Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Bowl Profiles: Marques Colston

Division I-AA Hofstra just dropped their football program to save money. Saints star WR Marques Colston went to Hofstra, pretty crazy to think that he went to a school that no longer has a football team.

While at Hofstra Colston was a monster. In his freshman year he hauled in 14 passes for 335 yards and three TD's. When it was all said and done he had caught 182 balls for a school record 2,834 yards, and 18 touchdowns. Although he put up crazy numbers, he was still predicted by many to go undrafted.

This is mainly due to the fact that he played at a DI-AA school. The other reason was that many scouts saw him as a tweener, he was a little too slow and big to fit right in as an NFL WR, but to small to play TE. He silenced some critics when he ran a 4.50 40 yard dash, but many of the skeptics held their ground because 4.5 is not as impressive as it used to be.

Colston ended up getting drafted all the way down in the 7th round, 252nd overall by the Saints. Colston was the most impressive rookie on the team during mini camp, and due to a trade before the season started, he found himself starting in week one.

Colston had one of the craziest fantasy seasons of any player his rookie year because of a slight glitch in most fantasy roster settings. Colston was listed as a WR/TE and was leading the NFL in receiving yards and TD's by week 9, something TE's never do. Basically, if you had Colston on your team you could start a stud WR at TE.

After his impressive rookie season the rest is history, the doubts are gone and Colston is the Saints go-to WR. In four years with the Saints Colston has tallied 258 catches for 4,074 yards and 33 receiving TD's. He is one of the best WR's in the NFL and the saying "from nothing to something" seems to be quite an understatement.



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Look Back...

Why not look back at some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time...Terry Tate and his classic office linebacker commercials...great stuff

Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Bowl Profiles: Pierre Garcon

Over the next couple of weeks we will be taking a look at some of the players in the Super Bowl, and focusing on their college football careers.

Our first player profile is Colt's WR Pierre Garcon.

Garcon did not come from a typical collegiate background. He started his college career at D3 Norwich University in Vermont. He was a standout in VT with 44 catches for 1,117 and 13 TD's, but soon realized he needed to move on.

He played the next three years of his career at D3 perennial powerhouse Mount Union in Ohio. At Mount Union he set the record books on fire, he caught 65+ balls in every season and racked up a staggering 47 TD's through the air.

Although he was one of the best players in D3, people chalked his stats up to the lower competition and failed to realize how good he really was. It is not very often that a D3 player gets this much attention so obviously some people had their doubts. Garcon had speed, but many thought he lacked a second breakaway gear, and as we know speed is everything in the NFL.

Garcon did however have many traits that made him intriguing at the pro level. Garcon has incredible body control, he seems to always know where he is and he has a great knack for going up and getting the ball. He is a possession receiver that knows how to use his body.

Garcon was very lucky in the draft to get picked up by the Colt's in the 6th round, I mean Peyton Manning is your QB, it does not get any better then that.

In his first year with the Colt's Garcon only caught four passes all year. This season he recorded 47 for 765 yards, and recently blew up against the Jets with 11 catches and 151 yards.

Garcon did not come from a tradition college background, and now he is one of the NFL's young stars. The future is bright for Garcon in Indy.

Crazy one handed catch...


The Waiter!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Decade's Best

Great read here on the decade's best college football players. After reading this we decided to make a list of our own.


1.) Tim Tebow- Absolutely no denying what he did to the game of college football, he dominated his entire time at Florida and made them what they are today.

2.) Reggie Bush- USC was an absolute monster team and Reggie Bush was their best player. He ran the ball like no one we have ever seen.

3.) Vince Young- If your team was playing you were legit scared every time he took the snap. He was dangerous where ever he was on the field.

4.) Matt Leinart- He had to replace Carson Palmer, and he did as good of a job as anyone could of wished for.

5.) Adrian Peterson- He ran over people at Oklahoma, he set the NCAA record for yards by a freshman and finished 2nd to Leinart in the Heisman.

