Friday, September 4, 2009

::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: September 5th, 2009

Well, 2ndnShort is 1-1 so far on the year with the top 25 predictions, Oregon lost a lot more then just the game, and Utah beat up Utah State.

This will be a weekly post and 2ndnShort will be picking all of the games involving top 25 teams all year long.

Jump to put all of your money on these picks...

Let this first game be an example of the format, the spread for this game is 21 1/2. I think Ohio State will win the game, but by less then 21 1/2 points. Without spread also means bet the loser of the game to cover, while with spread means take the winner and the points. I am only writing this for rookies, if you want to use this knowledge to become a millionaire I am flattered, but keep in mind I am not a millionaire.

Ohio State -21.5 OVER Navy...without spread

Penn State -27 OVER Akron...without spread

Iowa OVER N. line

Georgia Tech OVER Jacksonville line

Notre Dame -14.5 OVER Nevada...without spread

Oklahoma State -4.5 OVER Georgia...with spread

USC -33 OVER San Jose State...with spread

North Carolina OVER line

Nebraska -23 OVER Florida Atlantic...without spread

Florida OVER line

Oklahoma -22 OVER BYU...without spread

Kansas OVER Northern line

Texas -41.5 OVER UL-Monroe...with spread

Alabama -6.5 OVER Virginia Tech...without spread

California -21 OVER Maryland...without spread

LSU -17.5 OVER Washington U...with spread


Mississippi -17 OVER Memphis...without spread


Florida State -6.5 OVER Miami...without spread

There it is...

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