Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recruting Rankings

ESPN just updated their rankings and the usual suspects are up towards the top as is the norm. But Tennessee has moved into the top five. These rankings are a lot of guess work so don't get bummed if you don't see your squad at the top. Any school listed has a great class coming in.

My favorite part about recruiting is the players that get listed as "athletes". Usually these are the kids that are by far the best player on the team so they just play QB and run all over the place. So what position do you play? Well, I'm an athlete...awesome.

Alright well here is one of those guys DeMarco Cobbs, and he is headed to Rocky Top.


Tim Tebow UPDATE

Tim Tebow got knocked out in Saturdays win over Kentucky, it is really funny to see how they are handling this because it is Tebow. Keep in mind this is just a concussion.

This is getting the second most college football press right now. Not all of the great match ups this week, but Tebow's dome.

On a serious note, this is his first ever concussion and he is taking tests right now to determine the severity.

Florida plays LSU October 10th.

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Stafon Johnson UPDATE Part 2

Good news this morning in regard to Stafon Johnson, the USC running back who dropped a bench press bar on his throat two days ago.

After undergoing seven hours of surgery, Johnson is in stable condition. He has been writing, and using hand signals to communicate with family and teammates.

Doctors are saying that they might wait as long as six weeks until they even ask Johnson to attempt to talk.

So, football players typically have pretty thick necks, they do specific neck exercises, and count on their neck strength to help absorb hits. One of Johnson's doctors said that he is alive because of the strength in his neck. The doctor referred to himself as a normal person and said that he would not of survived such trauma.

Johnson is certainly lucky to be alive, and we wish him continued good luck in his recovery.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Early Spreads...

(Will the Tide and McElroy cover 13.5 points)

The lines opened this morning and it's time to take a look at some spreads.

Hit the jump to get instant analysis on the early lines.

Let's start with a couple spreads only serious betters care about...

BYU giving 24 to Utah State...I gotta go Utah State here because I don't really like BYU

VT giving 16.5 to Duke...VT coming off of a really good win, I don't know what Duke did last week.

So Michigan gets a road test against MSU and the spread is 2 for Michigan State. Think about that one for a while, I will make picks on the important games later in the week.

Can Bama continue to roll, spread is 16.5...

Cincinnati can prove themselves again by covering against a horrible Miami(OH) 28.5...

LSU at Georgia should be a really good game, Georgia by 3...hmmmm, I will pick that apart later in the week

Oklahoma vs Miami, this game marks the maybe return of Sam Bradford, and the pick me up game for Jacory Harris. Oh boy...what a game

Boise State is playing a blind team...

Stafon Johnson UPDATE

USC running back Stafon Johnson underwent emergency throat surgery for seven hours yesterday after dropping the bench press bar on his neck.

It is being reported that Johnson is in critical but stable condition this morning. Doctors are saying that he should be able to make a full recovery.

As far as playing again this season goes, it is unlikely. This is a big blow for the Trojans as Johnson leads the team with five touchdowns.

USC will need some other guys to step up in Johnson's absence as they face a tough Cal team this weekend.

We wish Johnson a speedy recovery.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

On a Serious Note...

(I am wishing Johnson the best recovery possible)

I could post countless clips of hilarious weight room accidents, but this story is not the one to joke about. USC running back Stafon Johnson was bench pressing recently when he lost grip of the bar and had it fall on his throat. Johnson is a strong dude and im assuming that this was a plus 225 pound lift. 2ndnShort will keep you updated, the latest update was that Johnson was having surgery on his throat.

Weekend Review PODCAST

This weekend was a crazy one in college football, some teams returned to form while others fell off. This pod will touch on the new rankings, some injury updates, and more.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New Rankings Suck...

The new rankings are in and, well, they suck. I guess it's a really hard week/year for the rankings but come on.

(#5 is a joke they play four blind community colleges this year...)

My major beefs are...


LSU is not the fourth best team in the country

Iowa too high

Cal dropped too far, Oregon is a good team

I'm going back to the couch....

Flash Recap!!!

Before you sit down to enjoy the NFL, here is what happened in the college football world yesterday....

Hit the JUMP to see if Tim Tebow is dead...

Tim Tebow got hurt!!!!!...this has been made a huge deal, when he went down even Kentucky fans were speechless, nobody knew what to do. Personally I think he was just concussed and he will be fine, but I'm no doctor. Florida won 41-7.

Texas rolled UTEP...UTEP had 53 total yards of offense...53, that is probably close to as many as I would have playing with a bunch of my friends against them...53 total yards is disgusting...

Alabama is really good...Florida, Texas, and Bama are the three best and I don't know who comes next...

Mississippi stinks...go Gamecocks

Iowa pulled the upset and ruined Penn State's season again...poor Joe Pa...can we have some top ten teams win....

Cal is good so don't let Oregon blowing them out fool you...but Oregon is also good. Both teams will be interesting to watch the rest of the year. Cal has USC next week, go Cal.

LSU barely survived against Miss State holding them on the goal line four plays in a row...

Boise State rolled over the highly talented Bowling Green(highly talented=not good at all)...I am going to be really upset if Boise State moves into the top 5.

VT blew Miami out, Miami has a lot of questions now, but they are still a good team. When you start so hot you have to cool down eventually. Miami gets Oklahoma next week, they might lose that game as well.

Washington State covered against USC...

Ohio State shut out Illinois and looked good doing it...

Cincinnati beat Fresno State, I have been on the Cinncy bandwagon for three weeks now, it's a nice wagon.

THE HORNED FROGS BEAT CLEMSON...another bandwagon that I am on...

I said something about Oklahoma State needing to put up 60 points to impress me...they put up 56, I am happy to say that I might climb back on...might...

Case Keenum for Heisman(but not really), there I said it. Houston beat Texas Tech by one in a great game

Florida State is not that good as they lost to South Florida...

BYU is still overrated, but they did beat Colorado State 42-23...23 points is too many to give up to Colorado State.

Kansas got in two fights with their BBall squad during the week, then beat up Mississippi State on Sat.

Georgia is hanging on to their top 25 ranking as they squeaked by Arizona State. AJ Green is nasty.

Georgia Tech beat North Carolina in a game that was not as close as expected, maybe GT is back.

