Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rocky Bottom...

Tennessee wide receiver Austin Rodgers tore his ACL on Friday during pre-season drills. He is the active leader in receptions with 76, aka he is a true veteran and very needed on a team like Tennessee. Never good when someone like this goes down before the season starts.

Well at least they have a solid number two threat. Oh wait he got hurt too. Denarius Moore broke his foot and will be out up to twelve weeks. Moore has exceptional speed and is the Vol's number one deep threat. So far they have lost one of their top wide outs for the season, and their deep threat. It can't get worse can it?

It can, RB Toney Williams who has been a bright spot for the Volunteers this spring also went down with an ACL tear recently. So, all said and done, Tennessee goes into their season with zero wide outs who caught more then ten passes last season. Along with that consider the fact that Tennessee only threw eight passing TD's all of last year, yikes.

I will keep an eye on this to see if any interesting players step up to fill the void. Don't hold your breath though rocky top nation, this season could have a rough start as the passing game looks MIA right now.

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