day on Sunday, and to show that we appreciate his efforts here is a vid of him in college knocking some dude out...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Everybody knows that the NFL is getting soft, and college will be quick to follow...but you know who always brings it...pee wee football players...

Wake Up With Hits : Wow, what a weekend

We are back!!!!!!!!

Ohio was incredible and we are all just now recovering...sorry for the delay

We will have some content up soon, and maybe even some videos from the game.

For now watch this hit...

Bonus Video

I know I know we usually stick to football on here but this is a big night for basketball as the Miami Heat visit the Boston Celtics...

I will go ahead and declare my hate for the Heat right now...go Green

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wake Up With Hits: Ohio Road Trip Swag

We are one day away from hitting the road and heading to Ohio for some good ol fashioned football. We are going to see some HS football (Hoover Vikings) and some college ball. We will be watching the Ohio State vs Purdue game live from the Shoe...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wake Up With Highlights

Ok, so from what I can tell...

Black team scores with 1.8 (or 18 doesn't matter) seconds left to take the lead. Then the Black team kicks off (now that I think about it, it's probably 1.8 seconds). White team is down seven and has to score a touchdown...they start to lateral the ball all over the field, then a kid gets "tackled" and the Black team rushes the field...but the BALL CAME OUT AND THE WHITE TEAM STILL HAS THE BALL AND THEY LATERAL SOME MORE AND FIND THE ENDZONE AND EVERYONE GOES FUCKING CRAZY!!!!

and then they go for two down one with no time left.....

Wake Up With Hits: Punter Swag

Prettttttttttttttttty late on getting the hit up for ya today, but here it is


Monday, October 18, 2010

Wake Up With Highlights

Pierre Garcon operates his own swag factory, and it's fueled by plays like this...

From D3 stud in VT to D3 monster at Mount Union (shouts to Jonathan Andrews), Pierre has transformed into a great receiver for the Colts

Bonus from his College days

Double Bonus from another monster

Wake Up With Hits

Not a college hit but I had to put this up...

A lot of people are saying this is a dirty hit and I don't agree, he hit him below the helmet and was trying to knock that ball out. I know they are trying to police this with the penalties and with both player getting knocked out it was easy to call, but this was not a horrible hit.

Hope both guys are alright.

Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand suffered a severe spinal injury on Saturday and is currently paralyzed from the neck down, we wish him our best.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Betting Guide: Week 7

Alright it's Friday and that means we've got 5 more picks for you guys. As always these picks come from the brilliant mind of myself and Sir Paulie Grouper...

NC State -7 @ East Carolina

Russell Wilson is going to tear the ECU secondary apart in this one. ECU has not looked very good on defense lately and NC State puts up a lot of points. Look for Wilson to have a field day and the Wolfpack to roll.

The Pick: NC State

Michigan State -7 vs Illinois

Illinois kind of stinks and MSU is hot right now after dismantling Michigan. Greg Jones and the Spartan defense should have no problem dealing with the Illinois offense.

The Pick: Michigan State

Pittsburgh -1 @ Syracuse

Pretty simple here, when the line looks like a misprint you gotta bet it. Pitt is better in every aspect and Syracuse is not a tough place to play(great now I have goosebumps). Pitt by a touchdown or two or three, maybe six.

The Pick: Pitt

Ohio State -4 @ Wisconsin

Grouper should really be writing this one but he is not available. OSU is the #1 team in the country and they will have to fight Wisconsin for this one but in the end OSU is too good and they have too many athletes.

The Pick: OSU

Alright now if your ready we will revile the...

BACK UP THE BRINKS rightintomydrivewaythankyou PICK OF THE WEEK

Iowa -3 @ Michigan

Yes, we absolutely love Denard, he is one of the most dynamic players in the game. But Michigan's defense is absolute poop. They give up way to many points and Iowa will be able to expose them all day long. Denard might be able to keep them in this game for six or seven minutes, and then it's all over. This spread is way too close...Iowa rolls.

The Pick: Iowa

In Case You Missed It Vid

Yea Michigan got embarrassed last weekend, but they did do this...