Michigan won in a great game against Indiana...the Michigan bandwagon is really comfortable, but their schedule coming up is really hard.

Stanford beat Washington...I now officially hate Washington.

Nebraska rolled in a funny one...

2ndnShort went 16-7 on the week...not bad but not good

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tebow Hurt....Oregon is good finally

Tim Tebow is laying on the ground right hit pretty hard looked like he took a head shot while falling down. Just sat up...looks like he is alive...maybe a little froggy tho...I think he will be alright...

Oregon killed Cal...Oregon has always been good, just took them a while to regroup after that Boise State collapse...

VT is really good they waxed Miami...Miami just not quite good enough to pull off an incredible start...still good though...Tyrod Taylor looked great...

Bama and Texas rolled...Bama is really good...

TCU beat Clemson...go horned frogs...

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Michigan Escapes...and some minor upsets

(Tate Forcier and his legend are growing in Ann Arbor)

Tate Forcier is officially the guy in Ann Arbor as he lead Michigan to a come from behind victory. Good win for big blue as they really showed a lot of character in this one.

Florida State went down to South Florida, and GT got a solid win against UNC.

LSU is trying to hold up against Miss State and Kansas is up a touchdown.

Check back later for more updates.

Friday, September 25, 2009

POD PREVIEW WEEK 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is, another podcast for everyone that has been waiting. I touch on all the top 25 games and some other nonsense...17+ minutes of fun(put it on blast when your getting ready tonight, that way you will have something to talk about when you go out)...everybody knows the best way to pick up girls is to talk about college football

Dez Bryant=Dezmon Briscoe in the little Kansas preview about the fight...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

South Carolina With The Upset

(Eric Norwood and company got a signature win Thursday night)

South Carolina just beat #4 Mississippi, the game was low scoring and Ole Miss never could get their offense going. That makes a good start for the 2ndnShort picks as we had this one. South Carolina should move into the top 25 with this win and Ole Miss is left reeling.

This has been a year of top five upsets, first Oklahoma, then Oklahoma State, followed by USC and now Ole Miss.

Great way to start off the football for this weekend...

::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: September 26th, 2009

(Jacory Harris and Tyrod Taylor highlight a great weekend of college football)

Alright we have got ourselves a great weekend of football that starts tonight with #4 Mississippi vs South Carolina. Lot of good match ups on Sat too, so I think that this week will be harder to pick then previous weeks.

Hit the JUMP for my picks!!!

HOME TEAM in caps

Tonight's Game

SOUTH CAROLINA +4 over Mississippi

Florida -21.5 over KENTUCKY (Florida needs to prove they are the best, Tebow to cover)

TEXAS -36 over Utep (funny spread, take UTEP)

ALABAMA -17.5 over Arkansas (Bama is good, really good, take em to cover)

PENN STATE -10 over Iowa (I would take Iowa to cover)

California -5 over OREGON (I heart Cal, take Jahvid Best)

LSU(away) -12.5 over MISSISSIPPI STATE (Miss ST to cover)

Boise State -16.5 over BOWLING GREEN (smurf turf to cover)

Miami -3 over VIRGINIA TECH (GAME OF THE WEEK...VT with spread, they lose by 1)

USC -45 over Washington State (Gotta get back on that horse, this should help, take Wash U though, spread is gigantic)

OHIO STATE -14 over Illinois (Illinois with the spread)

CINCINNATI -17 over Fresno State (Mega Scorefest, over)

TCU(away) +2.5 over CLEMSON (Go Horned Frogs)

OKLAHOMA STATE over Grambling (I don't really care about OK State anymore)

Texas Tech PK over HOUSTON (Mega Mega Scorefest...great game, but under)

FLORIDA STATE -14 over South Flordia (take South Florida to cover)

BYU -17 over Colorado State (Still thinking BYU is overrated)

KANSAS -14 over Southern Miss (Kansas in a wash take the over)

GEORGIA -12.5 over Arizona State (First time I am picking Georgia all year)

North Carolina +2.5 over GEORGIA TECH (Should be a good one)

MICHIGAN -20 over Indiana (Michigan should roll)

Washington U +7.5 over STANFORD (I don't get it, take Wash to cover)

NEBRASKA -28 over UL Lafayette (I like Lafayette to cover here)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Boss

The Boss turns 60 today and he is still the man. I could relate this to football and talk about how good he was at the super bowl, but no need to do that as his work speaks for itself.

One of my favorite Springsteen songs...just look at that crowd


I Could Not Tackle Him in a Phonebooth

He plays for Idaho State and his name is Kenyon Blue, and he is five foot seven inches tall. He is one of the shiftiest dudes I have ever seen run the ball. His side to side speed is ridiculous. I can only think of one player in the same category right now(short guy crazy lateral speed)that guy is Darren Sproles.

Just watch the video it's crazy...


What a Cheap Guy...

So check this story out, apparently an Oregon alum was at the Oregon vs Boise State game and was not happy with the results. He was so unhappy that he asked for his money back, and got it. Definitely a good move by the coach, but seriously, things happen buddy quit your complaining. I'm not a fan of this guy but hey his choice and he got paid.


Dezmon Briscoe Likes Girls...

(Briscoe is not a happy camper right now)

It is being reported that star Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe was involved in a fight last night.

Who did he get in a fight with, well how about fellow KU athlete and basketball star Tyshawn Taylor. Rumors are flying all over the place and many people are saying different things, but the one constant is that the fight was over a girl. People are saying that this female was dating back and forth between the teams (not a good idea).

BallinisaHabit has a good report on the happenings so check that out.

Briscoe was not hurt but it is being reported that Taylor has a dislocated thumb, the kind of dislocation that you get from punching someone(Briscoe). From personal experience I can tell you that this might get ugly, this beef could certainly boil into something bigger especially if Briscoe was hit. Just think about it 80 jacked up D-I football players vs 12 mostly skinny basketball players(not a knock on basketball players as they are extremely talented and athletic, just not generally good at fighting)...not a pretty thought.

Updates to come as the unfold.

USC Feeling Better...Maybe

USC lost to Washington last week. In this loss they were missing two key players. Safety Taylor Mays (knee) missed the first game of his career, and as we all know QB Matt Barkley was out due to a shoulder injury.

