Friday, July 31, 2009

Firday=Some Awesome Vid's

What a better way to cap off the week then watch some cool videos from around the web.

57 yard field goal...

Plenty more after the jump...

Crazy Catch...this is why they are pros...

This kid has crazy hops...

Just some MMA dudes chillin out by the pool...

Remember when LeBron hit that shot?...remember when Orlando won the series?

David Tyree?...

Leach is Angry With The BCS

Mike Leach recently made some comments about the BCS. Leach has spoken on this topic before so his opinion on the issue was no surprise.

Leach is strong with everything he says and this is no different. Leach is strongly opposed to the current system and is pushing for a 64 team playoff.

At first glance this might seem ridiculous but when you think about it he is not completely crazy. I think that 64 teams is probably a round too many but anything would be better then the current system.

Leach makes a couple other good points worth checking out.

I would also like to make my voice clear on this subject. Let the record state that I am for a playoff. I think that this mess called the BCS needs to be changed and I think that a playoff is the best remedy.

Leach has a strong voice in the college football community so don't be surprised if this causes some rumblings.

That is all for now, the MLB trade deadline is approaching so look for some deals to be made.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BREAKING NEWS...David Ortiz Tests Positive

David Ortiz is among roughly 100 players that tested positive in 2003. Not sure anyone is surprised here. They call it the steroid era for a reason. I would not be surprised if a lot of big names were on this list. It will certainly be interesting to see what else comes of this.

Already got a text from a Yankees fan saying that the titles the Red Sox's won are tainted. But to be fair it seems like almost everything is tainted in baseball these days. This is just more negative news.

Afternoon Thoughts

Albert is a monster...I think everyone knew he would get that here is the question...did he ever do steroids, and does baseball absolutely need him to never test positive...?

Next thought...good idea for Garza to say he hit Tex on purpose?...I love old fashioned baseball, but don't know if telling everyone is the right move...

Just saw the list and stats of possible Vikings QB's...looking pretty bleak...can AP play QB...or should they just run the option...

Phelps is good again...but they really need to do something about these super suits...

How good will the Patriots be...does Tom still have it...they are #2 on the power rankings...

Knowshon needs to get singed...I think he fits in well in Denver (who does not)...he is definitely good we will have to see how that plays out

What's up with Braylon Edwards...?

Sox are down Yanks are up...for now at least...

That's all for now...feel free to comment and let everyone know what your thinking

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Daly Show...

Just saw this on ESPN and figured I should link it, John Daly is one of the most ridiculous people in the sporting world. I know it seems like everyone has a reality show these days; because most everyone does. Ochocinco and Starbury are live on the web as we speak and TO has a show out right now. The good news is that we don't have to watch any of them. We just sit back and wait for clips to show up on youtube. I am almost positive something crazy will go down during the filming of this. Let's hope for the best/worse...

Beer and golf go really well together...

Also just saw this and figured I should share...some kids showing off thier NBA Jam skills...

Humpday Links & Reactions

Mike Leach is one of the most entertaining coaches in the nation; on media day he did not dissapoint. [ESPN]

One of the greats is coming back to the track. [DeadSpin]

Erin Andrews is pissed
, just take a listen it is kind of hilarious. But at the same time is her career spinning out of control? [DeadSpin]

This dude is a stud
, wow. [WithLeather]

Always gotta look out for that mean hook; so does he have to wait another three months for a fight. I would guess that he is probably ready to go again right now. [WithLeather]

Babies are funny. [TheBigLead]

Cliff Lee is quite good, and now he is leaving Cleveland. [RumorsandRants]

Nice link drop to wrap things up. [BallinisaHabit]

Gotta love a nice block...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BREAKING NEWS...Favre to Retire

Brett Favre will reportedly do us all a favor and retire...

That being said he is a first ballot hall of famer and and absolute stud...He is a legend and one of the best to ever do it...Thanks for all the memories

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oregon State: Just a Bit Outside...

Before I get to my top 25 teams I am going to preview some of the teams that just missed my top 25.

Oregon State will be good this year, I'm just not sure how good. They return both of the Rodgers brothers which is definitely a plus. They will also return QB Lyle Moevao who threw for 2,534 yards with 19 TD's and 13 INT's last season.

Jaquizz Rodgers will be a huge part of any success OSU has this year
(photo credit

Jacquizz Rodgers ran for 1,253 yards last season and will be one of the best running backs in the country in '09. The Beavers will look for Rodgers to carry the load and take pressure off of Moevao. Sammie Stroughter was the Beavers leading receiving last season and has since departed.

This means that last years third leading receiver James Rodgers will have to step up. Rodgers certainly has a wealth of talent we will have to see if he can find a way to deploy all of it.