Trick Play Friday

I picked this play today, not because it's amazing, but because these have to be the worst announcers in the history of the game...

And also there is this...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

NFL Lock of the Week: 3 Team 6 Point Tease

We will have the NCAA picks for you guys soon, in the meantime we have a special guest here to make some NFL picks. The super famous DG is with us this week to help everyone get rich and buy yachts.

Alright, so this week we've got a 3 team 6 point teaser...DG take us away...

Chargers -2 @ Rams: Yes, the Chargers did lose to the Raiders last week. But the Rams lost to lions by 38 points! Phil Rivers should continue lighting up defenses this week. Tease them down and enjoy the show.

Giants -4 vs Lions: G-men looked pretty good last week against a solid Texans team, they are hitting their stride after a bumpy couple of games. Yes, Lions beat Rams 44-6 last week, but Calvin might not play this week and let's face it the Rams??? Expect the Giants rush D to give Shaun Hill problems. G-men Coast.

Falcons +8.5 @ Eagles: Atlanta is quietly one of the better teams in the NFL. They also seem to love close games. Expect this one to be nothing different. If Vick plays eagles might pull out a close one, if Kolb does, expect falcons to win.

That concludes DG's NFL Lock of the Week. Now go get that money.

Wake Up With Hits: DB Swag

This kid get's absolutely rocked...and the ball came out for extra points. If the other safety wasn't picking daisy's we would of had a INT as well...

PS Gotta love HS football corners 11 yards off the ball and safety's at least 20...can't let anyone behind you right????

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heisman Rankings: Volume II

Alright, so a lot has changed in the college football world since our first Heisman rankings a couple weeks ago. Things are starting to shape up, but we still don't have a clear cut #1. This race is still wide open, and the trophy is certainly up for grabs.

1.) LaMichael James, Oregon RB

James is putting up absurd numbers right now, and is the main reason Oregon is playing so well. If Oregon can continue to win and James keeps putting up these numbers it will be very hard to knock him out of the top three. James also holds the advantage of being the only RB in serious contention.

Stats: 141 Carries 848 Yards 9 TD's/3 Catches 96 Yards 1 TD

2.) Kellen Moore, Boise State QB

Moore has been very impress thus far for Boise. He is the unquestioned leader and with the rumors of the Broncos holding the #1 spot in the BCS rankings that will come out later this week, all eyes will be on Moore. If the Broncos can run the table and stay perfect Moore will be a serious threat to win it.

Stats: 91-135 1,336 Yards 14 TD's 1 INT

3.) Denard Robinson, Michigan QB

Well, we all saw it coming, Michigan lost in it's first test of the Big 10 schedule via blowout to MSU. Denard didn't have a great game but Michigan probably has the worst defense of anyone in the top 25 and when Denard has to play from behind he struggles throwing the ball. Still, Denard has ridiculous numbers and is as talented as anyone on this list, nevertheless his chances at winning will continue to decline if Michigan can't get it's defense together. No way he wins this if Michigan finishes with 3+ losses.

Stats: 84-125 1223 Yards 8 TD's 4 INT/119 Carries 991 Yards 9 TD's

4.) Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State QB

Pryor is the pilot of the new #1 team in the country and played out of his mind against Indiana last week. Pryor's weakness is his throwing ability and it will be tested against a good Wisconsin team this weekend. If Pryor can come out of Wisconsin with a solid performance and a W it will do wonders for his Heisman stock.

Stats: 104-153 1,349 Yards 15 TD's 3 INT/57 Carries 354 Yards 3 TD's

5.) Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State WR

Number 5 on this list is usually a dark horse for us, so this week we have Blackmon from Oklahoma State, he is an absolute beast and is putting up insane numbers. His numbers are too good to be ignored and even through it is really hard for WR's to win the Heisman, he should at least get mention.

Stats: 47 Catches 748 Yards 11 TD's

Awesome vid of LaMichael James in HS

Feel free to argue about this list in the comments...


