Friday, July 31, 2009

Leach is Angry With The BCS

Mike Leach recently made some comments about the BCS. Leach has spoken on this topic before so his opinion on the issue was no surprise.

Leach is strong with everything he says and this is no different. Leach is strongly opposed to the current system and is pushing for a 64 team playoff.

At first glance this might seem ridiculous but when you think about it he is not completely crazy. I think that 64 teams is probably a round too many but anything would be better then the current system.

Leach makes a couple other good points worth checking out.

I would also like to make my voice clear on this subject. Let the record state that I am for a playoff. I think that this mess called the BCS needs to be changed and I think that a playoff is the best remedy.

Leach has a strong voice in the college football community so don't be surprised if this causes some rumblings.

That is all for now, the MLB trade deadline is approaching so look for some deals to be made.

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