The Beavers have a lot of upset potential. Teams will look to stop Jacquizz first; this will be a very hard task.

If OSU can take advantage of the talent they have at certain positions then they will be a solid team this year. I have only seen a few top 25 polls with them on it, I think they belong one or two teams removed. If I was making a top 30 they are in for sure but to crack the top 25 they will have a little work to do.

If nothing else OSU is a fun team to watch, so if you see them on TV take a second and see what you've been missing.

Projected Record: 8-4

(Let's just say Quizz is hard to tackle)

Golf, Elbows, Vick, and More...

You have probably already seen this, but it needs to been seen more then once. So here ya go. This shot is absolutely nuts, I can not remember a crazier one. Might as well watch a couple more, here, and here.[DeadSpin]

Arm wrestling is cool. It is a true test of how much of a man you are. Unless of course your arm does this. Warning this video is kind of hard to watch, but of course we all know you want to watch it. So enjoy and be glad it's not your arm.[DeadSpin]

Michael Vick is "back", Roger Goodell reinstated Vick today, the details are here. We will see soon if any teams are interested.[WinnipegSun]

Plaxico's future is not looking bright right now, we all know he can play but he will have to get back on the field first.[TheBigLead]

Nice list of some recent headlines.[BallinisaHabit]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mark Buehrle=Perfection

Perfect games do not happen often; when they do recognition has to be given. Buehrle's perfect game was the 17th of all time in the regular season.

The only sure thing about no-hitters and perfect games is that there is always at least one extraordinary game saving defensive play, this instance was no exception. I don't know why but this always seems to happen. DeWayne Wise, a defensive replacement for the Sox sprinted towards the wall leaped up and took a way a home run. When he came back to earth he bobbled the ball but managed to hang on, this play will stay with both of them forever.

Here it is.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mike Vick

(What does this man still have to offer?)

Seeing as he is now a free man, I would like to share my thoughts on this whole thing. First things first, what he did was wrong; I agree with most that it was a horrible act. He deserved to be punished, and he was. Now that we have that out of the way let's talk about where he goes from here.

I know that he has been away from the game for a while, and I know this might mean he can't quite do this anymore. But I think that he still has a lot left and can help an NFL team.

The good thing about Vick is that he can do a lot of different things on the football field. He was of course a QB, and not a bad one. But what made him special was obviously his ability to run the ball. Vick was a human highlight reel and he was solely responsible for making the Falcons the worst team to play against in Madden.

I think that Vick would be best suited to return as a WR, and or special teams player. This transition would be a lot easier for him then going straight back to QB. Vick would need to put some pounds back on for this new role, but that should not be a problem.

He will have probably lost some speed; when you are as fast as Vick was losing a bit should not be that big of a deal. When Vick was a QB a lot of people wondered what Vick could do at other positions. This dream has become a reality, whomever picks Vick up should he become eligible will be able to use him in whichever way they would like.

In conclusion I would like to see Vick back in the NFL. I think that he has paid his debt to society and should be allowed to get his life back together via football. He did some horrible things in the past and paid for those mistakes. If a team is to pick Vick up they will have to deal with a lot of controversy; but I think everyone knows that.

I think we will definitely see Vick playing football somewhere in the future whether it be the NFL or another league. I hope that he can return to a form of the player we all enjoyed watching. He made our jaws drop several times over the years, and hopefully he can do it again.

Top Ten...(I remember watching #2 and wondering how he did that)

Over the Humpday Updates...

Well Humpday is past us and the weekend is getting closer. He are some updates to get you through the rest of the day.

Kiffin does not seem to be worried about the recent injuries. [ESPN]

Mississippi State RB Anthony Dixson was arrested for a DUI. [BR]

Taylor Potts, the new conductor for Texas Tech's spread. [ESPN]

Little Mountain West news. [Dr. Saturday]

I am really glad to see these commercials coming back, they are hilarious; hopefully more of these to come. [TheBigLead]

This is awesome, I always dream about doing cool stuff like this. [TheGlobeandMail]

And a quick vid...this goes out to Allen Iverson, I feel bad for the guy; I really hope he can find a good home

(Don't try this at home, or anywhere for that matter)

LeBron James Getting Dunked On*

Well here is the LeBron video that everyone is talking about. The first video is courtesy of Ebaumn Nation and clearly the better of the two. I'm not a basketball expert or anything but I don't think James has anything to worry about.