6.) Colt McCoy- His career obviously did not end how he wanted it to, but what a ride he took us on. Another Texas QB that could do it all.

7.) Bryant McKinnie- Played left offensive tackle, and never allowed a sack in his two years at Miami. That is absolutely ridiculous.

8.) Larry Fitzgerald/Calvin Johnson- These guys ushered in the new breed of WR's. Both guys were big, strong, fast, and unstoppable.

9.) Terrell Suggs- He was impossible to block and set an NCAA record with 24 sacks his JR season. One of the best pass rushers we have ever seen.

10.) Glenn Dorsey- Dorsey was the first coming of guys that dominated the interior line like Ndamukong Suh.

11.) Pat White- Dude was bonkers whenever he had the ball, defenses had no idea how to stop him, and when he had Steve Slaton behind him they were one of the most entertaining teams in the country.

12.) Julius Peppers- He ushered in the new breed of DE's. Peppers had unheard of athleticism and was always around the ball.

13.) Ed Reed- Absolute freak of nature, he is certifiably insane, and he was a main reason that Miami defense was so good.

14.) David Pollack- Quick, and to the point, Pollack was not someone that you wanted chasing after your QB. He won back to back SEC player of the year honors.

15.) Dan LeFevour- Set almost every record in the book, including most touchdowns in NCAA history. Now you have heard of him.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hit of the Weekend...

Only one of the games this weekend actualy turned out to be a good one...but we did get this...Kurt Warner said he would retire after the game, and we don't blame him...


Friday, January 15, 2010

Final BCS rankings...Boise State is not happy

Here are the final rankings...Boise State has right to be angry, but I mean did you really expect to get put ahead of those three teams. Florida ran over Cincinnati and obviously Alabama has to be number 1. Texas plays real teams and only lost once...I don't see much of an argument...

Boise is making a stand and saying they should be invited to the White House...I'm not to sure about that, props for going undefeated but until you play two or three actual teams a year, it is going to be really hard to get to the top...

Breaking News

Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley has been hired as the Tennessee football coach to replace Lane Kiffin.

Dooley was not the biggest name out there, not even close. But he is supposedly a good character guy, and has been doing a great job at Tech. The Vols better hope he can put out the fire that Lane Kiffin started when he left. He should start by getting the recruits who are on the fence to stay, because some of them are studs.

Details to come as this story develops...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(Just a matter of time before Layla is the most searched on Google...again)

Lane Kiffin has just been named the next head coach of USC football. Kiffin knows the system because he previously worked under Pete Carroll from 2001-04.

This came out of nowhere, but you can understand the decision. They obviously wanted a big name head coach. They wanted someone to be the face of the organization. Controversy follows Kiffin so they will certainly get what they wished for as far as attention goes...

More to come as it develops, but Lane Kiffin is the next head coach of USC...

College Football Hardest Hits...2009-10

Just found this real sweet vid, pretty good recap of the best hits from this past year.

Gotta feel bad for Jahvid Best...yikes


Oh, and please look at this...

Monday, January 11, 2010

In Case you Missed it...

While we take a short break from Football, here's this...

Pete Carroll it's Official...

We still don't know what the heck Pete is thinking, but it is official now. Carroll will leave USC and take control of the Seattle Seahawks.

He is holding a press conference tonight so hopefully he will let us know why he did what he did.

USC is one of the best coaching jobs in the country...the Seahawks stink...

Maybe this has something to do with the whole Reggie Bush thing...they already nailed OJ Mayo...

Friday, January 8, 2010



The Tide D played great, Ingram and company ran hard all night and McElroy kept eveything together as Alabama won 37-21

Colt McCoy was injured on the first drive of the game and did not return...we were praying he would, and it was very hard to see him standing on the sidelines...