The good news is that both of these guys are both expected back this week. The maybe factor is in play though, Barkley said that he was lacking "zip" on his throws and Mays has not been cleared to run laterally as of yet. This could all clear up in the next couple of days, but I don't think it will matter because their next game is against Washington State, and they stink.

You should still look to see a heavy dose of Joe McKight and I'm sure Mays will be taking plays off to rest. USC needs both these guys healthy if they expect to win out.

Bradford Back at Practice

Pre-season Heisman contender Sam Bradford was back at practice on Tuesday but was limited to short throws.

This is double good news, we obviously want to see Bradford healthy because let's be honest I kind of felt bad for him. But more importantly this means we probably get to see another week of QB Landry Jones, who threw six TD's last weekend vs Tulsa.

The future is bright for Oklahoma...they need to win out to salvage the season...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recruting Recruting Recruting

Here is the updated list of ESPN U's top dudes for 2010.

This guy Michael Dyer is the first RB on the list...aka sick highlight vid.


In Case You Missed It...ouch

This just in, Miami is good...


Plax Gets Two Years...

Breaking news out of NYC, Plaxico Burress has been sentenced to two years in prison for shooting himself in the leg.

This is the conclusion to one of the most ridiculous stories ever.

This dude is a genuine idiot, the gun is problem number one, bringing it to a public place with hundreds of people around is number two, and three would be not putting the safety on.

In related news...Delonte West was speeding on his motorcycle when he cut off a cop. Oh boy I can't believe I am about to type this, when West was pulled over they found two handguns in his pants, and...................a loaded shotgun in a guitar case strapped to his back. What a moron.

If I was a betting man, I am, I would set the odds of what team will sign Plax when he comes back at

-580 Raiders(if Al Davis is still alive)
-320 Bengals
-290 Cowboys
-110 Giants
EVEN Lions
+120 Pats
+280 Colts

Happy Betting

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Flloyd out for Season

Notre Dame has lost arguably their best WR. Sophomore WR Michael Floyd broke his collarbone on Sat and will miss the rest of the season. This is not good news for the Irish, they do still have star WR Golden Tate, but after that their is a sharp drop off. Floyd was averaging 27.5 yards per catch.

New Rankings

Updated rankings were just released.

USC is down to 12, and Washington moved into the polls at 24.

Miami shot all the way up to 9 after beating GT, and Bama made moves up to 3.

Houston is at 17.

BYU down to 19 after getting smashed.

Jacory Harris and Miami made major moves this weekend

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flash Recap

Well, USC lost to Washington...yea. USC never seems to win those trap games, Washington did not win a game last year. It is now Flordia and Texas remaining from the pre season top 3, Alabama will probably move into the three spot.

Tyrod Taylor saved VT with a last second TD throw.

Texas made sure they didn't pull a USC as they beat rival Texas Tech to get them back for that whole Crabtree thing.

Florida shut Tennessee up.

JAHVID BEST!!!....please someone make it possible for him to win the Heisman...five touchdowns...he can not be stopped

Michigan won again, and so did OSU.

Ole Miss looked really good, although they might as well of played a HS team.

BYU got blasted by FSU...see ya later BYU thanks for the 2009 season.

FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!!...enjoy this then get some food and park yourself on the couch


Saturday, September 19, 2009


16-13...Washington just beat USC after losing every game last season. Jake Locker out played Aaron Corp all day long. Wash D stepped up huge holding the Trojans to 13 points.

This is the biggest upset of the season so far...incredible.

This is why they play the last year to beating #3 USC...

This shakes up the college football world...why does USC always lose the trap games...

Tyrod Taylor just beat Nebraska by himself scrambling for 10 minutes before finding his man in the end zone.

Surprise Surprise

Florida is only up 13-6, in what should be a blow out. Very interesting to see how this unfolds.

VT and Nebraska are locked in a tight one as expected 12-10 Nebraska up.

USC and Washington are tied 10-10. A lot of experts said this would be close, Washington is a good team. Good enough to beat USC, well it is tied right now. Very interesting game so far.

Oregon is beating up Utah 21-7.


Michigan is scoring plenty, but the D is not playing very well, they are up on Eastern Michigan 24-17 at the half. Carlos Brown has two scores for big blue, and 163 yards.

Jahvid Best has all three scores for Cal as they are up 21-14, Best is a monster stud. Another stud is Eric Decker for Minnesota he has two score thus far.

UNC is also up 21-1 on ECU at the half, should be a good finish.

Penn State is rolling early.

Kansas up 20-7 at the half, Dezmon Briscoe is killing.

OSU up big on Toledo, and the same for Alabama over North Texas.

Jahvid Best on ESPN....NOW!!!

Best running in the country on ESPN right now.

Touchdown already!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not so Fast...

I bet on Boise State, so obviously I was really happy when they flew out of the gate and went up big. Then Ryan Mathews happened. Mathews has carried the ball 8 times for 142 yards...and he has 2 scores, both runs 50+ yards. Fresno State is only down 24-17 at half, the spread is 8, yikes.

I'm just hoping both teams come out firing on all cylinders in the second half, a good Friday game is always a great start to an all football weekend.

::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: September 19th, 2009 + PODCAST

Alright 2ndnShort went something like 19-3 last week, but when a lot of the games are -10 plus, we can not be fully happy. We did pick Big Blue over ND but got shut down by Georgia in a last second thriller. This week we have a mix of close spreads and blowouts.

Hit that the your GF something nice with the winnings...and then go to Vegas with your boys...JUMP

Remember to hit the bean for that podcast preview...

Boise State -7.5 OVER Fresno State

Florida -29.5 OVER Tennessee

Texas -17.5 OVER Texas Tech

USC -19.5 OVER Washington

Alabama -39.5 OVER North Texas

Penn State -30 OVER Temple

Mississippi OVER SE Louisiana

BYU -8.5 OVER Florida State

Ohio State -20.5 OVER Toledo

Oklahoma -18 OVER Tulsa

Virginia Tech -5 OVER Nebraska

TCU OVER Texas State

Oklahoma State -33 OVER Rice

Oregon State +1 OVER Cincinnati

Utah +5 OVER Oregon

Kansas -23.5 OVER Duke

Arkansas -2 OVER Georgia

North Carolina -7.5 OVER East Carolina

Michigan -24 OVER E Michigan

Pick em or don't pick em...but that is how they will play out...