He came over from the help side and got a hand up, one hand was not quite enough as Jordan Crawford came with two
. After seeing the video I'm not sure why James and Nike did not want anyone to see it. Well you can watch and decide for yourself, first video is from Ebaumn Nation and the link is to the TMZ video.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Graham Harrell

Graham Harrell former Texas Tech QB aka the guy who threw to Michael Crabtree recently singed with the CFL squad Saskatchewan Roughriders.

photo credit: (

NFL scouts were obviously aware that his numbers were inflated due to the pass happy system at Texas Tech. This does not mean that he is not talented, obviously he is a great athlete, he was the star QB for a D-I school. But just like the leap from High School to College, the leap from College to the NFL is very big.

Scouts were also unimpressed with his arm strength. Even guys in the NFL with "weak" arms can throw a football really far. Simply put you need to have a great arm if you have other areas of concern as does Harrell.

If nothing else this will make for a great where are they now piece in the future.

Bonus Vid...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Does This Always Happen...

DeAndre Brown, the nations leading freshman wide receiver last season recently did something we hear about all to often. Keep in mind that he is recovering from one of the most horrific injuries in recent history(those of you with weak stomachs need not watch). When I first saw this video last year my first thought was; he might not play ever again. He literally broke his leg completely in half.

I have been keeping tabs on him and it is great to hear that his rehab is progressing well. You want to see players like this play, and be successful. Brown has great talent and obviously he is fun to watch.

DeAndre Brown is expected back by the second game of the season.
(photo credit:

Nevertheless he recently made a mistake. He decided it would be a good idea to go shoot some hoops. We see this all to often, star athlete gets hurt playing a sport that he, well, does not play for the university. I'm sure Brown is an above average basketball player, but you owe it to your teammates and coaching staff to fully recover first.

This setback is thankfully not a big one, sources are saying that he will be in a boot for at least a week but should recover fully. He might miss the teams first game but should be on pace to start during the teams second game.

Hopefully this is yet again another reminder to players out there. I have no problem with a fully healthy player shooting some hoops, even if he were to sprain his ankle or suffer any other minor setback. The problem here is that Brown had suffered a major injury. He was the most productive freshman receiver in the nation last season.

There are certainly times to have fun and times to get to work. Rehabilitating properly and preparing yourself for the upcoming season is one of those times to get to work. All being said he should be ready to play almost a full season and saying that after seeing the video is amazing. I certainly wish him well and hope his great career continues.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rocky Bottom...

Tennessee wide receiver Austin Rodgers tore his ACL on Friday during pre-season drills. He is the active leader in receptions with 76, aka he is a true veteran and very needed on a team like Tennessee. Never good when someone like this goes down before the season starts.

Well at least they have a solid number two threat. Oh wait he got hurt too. Denarius Moore broke his foot and will be out up to twelve weeks. Moore has exceptional speed and is the Vol's number one deep threat. So far they have lost one of their top wide outs for the season, and their deep threat. It can't get worse can it?

It can, RB Toney Williams who has been a bright spot for the Volunteers this spring also went down with an ACL tear recently. So, all said and done, Tennessee goes into their season with zero wide outs who caught more then ten passes last season. Along with that consider the fact that Tennessee only threw eight passing TD's all of last year, yikes.

I will keep an eye on this to see if any interesting players step up to fill the void. Don't hold your breath though rocky top nation, this season could have a rough start as the passing game looks MIA right now.

Tuesday is Almost Humpday

Couple stories to get you through Tuesday and on to better things...

Derrick Mason is hanging up the cleats. Mason was an underrated player most of his career. He put up good numbers last year and clearly could of kept on playing.

He chose to quit while he was ahead, and I have no problem with that. Remember the last guy to quit while he had something left in the tank. [Deadspin]

Vertical leap to the rest of Tuesdays headlines...

Matt Cassel,is getting money(sorry, it works). Guess we will have to see how he plays to see if it is worth it or not. Lot less weapons in Kansas City, and his o-line is not quite as good.[RedZone]

Matt Bush is a crybaby, hilarious. This is honestly ridiculous, he is balling his eyes out. [WithLeather]

At six years old I was tripping over my feet and spilling spaghetti on my shirt, I actually still do the latter. This kid has crazy handle. I personally never get bored with videos like this, I mean seriously he might get singed soon. [WithLeather]

Six reasons why the Florida Gators will not make it back to the top of the mountain. [TheBigLead]

Rocky Top is in trouble, Austin Rodgers was their best wide out, not anymore. This will have a serious impact on the Vol's season. [ESPN]

Someone find out where this kid is right now...

And...a big hit...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Review

The dust has finally settled from UFC 100. It was an incredible card and lived up to the expectations. Dan Henderson proved that he still has a lot left in the tank with an incredible knockout of Michael Bisping. Just a little advice for whomever fights Henderson next, his right hand is devastating, stay away from it.

