Thursday, September 17, 2009

33-17...THE U

The U is back(almost). Although it is only the second game the year for Miami they are certainly proving that they are closer to the Miami of old then the Miami of the last couple of years. Lacory Harris and company put a hurt on Georgia Tech as they rolled 33-17.

Miami has a good QB with speed all around him, the U has a defense that might be close to the fastest in college football, and they now have won two big games. Two weeks in a row Miami has been handed a challenge and they have delivered both times.

With Michigan also looking like they are ready to return to power this season in college football is already shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory.


  1. Miami is a joy to watch, hope they have more games on at prime time...the scariest thing about Harris is how unbelievably calm he is all the time. We'll see how durable he is with a full season at the helm here.

  2. Yea this kid has certainly earned to attention he is getting. I totally agree really fun to watch, can't wait to see what this kid turns out to be.