PODCAST BELOW...insight to these picks, if you win more then 10K 2ndnShort will gladly take a 8% share...

Matt Barkley out Aaron Corp in...

USC's Matt Barkley is officially out for Saturdays game against Washington. Aaron Corp (whom is also very talented and a HS all american) will take his spot.

This might be the does not matter story of the week. Corp and Barkley battled in camp for the starting spot and Barkley won it when Corp got hurt. Both of these guys are very talented and the outcome should be the same no matter who is at the helm.

Sorry washington fans but the spread is still 20.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

33-17...THE U

The U is back(almost). Although it is only the second game the year for Miami they are certainly proving that they are closer to the Miami of old then the Miami of the last couple of years. Lacory Harris and company put a hurt on Georgia Tech as they rolled 33-17.

Miami has a good QB with speed all around him, the U has a defense that might be close to the fastest in college football, and they now have won two big games. Two weeks in a row Miami has been handed a challenge and they have delivered both times.

With Michigan also looking like they are ready to return to power this season in college football is already shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory.

7th Floor Crew on a Roll...

If you don't get the tile, your missing out on one of the most hilarious songs ever. Miami is killin GT up 17-3 and has been in complete control of the game. Jacory Harris is playing very well, this just in he went 30-0 in HS. Highlights of him below. The U is on it's way back if it can close out a win tonight.


Good Story of the Week

With Miami up 14-3 (but GT driving) I bring you this. Vince Young might be struggling with his NFL career, but he is still a good human.

Good work Vince, props.

GT vs Miami...thursday football!!!

Alright let's set this one up Miami is coming off a week one victory of Florida State. Miami and Florida State fought back and forth all game and Miami won in the best game of week one. Miami is hot and favored by 4.5 points.

Georgia Tech is coming off a nice win over Clemson last week. Tech is ranked 14th and Miami 20th.

Players to watch for Miami are QB Jacory Harris and all of his speedsters on the outside.

For the triple option Yellow Jackets just watch RB Jonathan Dwyer and QB Josh Nesbitt. The Navy scheme is starting to set in and GT is looking good early on.

I think this is going to be a great game, and I think either team can win. That being said I have GT with the spread as a semi-lock, and GT to win the game as a toss up.

Great game and a nice treat from college football on a thursday.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R.I.P. Myles Brand

Myles Brand was the president of the NCAA, because we here at 2ndnShort love the NCAA we would like to pay our respects.


Red Raiders and Rocky Top

Bitter rivals Florida and Tennessee face off this weekend, along with this rivalry we also have Texas playing Texas Tech. Only part we will be missing is close games. Vegas has Florida by 30 and Texas by 17.
Does this mean these two great rivalries are almost un watchable this weekend? No.

Here are some things to look forward to during these games....

Layla Kiffin, she is hot, really hot, and will be somewhere in the

Tennessee DB Eric Berry, one of the best DB's in the nation, and a sure fire NFL first rounder

Tim Tebows eye black, you never know what bible verse your going to have to look up...

Every skill player on Florida...

If you like passing, Texas vs Tech will feature a lot of it, over under might be 900...

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2ndnShort Early Heisman Watch

Two weeks into the season let's break down the chase for the Heisman....

Rachel Alexandra Tier (the favorites)

Tim Tebow QB,Florida- playing perfect football right now, he is the slight overall #1

Colt McCoy QB,Texas- McCoy is also playing really well, this could be his year

Can't Think of a Clever Name Tier (the guy you want to win)

Jahvid Best RB,California- This kid is a beast, he is the best RB in the country and is off to a hot start. If Best can keep the wheels moving and one of those top guys slips up, he might just take the Heisman home.

The Dark Horse Tier

Max Hall QB,BYU- Half of the nation just heard of him, but that's what happens when you beat Oklahoma. BYU is playing really well and this guy is a big part of it.

Defense Wins Championships Tier(but not Heismans)

Eric Berry DB,Tennessee- This kid has all the talent in the world, but Tennessee is not very good.

Taylor Mays DB, USC- Better team the Berry, but when you are the second defensive guy listed your chances are slim.

Andy Roddick Tier(it would be cool if he won, but he won't)

Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State- Bryant is the best WR is college football, but has way too many guys ahead of him, and Ok State already lost a game.

Jaquizz Rodgers RB, Oregon State- If a running back wins it will be Best not Quizz.

Jonathan Dwyer RB, Georgia Tech- Ditto

Jacory Harris QB, Miami- Way to many QB's in the race, but this dude is pretty solid.

Daryll Clark QB, Penn State- Ditto

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Monday, September 14, 2009

12-12 258 Yards 6 TD'S...

No, I am not talking about the stats of my 99 overall QB in Madden on rookie. 12-12 258 yards and 6 TD's happened this weekend in a real college football game.

Stephen F Austin beat Texas College 92-0 on Saturday. Yes 92-0, and no were not talking about PS3. Jeremy Moses was the man in charge as he went 12-12 with six TD's.

Quick Stat's Recap...

SFA never had a drive longer then two this arena football?

Texas College...wait for it...ran for...-29 yards on 31 carries(mostly sacks)...could I play for Texas College?...probably not...but still...

Backup QB Dalton Williams 6-7 153 yards 2 TD's...well Williams your cut...can't complete all you passes...get out...

I need some video on this must look like the Little Giants playing the NY Giants...

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What Michigan Win Means for College Football

Michigan is one of the most popular teams in college football. They have a huge fan base and tons of tradition. They went 3-9 last year, fans, players, and coaches were all obviously disappointed. But Michigan is like Kentucky in basketball, both teams will always have a following, and both teams will always be talked about, good or bad. I don't think it is any coincidence that both teams recently landed high caliber coaches.

Now let's move on to Michigan and what beating Notre Dame means for college football. First off I'm not a Notre Dame fan, I think it is a close race between them and OSU for football teams most resembling Duke basketball(alright I'm done making basketball comparisons) and I sure don't like Duke bball. So now that you know that I'm am really happy about Notre Dame losing, let's look at the big picture.

