Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Does This Always Happen...

DeAndre Brown, the nations leading freshman wide receiver last season recently did something we hear about all to often. Keep in mind that he is recovering from one of the most horrific injuries in recent history(those of you with weak stomachs need not watch). When I first saw this video last year my first thought was; he might not play ever again. He literally broke his leg completely in half.

I have been keeping tabs on him and it is great to hear that his rehab is progressing well. You want to see players like this play, and be successful. Brown has great talent and obviously he is fun to watch.

DeAndre Brown is expected back by the second game of the season.
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Nevertheless he recently made a mistake. He decided it would be a good idea to go shoot some hoops. We see this all to often, star athlete gets hurt playing a sport that he, well, does not play for the university. I'm sure Brown is an above average basketball player, but you owe it to your teammates and coaching staff to fully recover first.

This setback is thankfully not a big one, sources are saying that he will be in a boot for at least a week but should recover fully. He might miss the teams first game but should be on pace to start during the teams second game.

Hopefully this is yet again another reminder to players out there. I have no problem with a fully healthy player shooting some hoops, even if he were to sprain his ankle or suffer any other minor setback. The problem here is that Brown had suffered a major injury. He was the most productive freshman receiver in the nation last season.

There are certainly times to have fun and times to get to work. Rehabilitating properly and preparing yourself for the upcoming season is one of those times to get to work. All being said he should be ready to play almost a full season and saying that after seeing the video is amazing. I certainly wish him well and hope his great career continues.

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