Friday, September 11, 2009

Madden Curse...It's Real...

Troy Polamalu is on the cover of Madden this year with fellow dread star Larry Fitzgerald. We all know what the cover of Madden means, it means your going to get hurt. I am so scared of the Madden curse, its not a myth its scary true.

Last night Polamalu was having a monster game against the Titans, then as we all expected, Polamalu hurt his knee and will be out 3-6 weeks. When they ask me to be on the cover(they will trust me), I am going to run in the opposite direction. This curse is as real as it gets, they could put a head coach, backup punter, water boy, and bullpen catcher on the cover and they would all get hurt.

At this point Fitzgerald might as well buy some extra insurance and prepare for the worst.

Madden Curse>Fake Moon Landing

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