Michigan is good, not great, but good. They just slipped into the top 25 and have a chance of moving higher. They have four key games left, Iowa, MSU, Penn State, and OSU. I don't think they can beat Penn State, and unfortunately although they will be a lot better when the play OSU in the last game of the season I think OSU is too good.

If Michigan can play well the rest of the way and get to a bowl game and win that, you will be looking at a preseason top 25 team next year. If Miami can continue to play well (big game coming up against GT) then we will have two former juggernauts returning to form.

The more good teams in college football the better. Great win for big blue and their program, let's hope they can continue to impress.

Tonight I will be breaking down my picks and if your lucky a podcast is soon to come...happy monday...more football tonight...

If you had a bad weekend take the Pat's and Chargers with the points, and the over and under respectively...

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rankings Week 2

Rankings...Ole Miss up, Michigan in, Notre Dame out...

Recap Recap Recap

If your not awake and ready for more football, then you do not have a heart. We got football on Sat, were about to get football on Sun, and two games tomorrow.

Here is a recap of what happened in the college football world yesterday.


Michigan upset Notre Dame in a great game, Michigan looks very strong thus far. You have to be happy (unless you love Rudy), Michigan being good is good for college football.

Oklahoma State looked very bad, then very good scoring 21 in a row, then they looked ugly, the Cowboys lost to the air attack of Houston. Houston got lucky a couple of times, but give them all the credit as this is a huge upset and really exposes the Cowboys defense, or lack of.

Matt Barkley did not play great but he certainly played good enough as the Trojans scored late and beat Ohio State in a great game.

Teams that looked really good........

Florida, they are playing perfect football, scary

Oklahoma looked good after losing Bradford last week...

Texas looked as good as ever during the second half of their win...

Bama, BYU, and TCU all looked strong. I think TCU can beat some real good teams with that defense...BYU validated their Oklahoma win a bit...

Va Tech and Nebraska both had good wins, VT needed it for rebound purposes...

Podcast coming, probably tomorrow, because let's be honest I'm watching football all day...

I leave you with two things...

Wow, what a game...


This vid is awesome it's like your at the game...


Saturday, September 12, 2009

UPSET CITY...population 2

Michigan scored with 9 seconds left to finish off Notre Dame in what was a wild day in Ann Arbor.

Rich Rod all of a sudden looks very good, and Michigan looks like it might be bringing its name back on the map. Notre Dame had high hopes for this year but they have been dealt a blow.

and this was not the biggest upset of the day...

#5 Oklahoma State fell to un-ranked Houston

With the company that Oklahoma ST keeps in conference OK State could be in trouble...

these are two reasons why I love college football...and we still have USC vs OSU...what a day...

Hold Your 4's Up....

Oklahoma ST just went on a tear...21 un answered points...they are up 28-24...headed to the fourth

Michigan is holding on against Notre Dame up 24-20...

Two real good games both going into the last frame...should be good

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Early Updates...Evan Royster...Jeter...

Royster and Penn State are off to a good start, up 14-0. Royster has a TD in the air and on the ground.

U Conn and UNC are scoreless, and Florida is up against Troy 7-3 in the rain.

Jeter broke the hit record, congrats.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Must Give Props

I know this is a football blog but I refuse to ignore MJ entering the HOF.

Thanks for the memories Mike.

Greatest ever...

(football tomorrow...get pumped)




Madden Curse...It's Real...

Troy Polamalu is on the cover of Madden this year with fellow dread star Larry Fitzgerald. We all know what the cover of Madden means, it means your going to get hurt. I am so scared of the Madden curse, its not a myth its scary true.

Last night Polamalu was having a monster game against the Titans, then as we all expected, Polamalu hurt his knee and will be out 3-6 weeks. When they ask me to be on the cover(they will trust me), I am going to run in the opposite direction. This curse is as real as it gets, they could put a head coach, backup punter, water boy, and bullpen catcher on the cover and they would all get hurt.

At this point Fitzgerald might as well buy some extra insurance and prepare for the worst.

Madden Curse>Fake Moon Landing

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Win for GT

Georgia Tech got a big win over Clemson tonight, the win was finished with a field goal late. As predicted it was a great game and Georgia Tech came out on top.

Also just FYI Pitt just beat Tennessee in OT, good win for the superbowl champs.

Two vid's from the game, first a game recap. Secondly a sick fake field goal that worked to does this get up on youtube so fast, I heart the internet.




::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: September 12th, 2009

Alright with one week in the books 2ndnShort has a record of 17-3, pretty good record but let's be honest that was a pretty simple week of pick em.

Moving on, this week is highlighted by USC VS Ohio State, and Notre Dame VS Michigan.

Let's take a look at the week two 2ndnShort predictions...

Florida -37 OVER Troy...with spread (LOCK)

Texas -31.5 OVER Wyoming...without spread

USC -7 OVER Ohio State...with spread

Alabama -33.5 OVER Florida Int...without spread

Oklahoma ST -15 OVER Houston...with spread (LOCK)

Penn State -28.5 OVER Syracuse...without spread

BYU -18 OVER Tulane...without spread

California OVER E line

LSU -14.5 OVER Vanderbilt...without spread

Boise State -37 OVER Miami(OH)...without spread

Oklahoma OVER Idaho line

Virginia Tech -19 OVER Marshall...with spread

TCU -11 OVER Virginia...with spread (LOCK)

Utah -13.5 OVER San Jose ST...without spread

Michigan +2.5 OVER Notre Dame...with spread

North Carolina -4 OVER U Conn...without spread

South Carolina +7 OVER Georgia...without spread

Nebraska -21 OVER Arkansas ST...without spread

Cincinnati OVER SE Missouri line

Kansas -12.5 OVER UTEP...with spread

Missouri -20 OVER Bowling Green...with spread

Good luck...check those "locks" before betting as the lines may move, if they stay I think those are the weeks best bets...I also had two upsets this week as I took South Carolina over Georgia, and Michigan over Notre Dame...

C.J. Spiller (Clemson) VS Jonathan Dwyer (Georgia Tech)

Wow, wow, wow. Clemson visits Georgia Tech tonight in what will certainly be a good game. This game also features two of the best running backs in the country C.J. Spiller of Clemson and Jonathan Dwyer of Georgia Tech. Both of these guys will be playing at the next level and both are very explosive.