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Wake Up With Hits

Nice hit here to break up the pass, sometimes I think that I am running out of videos to post, and then I remember it's the internet and this has less then 1,000 views...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wake Up With Great Onside Kick For TD

Had to get this up here, in case you missed it this is possibly the worst onside kick attempt ever. I don't really understand how these DI athletes don't know the rule...

I guess we have to be glad they are all idiots or we wouldn't have this to watch...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Top 25 Recap: Week 6

(We knew that SC was good, but we had no idea they were going to beat Bama by two scores)

What a week of games, as usual there were a bunch of great games this weekend, and they were headlined by South Carolina taking down #1 Alabama 35-21. We had been betting Bama all year long, and definitely did not expect this to happen. Props go out to South Carolina for making sure the BCS Standings will be really messed up when they comes out in a week.

So obviously there has been some shifting in the polls. Here is what the top 10 looks like.

1.) Ohio State
2.) Oregon
3.) Boise State
4.) TCU
5.) Nebraska
6.) Oklahoma
7.) Auburn
8.) Alabama
9.) LSU
10.) South Carolina

So OSU takes the top spot and the others fall in line as they were, with exception of Nebraska who climbs two spots over Oklahoma for the #5. South Carolina moves from #19 to #10 and Bama drops to #8.
Back in the polls at #24 is Oregon State after a great win over Arizona (Zona drops from #9 to #17), this helps Boise State as they beat Oregon State earlier this year. West Virginia is also in the polls at #25. Miami and Michigan both got beaten badly and dropped out of the polls.

Florida also dropped from #14 to #22 after they lost to LSU.

Lot of movement this weekend and the BCS rankings come out this week so things are about to get a little crazy. I have heard from certain insiders that the BCS rankings will look like this:

1.) Boise State
2.) Oregon
3.) TCU
4.) Oklahoma
5.) Ohio State

That right there is absolutely nuts...what the hell is going on.


South Carolina deserves some love so here is our favorite SC player Alshon Jeffery pretending he only has one arm...

Wake Up With Hits

QB should probably think about sliding...

We will have a Top 25 Recap for you later on today as there were some major shifts this weekend.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Betting Podcast Week 6

Don't know how this happened...but it did...

Here is the weekly betting podcast

Featuring the inappropriate Paulie Grouper...

Betting Guide: Week 6

Alright, due to some complications the podcast never came last night. I know all of you were patiently waiting so I am going to run through our picks right now, and we might record the podcast a little later.

Below as usual we have 5 picks including the

Picks will be short and sweet so you can get to making some money, if Grouper is alive we will go in depth on these in the pod


Michigan State +4.5 @ Michigan

Let me start this off by saying I do not like this pick because my heart says no. Rule #1 don't bet with your heart. Grouper brought this to the table and we are going to roll with it. He thinks MSU wins I think UM wins, so let's just say Michigan wins by 3 and everyone is happy.

PS Denard for President

Pick - Michigan State

Auburn -6 @ Kentucky

Cameron Newton is a monster stud at QB for Auburn, they are on a roll and I don't think Kentucky can do anything about it.

Pick - Auburn

UCLA +7.5 @ California

The Pistol formation has been red hot for UCLA in recent weeks, and they are having a lot of success running the football. For reference Nevada runs the same system and against Cal this year it worked to the tune of 497 yards in a blowout win for Nevada. Bet the Pistol.

Pick - UCLA

Alabama -7 @ South Carolina

Bama is on a roll and they are the best team in college football right now. They are playing a South Carolina team that has looked good this year, but Alabama presents SC with a lot of issues, mainly stopping Bama from scoring and scoring on Bama...

Pick - Alabama

and now...






Texas A&M vs Arkansas -5 (Cowboys Stadium)

We love Ryan Mallett and we really like Arkansas, they have one loss and it was a tough one against Alabama. Texas A&M has one loss and it is a tough one to Oregon State. Advantage Arkansas. We think that Arkansas can jump on A&M early and often and easily cover this spread.

If you click all of the links in this post you are an amazing human being...

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trick Play Friday

Not a trick play, not by design, but really sweet...

Quick note, we do have all of the picks for you and we will be putting them up a little later today so you have time to call your bookie.