George St Pierre dominated Thiago Alves winning each round as the fight went the distance. Watching GSP dominate a fighter like Alves makes you really realize how good he is. I am not sure who GSP will fight next but I can not see anyone beating him right now.

The third and final main event of the night was a rematch between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. I think we all learned a couple things from this fight, Brock Lesnar is for real, and he is an absolute monster. Lesnar pounded Mir to earn a TKO victory, and made bigger headlines post fight.

Lesnar was really jacked up and let his emotions get the best of him. I don't really have a problem with anything he did besides taking a shot a Bud Light. You have to be very careful when speaking about the people who help pay you. Lesnar did apologize shorty after the fight in his interview.

UFC 100 was highly hyped and promoted, and I think it lived up to everything. The three main events did nothing but entertain and even some of the under card fights were good.

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room let's move on.

The fat white guy made his final football related post. [Deadspin]

Had to post it. [People]

RIP. [WithLeather]

Can someone put on a show even close to this?

Home Run derby is tonight so...

When your helmet comes flying off...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ocho, Lance, and The Fastest Human on Earth

Today Chad Ochocinco (still funny), announced that he is going to "tweet" whenever possible. This includes during the game, halftime, and after the game. This comes as no surprise to me because he is a ridiculous human(4 min 30 sec). People have been really shocked with this story, does that mean they forgot when he raced a horse?

These kind of stories have become regular for Ochocinco, my only problem is that he is not playing well anymore. It's all fun and games until you catch 53 passes for 540 yards and only reach the end zone four times.

Sometimes I wish he would just hit the gym, practice hard, and have another season like he did in 2002-07. But if this happened then he would not be the same guy who changed his last name to a number, I guess we can't be picky. [WithLeather]

Two more stories after the jump...

Lance Armstrong is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He beat cancer and won the tour seven times, this year he is back after a short break. At this point It seems as if he is toying with the "competition". I think it is clear that he has figured out how to win this thing. [Guardian]

Usain Bolt is superhuman, today he ran the fourth fastest 200m time ever. But wait that's not all! He was running into a strong headwind, in 60 degree weather, and it was raining. Every time he steps onto the track he does something ridiculous. [BBC]

Today we have a typical video, but as we all know these never get old. Best part about videos of dudes getting lit up, you can watch them at work.
(With all the recent deaths I felt I should pay tribute with this vid)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Player to Watch: Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky

Trevard Lindley is one of the best corners in college football. He is entering his final season at Kentucky and has had a standout career so far. NFL scouts will be looking for him to have another impressive season.

He has bulked up from last year and is walking around at about 180 pounds. Lindley is a tall corner at 6'0" and with the added weight and strength should be able to be even more effective.

Not only does Lindley have the tools to play at the next level, but he has polished tools, NFL scouts obviously look for raw talent all the time, but when a player comes a long with a polished skill set they get very excited.

Before we get ahead of ourselves we should remember that he does have one more year left at Kentucky. He will be the best defensive back that Kentucky has this season, let's dive into what Lindley can do this season to really impress those scouts.

With nine career interceptions Lindley has proven that he can find the ball. One of his best skills is his awareness, he is very savvy and usually finds himself in a position to make a play.

Lindley is a ball hawk, he led the SEC in passes defended per game. That is basically a fancy way of saying no defensive back in the SEC was around the ball more often on pass plays then Lindley.

Last season he broke up eleven passes and had four interceptions, one of which he returned to the house. Sure other corner backs had better numbers but sometimes stats can be misleading. If a team is scared to throw a corners way he will obviously accumulate less stats.

Corners are on an island more often then not, sometimes the best thing a corner can do is make sure that he locks down the opponents best wide out. If this is the case then neither player will record many statistics.

Lindley has been Kentucky's starting corner back since his freshman year, you hear analysts say all the time how a player has to mature, or has some work to do. Lindley is not one of those players, he will be leaving college with a lot of playing time and the accolades to back it up.

His added bulk should help him with press coverage and getting off blocks. NFL scouts love to see players add bulk as long as they do not lose any speed, or quickness in the process. Adding size will also help him contend with the bigger receivers in jump ball situations.

Lindley is not the fastest corner in the nation but he runs very well and has the instincts to make up for any missed reads. I think NFL scouts will be impressed with his ability to adapt to a system as his four years in college have helped him to learn the intricacies of the game.

Lindley is in a position this season to prove that he is a lock down corner, I think that Lindley has the talent to shut down any receiver in college, this being said he has to make it happen. He knows that he is one of the best corners in the country, now he has to go out on Saturday and execute.