As far as a prediction I think if Derrick Morgan and the D of Georgia Tech can put some pressure on Clemson QB Kyle Parker then GT will win. The spread is -5 for Georgia Tech and I think it will be a very exciting game all the way through.

Georgia Tech OVER Clemson...with spread





Eric Berry For Heisman...

This video has the same beat at those awesome credit check ads that are now getting pretty annoying. With Bradford out his chances certainly get better, but don't forget about, him, him, and him.

Alabama Won Right?

Hilarious video of some kid flipping out about a call during the Alabama vs Virginia Tech game this weekend. Calm down buddy...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PODCAST: Notre Dame VS Michigan Preview

Big game for both teams this weekend as both teams looked really good in the opening week. Hit the bean for the full preview.

Michigan VS Notre Dame

This weekend features a meeting between two of the most stored teams in college football when Michigan invites Notre Dame into Ann Arbor. Both teams are looking good early, especially the golden domers who beat up Nevada pretty badly on Saturday.

With both teams looking good thus far this has the chance to be a very good game. I will be giving a full preview via podcast tonight so look for that.

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Gresham Out For Season

And the bad news continues to roll in for Oklahoma. With QB Sam Bradford one of the nations best QB's already set to miss time, the Sooners will be without star TE Jermaine Gresham. Not only is Gresham the Sooners best TE, but he is the best TE in college football.

Gresham was the Sooners leading receiver last season racking up 950 yards and 14 TD's. He is out with cartilage damage in his right knee. He was without a doubt the top TE prospect in the minds of NFL scouts, only time will tell how this effects his stock, but it is certainly not good.

Make sure to check out the week in review podcast posted below.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Podcast Recap: Week 1

With one week of football behind us 2ndnShort recaps the major headlines with NCAA insider Kyle Magnus.

Podcast Preview

2ndnShort will be starting podcasts now that the season is underway. Look for these to come a couple times a week, and certainly if anything major happens.

This first cast is just a short preview, with a full review of the weekend to come tonight.

Terrelle Pryor is Fast...but not too smart

Just saw this and figured I would share. Pryor wore "Vick" on his eye black this weekend and this is what he had to say about it.

Come on Pryor it's just like 3rd grade when your in the public eye, think before you speak.

AP Poll...BYU #9

The new AP poll was just released and BYU is up 11 spots to #9...dumb. BYU beat a Oklahoma team without Heisman winner Sam Bradford. Great win, huge win, but 11 spots come on guys. I can actually see the AP guys jumping onto the bandwagon right now.

Oklahoma dropped down to #13 and Bradford is out 2-4 weeks...not a good start for the Sooners.

Bama filled the vacancy in the top 5 moving up to #4 after their impressive victory over VT. They also received two first place votes. I don't know who voted for them but come on...the Gators are the clear cut #1.

Oklahoma State moved into the #5 spot after they ran through Georgia.

Miami got rewarded after their big win over FSU. Miami as well as Cincinnati are in and FSU and Oregon are out of the top 25.

Crabtree is still unsigned...what a bum...

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Return of The U

Miami and Florida State played the most entertaining game of the week on Monday night. Miami came out on top 38-34.

The game had action from start to finish and definitely reminded fans of the "old" Miami teams. It was not too long ago that FSU and Miami were perennial powerhouses.

Speed was the name of the game last night as both teams had guys that looked 4.3 capable, I even heard talk of a 4.2.

The game last night was really good for college football. Both teams have huge fan bases and Miami especially has a fan base ready to see their team back in the mix.

It seems like forever since the U has been relevant and it sure is good to have them back.

Now all we need is a 7th Floor Crew remix.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flash Recap

Oklahoma lost to BYU in a shocker, Bradford will be out of action for at least two weeks and maybe longer this really shakes things up in the college football world...BYU looked very good and would of been in this game regardless of Bradford and his shoulder they are certainly a team to watch

Utah and Penn State both looked good in easy wins...on the other hand Navy played very well and almost beat OSU...OSU has some things to change if they want to be one of the best this year...

Iowa looked lackluster and sluggish at times but came through in the end to win a big game for them mentally 17-16

As I posted before Notre Dame looked very impressive vs Nevada...

Oklahoma started out very strong and proved what all of the hype was about as they beat a good Georgia team out for the Cowboys

Matt Barkley looked very good and USC rolled, UNC, and Nebraska also looked very strong

Florida played a perfect game...they are scary good

Kansas holds unto the top 25 with a lopsided victory

Cal looked very good vs Maryland and LSU looked pretty bad barley beating Washington, who has now not one a gamer in over a year....

Tebow, McCoy, and Jahvid Best played very that Bradford is out of the Heisman race things could get interesting...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

BYU beats Oklahoma

The Sam Bradford less Sooners just lost to BYU 14-13...Bradford is said to have a sprained shoulder...

This is the biggest news today and is great for BYU as they are already ranked

VT and Bama locked in a tight one right now

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Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford just left the game with a shoulder injury. He is walking around the sidelines with a sling on...

Check back for an update...if he is out for significant time this turns the college football world on its head...

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Notre Dame...good

With a spread of 14 Notre Dame looked very good against Nevada...they are officially a team to look out for

Michigan rolled over W Michigan and Oklahoma State is living up to the hype and is crushing Georgia...

All these teams look really solid today...

V Tech up next against Bama...I got VT to cover the 6.5
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WR's looking good early

Dez Bryant looks good obviously...great catch for a TD

Junior Hemingway for Michigan is looking really solid today...maybe he is the next great WR for big blue

Michigan up 31-0 and Notre Dame up big as well

Oklahoma State up 10-7
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Second Wave...

Remember the QB for Michigan the does not tie his shoes...yea Denard Robinson...43 yard TD run...he might be the next guy for Rich Rod and that Michigan offense

Georgia is up 7-0 on the Ok ST Cowboys early...

Notre Dame looks good up 14-0 early vs Nevada
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Navy just picked off Pryor and scored a TD...Navy went for the two point got picked off and went back for a score...33-27 OSU
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Iowa climbed back into the lead vs N. Iowa...still upset potential

OSU is only up 29-21 win six min left...Navy is playing really well...this is where Pryor needs to take over

Penn State is up big and will win...