Podcast will also be coming a little later tonight if Paulie and I can get our lives together...

Stay tuned for the picks, we got some good ones for you this week.

Also, in case you missed it Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez put on an absurd show last night as he beat Kansas State by rushing for over 240 yards and throwing for 123. This kid has been killing it all year long, and being the only game last night got a lot of attention for it. Swaggy...

Wake Up With Hits

Dusted this one off for ya today, way to throw your RB into danger QB. Remember when "hi-fi" on the screen was a good thing. Like "dude Timmy's dad has a sick camera look at how clear it is". Then when you were looking at film with the coach it would take five minutes to figure out who was who.

Kid gets his head knocked off...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wake Up With Hits

First off, this is the kind of injury you don't want to post, but people were and will be talking about this at least until Saturday so we've got to put it up for you.

Warning at around the :11 second mark you can see that his leg is completely broken in half...hopefully he is on the road to a quick recovery

Bonus hit that won't make you puke at your desk...

Now let's see if Grouper has anything to say about this or if he even notices...Colgate kid getting rocked, great hit

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Player to Watch: Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State

With a big game between Michigan State and Michigan coming up this weekend, let's take a look at MSU's best player...

Greg Jones might be the best linebacker in the country, he was the top linebacker in the Big Ten last year and a first team All-American.

A Senior this year Jones has the Spartans undefeated heading into their big game against Denard and company this weekend. Jones is off to an incredible start as he already has 40 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 interceptions. Jones is the unquestioned leader of the MSU defense and the way he is playing right now he will be seeing a lot of awards coming his way at the end of the year.

(you don't want to get hit by this guy)

Greg Jones brings a lot to the table as far as talents, he moves very well and is extremely instinctive. He ran a 4.6 his senior year of HS and you can bet that 4 years later he is in the 4.5 range which is good for LB's. We can not strees his instincts enough, you can't teach them and Jones seems to always be around the ball. He will have a tough task in trying to slow down the elusive Denard Robinson this weekend, and it will be a great match up to watch.

Looking forward to the NFL, Jones will certainly be one of the top LB's heading into the draft. We have told you about his talents, but scouts obviously also look at negatives as well. Jones is not a huge MLB, and would certainly be undersized a bit in the NFL. He also has yet to show if his top end speed is as good as it needs to be. Nevertheless this kid is extremely talented and you will be hearing his name a lot more this season.

Wake Up With Hits

This dudes first name is Mister, that's probably a mistake by the parents but who cares when you can lay the lumber like this...

This is also our first attempt to make "wake up with hits" as current as possible, I love posting grainy vid's of dudes from the early 90's getting lit up but I'm sure you guys grew tired of it long ago...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Top 25 Recap: Week 5

(LaMichael James brought his name into the Heisman conversation this weekend)

After a big weekend of games let's take a look at the Top 25...

The top 3 shifted as Oregon leaped Boise State into the #3 spot after their win over Stanford. Bama and Ohio state stayed at the top with Bama pulling away after their win over Florida. TCU stays in the #5 spot and Boise State is now #4.

This week we also saw three top programs drop out of the polls. Texas lost to Oklahoma, Penn State lost to Iowa and USC lost to Washington. All three teams were dropped from the top 25. I would imagine this hasn't happened in a long time.

All of the top 10 teams are undefeated and the bottom half looks like this:

6.) Oklahoma, 7.) Nebraska, 8.) Auburn, 9.) Arizona, 10.) Utah

Alabama is clearly the best team in college football as they received all but 2 of the first place votes. Ohio State got one and the same guy who has voted for Boise
State all year, did again as the Broncos got 1 first place vote.

After Bama it is pretty wide open, a lot of teams look really good, and this is shaping up to be a great year.

Stanford forgot to cover and or show up for the second half vs Oregon and we went 3-2 with our bets this weekend. Still up so go buy yourself something nice, you earned it.

Paulie Grouper has promised some content this week, but don't expect anything because this is probably what he is doing...

Wake up With Hits

Matt Ryan getting lit up while at BC. I had never seen this hit before, helmet coming off is icing on the cake...