Friday, October 8, 2010

Betting Guide: Week 6

Alright, due to some complications the podcast never came last night. I know all of you were patiently waiting so I am going to run through our picks right now, and we might record the podcast a little later.

Below as usual we have 5 picks including the

Picks will be short and sweet so you can get to making some money, if Grouper is alive we will go in depth on these in the pod


Michigan State +4.5 @ Michigan

Let me start this off by saying I do not like this pick because my heart says no. Rule #1 don't bet with your heart. Grouper brought this to the table and we are going to roll with it. He thinks MSU wins I think UM wins, so let's just say Michigan wins by 3 and everyone is happy.

PS Denard for President

Pick - Michigan State

Auburn -6 @ Kentucky

Cameron Newton is a monster stud at QB for Auburn, they are on a roll and I don't think Kentucky can do anything about it.

Pick - Auburn

UCLA +7.5 @ California

The Pistol formation has been red hot for UCLA in recent weeks, and they are having a lot of success running the football. For reference Nevada runs the same system and against Cal this year it worked to the tune of 497 yards in a blowout win for Nevada. Bet the Pistol.

Pick - UCLA

Alabama -7 @ South Carolina

Bama is on a roll and they are the best team in college football right now. They are playing a South Carolina team that has looked good this year, but Alabama presents SC with a lot of issues, mainly stopping Bama from scoring and scoring on Bama...

Pick - Alabama

and now...






Texas A&M vs Arkansas -5 (Cowboys Stadium)

We love Ryan Mallett and we really like Arkansas, they have one loss and it was a tough one against Alabama. Texas A&M has one loss and it is a tough one to Oregon State. Advantage Arkansas. We think that Arkansas can jump on A&M early and often and easily cover this spread.

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