Paulus is pretty good...very impressive Cuse is up 20-17

Oklahoma State vs Georgia is up at 3:30PM should be a good one

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First Thoughts

It is really weird to see the OSU helmets without the stickers on them....they are up 10-7 and are about to score...yep Pryor just ran one in. He is a beast, absolute beast.

Paulus is really funny looking in football pads...he just threw a touchdown and celebrated like a little school girl

Penn State is up 14-0 early

Iowa is down to N.Iowa 10-3 that would be an upset for sure

Stay tuned...

WAKE UP!...its football time

Football is about to start in a couple is a nice little vid to get you ready for the games...


Friday, September 4, 2009

Horrible Act...but that kid kind of deserved it...

Everyone will be talking about this all day. LeGarrette Blount punched a Boise State player in the face last night and they had to escort him off the field. Blount will be facing some pretty serious penalties. I found the vid and here it is.



::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: September 5th, 2009

Well, 2ndnShort is 1-1 so far on the year with the top 25 predictions, Oregon lost a lot more then just the game, and Utah beat up Utah State.

This will be a weekly post and 2ndnShort will be picking all of the games involving top 25 teams all year long.

Jump to put all of your money on these picks...

Let this first game be an example of the format, the spread for this game is 21 1/2. I think Ohio State will win the game, but by less then 21 1/2 points. Without spread also means bet the loser of the game to cover, while with spread means take the winner and the points. I am only writing this for rookies, if you want to use this knowledge to become a millionaire I am flattered, but keep in mind I am not a millionaire.

Ohio State -21.5 OVER Navy...without spread

Penn State -27 OVER Akron...without spread

Iowa OVER N. line

Georgia Tech OVER Jacksonville line

Notre Dame -14.5 OVER Nevada...without spread

Oklahoma State -4.5 OVER Georgia...with spread

USC -33 OVER San Jose State...with spread

North Carolina OVER line

Nebraska -23 OVER Florida Atlantic...without spread

Florida OVER line

Oklahoma -22 OVER BYU...without spread

Kansas OVER Northern line

Texas -41.5 OVER UL-Monroe...with spread

Alabama -6.5 OVER Virginia Tech...without spread

California -21 OVER Maryland...without spread

LSU -17.5 OVER Washington U...with spread


Mississippi -17 OVER Memphis...without spread


Florida State -6.5 OVER Miami...without spread

There it is...

Numbers 1-7...The Elite

While Virginia Tech should be in this group after the Darren Evans loss I dropped them slightly out of it. It should be no big surprise who is on this list as the AP and USA today polls top 6 are identical.

Let's break it down after the jump...

#7 Penn State Nittany

Name the best linebacker core in the nation, Sean Lee, Navorro Bowman and Josh Hull will make a serious bid for this title in '09. The defense should be on point all year long, the question mark is the offense. If Daryll Clark, and Evan Royster can play as well as the defense then this team will be trouble.

Projected Record: 10-2

# 6 Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State will have a one of the best defenses in the big ten. This season is all about Terrelle Pryor, this is his team and only time will tell what he can do with it. As dynamic a player as Pryor can carry an offense. If Pryor is great all year this team is going to be very hard to beat.

Projected Record: 10-2

Stuck in the middle

# 5 Alabama Crimson Tide

DT Terrence Cody is a house, you simply can't do anything effective near him. The Tide defense will be very good this season, they are fast and have playmakers at every level of the defense. On the offense they just need someone to get the ball to Julio Jones and they will be ok. Low scoring defensively dominated games are what you should expect from the tide this year.

Projected Record: 10-2

1-4 The Usual Suspects

#4 USC Trojans

Matt Barkley, Matt Barkley, Matt Barkley, Taylor Mays. Barkley is the first true freshman in the history of USC to start at QB. He has all sorts of weapons around him,( Joe McKight) and I think he can get the job done. The defense is lead by the best (Eric Berry your good too) defensive back in college football, and although they lost all those LB's, Taylor Mays is a beast and will knock some people around this year. USC is good again surprise, surprise.

Projected Record: 11-1

#3 Oklahoma Sooners

Sam Bradford, Chris Brown, DeMarco Murray(better then Brown in my opinion), and Jermaine Gresham are all back, aka those 60 point games might not be a thing of the past. This offense is explosive, and if the defense can hold guys under 40 they will probably be alright. DT Gerald McCoy will be the leader on defense and he is a beast.

Projected Record: 10-2 (scary schedule)

#2 Texas Longhorns

If Colt McCoy plays flawless football all year long he will win the heisman. Jordan Shipley will be his go to WR this year and this offense should be crazy good. On defense they have LB's, Roddrick Muckelroy, and Sergio Kindle as the leaders. Because McCoy is a dual threat QB this team will go as far as he takes them.


Well...this is stupid…in a good way

#1 Florida Gators

Ok, everyone including second string players are coming back for the Gators. Rumors are that even the cheerleading squad returns some solid girls. For this breakdown I will just list some of the Gators that will have a big impact on their season. WR Riley Cooper, DE Jermaine Cunningham, CB Joe Haden, CB Janoris Jenkins, LB A.J. Jones, DT Lawrence Marsh, C Maurkice Pouncey, RB Chris Rainey, DT Terron Sanders, LB Ryan Stamper, DE Justin Trattou, S Major Wright, RB Jeffery Demps, TE Aaron Hernandez, DE Carlos Dunlap, and LB Brandon Spikes(collegespots-fans). Well that is scary, really, really, scary. This Gators team is going to run over teams this year. I don't see the Gators losing a game in the regular season, and it is going to take a lot for someone to beat them in the National Championship.

Oh................................Tim Tebow

Projected Record: 12-0

Well that wraps up my top 25, it was a long journey but here we are it's Friday and the season is in full swing tomorrow.

Here it is...

Over the past couple months I have seen some horrible photo shoots from the likes of Tennessee, and Georgia Tech.

This collection, is ridiculous, and hilarious at the same time. I don't know what is going on in half of them. Great collection and a great viewing.

Experts...over for Blount

This article just dropped over on ESPN and is worth the read. Blount really messed up this time and this might be all she wrote.

More here... it all over for Oregon?

After the disappointing 19-8 loss at the hands of Boise State, star Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount went crazy. He punched and dropped a Boise State player and then went after fans before he was finally restrained.

This is a huge ordeal and I'm sure it will receive a lot of attention tomorrow. Blount is a great running back but clearly has some personal problems. He might be suspended the entire season for this act, and that might be all she wrote for Oregon. They have tons of talent but this is a crushing blow to the team.

More info should surface tomm...


Oregon just put together a nice little drive and got the 2 point conversion. 19-8 Boise State...Oregon needs a stop here...big time.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oregon vs Boise State HALFTIME

Well, its halftime and Boise State is up 13-0. Oregon has yet to covert a first first downs equals zero points.

Boise State already has a safety and a two point conversion. They are completely dominating this game and it does not look good for the Ducks.

Oregon needs to do something offensively, I suggest running the ball. I hope they make some changes and make this game interesting.

Meanwhile Utah is up big on Utah State...
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Oregon vs Boise State...First Quarter

Ball control...Boise State had the ball the whole first quarter...well 11 min of it.

BSU def looked the better team but Oregon's D stepped up clamped down and forced a missed field goal...score is 0-0 headed to second quarter...
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Tony Baker...what!?!?!?

This is already the stat of the night...NC State RB Tony Baker ran for 10,321 yards in HS. 10,321 that is ridiculous...absolutely ridiculous...ill work on getting some film of this kid...

That total is the highest in North Carolina history, and third ever in the nation.

He was the head of his recruiting class, but has since been riddled with knee injuries.

Now you know...

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Well, Kent St is up 2-0 at halftime over Coastal Carolina, this is either a well pitched baseball game or a blowout in soccer.

Ball State is down 7-0 to North Texas as the second half is just getting underway.

Utah vs Utah State coming up at nine ("Go Utes"- Tyson Brazell...Happy B-Day kid

South Carolina vs NC State HALFTIME UPDATE

South Carolina has been flying around thus far making it very hard for NC State to get anything going offensively. Brian Maddox has 16 carries for 48 yards and the touchdown for USC. WR Jarvis Williams just got open way down the field with 38 seconds left in the half, but was unable to come up with it, these are the kind of plays that NC State needs to make to win this game. South Carolina is up 7-0 with one half of football to play.

(Brian Maddox has the early score for South Carolina)

#16 Oregon vs #14 Boise State

Well its finally here, the start of the college football season. Tonight we have a very good game pitting the Oregon Ducks against the Boise State Broncos. This game will be played @ Boise State on the famous smurf turf.

Oregon finished last season on an up note as they defeated Oregon State to close out the season. Boise State was 12-0 last year heading into their bowl game vs TCU, Boise State lost a close one 16-17.

The line for this game is Boise State by 3, but I've got other ideas. Last year Boise State was victorious 37-32 in Oregon. Boise State comes into this game knowing that if they lose tonight then they must run the table to get a good bowl game, this is the case because after tonight Boise State has a cake walk of a schedule.

Oregon comes into this game looking for revenge, and a chance to ruin the Broncos season. One particular player for Oregon has had this game on his mind all year long, that player is Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli. Masoli was knocked out of this game last year with a concussion, and comes into this game hungry for revenge.


I've got Oregon winning in a barn burner 34-31.


Oregon will be sporting some fresh new uniforms this year. I will be the first to say I think they are really sick. Also look for the blimp shots of the field to look pretty awesome, Boise State fans are going to coordinate what color they wear by what section they are sitting in.

Also I have Utah rolling Utah State in the early game.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Don't click here unless you want to see some really sweet trick shots...



#8 Virginia Tech Hokies


The Virginia Tech Hokies had one of the top defenses in the country last year; this will again be the case this season. The Hokies have been lead by their defense before, but if they want to be considered one of the very best then their offense will also have to step up.

They have some capable guys on offense, but did have a key player go out for the year due to injury.

Let’s take a look at what the Hokies need to do to be considered one of the nation’s elite…

Ok, let’s face the facts; VT is not as good of a team without star running back Darren Evans who is out for the season. He will be a handful to replace and their offense is not as good without him. The Hokies have to move on from this and be effective without him.

The main cog in this offense is QB Tyrod Taylor. He is a dual threat QB who has shown that he can run the ball very effectively. Passing wise he leaves a lot to be desired. Last season he threw 7 interceptions and only 2 touchdowns.

The Hokies are a run first offense, and with the right players are very effective. But without Evans, Taylor is really going to have to step up. Taylor will need to create some sort of passing game to keep the defense at bay whilst they find someone to replace Evans.

Jarrett Boykin, and Danny Coale will be the top targets for Taylor at WR, they need to make improvements and get open to help Taylor stay out of trouble. At TE they also have some talent in Greg Boone.

Now we can look at the better half of this team.

Virginia Tech’s defense is capable of stopping anyone. Last season they were the 7th best defense in college football and this year they are not planning on taking a step backwards.

LB Purnell Sturdivant will be missed, as will dual threat CB/WR and one of my favorite players Victor “Macho” Harris. Defensive end Orion Martin is also gone.

Jason Worilds will be replacing Martin on the front line, and has showed that he can do the job. Worilds had a great season last year recording 21 QB hurries and two forced fumbles. He is a monster up front and will require a double team at times.

Cam Martin will be the LB needing to step up this season, he we be joined by Cody Grimm to form a very nice combo at whip LB. Grimm led the team in tackles last season.

Stephan Virgil
will replace Macho Harris at boundary corner, Virgil has talent for days. He led the team in picks last season and also recorded a blocked punt. Virgil will be spearheading a very dangerous secondary.
Kam Chancellor will be helping Virgil in the secondary; Chancellor is a returning starter and will be bringing a lot of experience to the table.

Key Players: Tyrod Taylor, Stephan Virgil, Cody Grimm

Projected Record: 9-3 (tough schedule)

Key Matchups: Sept 5th Alabama, Sept 19th Nebraska, Oct 17th Georgia Tech, Oct 29th North Carolina…also Miami and East Carolina




Stats and info from ESPN, collegesports-fan, hokiesports(great site)