Much props need to be given to Garrett Gilbert the true freshman who came in to replace McCoy and played with a lot of poise once he got his feet wet...he will be a great QB for Texas in the future...props

2ndnShort finishes with a winning record of 18-17!!!!!!

oh, and we beat Vegas who finished 17-18....were not saying, but were saying

Thursday, January 7, 2010

National Championship: Bama vs Texas

(He won the Heisman so he gets his picture here)

So, the big story leading into this game is can the offense of Texas led by Colt McCoy be effective against the tough hard nosed D of Bama.

To answer that question we should first take a look at the Texas Offense...

QB: Colt McCoy, he is a grizzled vet, and if you had to choose any QB in college football to be on your team he is a great choice. Texas holds the QB advantage in this game for sure. Colt needs to limit mistakes tonight, Alabama is great at forcing them and McCoy has to make sure that does not happen. McCoy has been cool under pressure his whole career and tonight he needs to do it one more time.

RB: Tre' Newton and Cody Johnson will lead the rushing attack for the longhorns (along with McCoy of course). Newton and Johnson need to be effective to open up the passing game and the stud we are about to talk about.

WR: Jordan Shipley is a huge threat, he runs great routes and seems to always be open for the big catch. If Texas is going to win he needs to have a huge game. Colt will be looking his way the entire game. He also plays special teams and this could be another way for him to influence this game.

The main man in charge of stopping all of this from happening is none other then Rolando McClain...beast(see below)

Now moving on we will take a look at the Bama offense....

QB: Greg McElroy has been solid all year long, and has led the Tide to this game tonight. The question here is can McElroy do enough to win. Bama has a ridiculously good D so a lot of the time McElroy does not have to make huge plays. If called upon tonight will he be up to the task...

RB: Mark "Heisman" Ingram, this dude is straight up powerful. He runs people over and then has the speed to win the race to the end zone. Ingram is going to get a lot of carries tonight and he will need to be effective. If Bama can control the ball on the ground and keep it away from
Texas they will win this game. Huge game tonight for Ingram. Trent Richardson should not be forgotten as he is a great change of speed guy who can break the long one.

WR: Julio Jones needs to play big for the Tide tonight, he was hurt earlier in the year and was not very effective. Recently he has played much better, and tonight he needs to step up. Jones will have the opportunity to make some big plays tonight once the Texas D commits to stopping Ingram. Opposite Jones will be the speedster Marquis Maze, he is a big play machine and will find himself open more then once tonight, he needs to capitalize.

The man on the corner who will be responsible for getting in McElroy's face and taking the edge away from Ingram will be Sergio

What Texas needs to do to win:

Defense...Texas will need to slow down Mark Ingram and force Greg McElroy to beat them through the air.

Offense...Colt McCoy needs to put the finishing touches on his career with his best performance. McCoy needs to keep the Bama D off balance with a mix of running and throwing the ball. Colt will need to be calm under the pressure of the Tide D.

What Alabama needs to do to win:

Defense...Bama needs to come at McCoy from every angle, they need to make him uncomfortable. If Colt becomes rattled then the Texas offense will stall.

Offense...Mark Ingram needs to get the ball a lot, the more time Bama has the ball the less McCoy and company will. Alabama needs to control the clock with Ingram on the ground and when the Texas D is forced to put 8 guys in the box they need to capitalize down field.

X-Factor Texas: Jordan Shipley, big play receiver and star special teams guy for the Longhorns

X-Factor Alabama: Javier Arenas, has the most punt return TD's in the history of the SEC (7), and is a DB for the Tide

Prediction: Alabama controls the ball long enough to win the game. McCoy plays well but comes up short as the Bama D holds tight in the fourth quarter.

Bama 28-24

Oh, and since we compared everything else here are the two mascots...choose for yourself


Big Al

2ndnShort 17-17, this game is for all the marbles...

Vegas 16-18...not happy about losing to 2ndnShort, picked Bama as well

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Wow, what a game. Double overtime 44-41 win for Central Michigan. What a great game...

Dan LeFevour played great and lead CMU to victory...he looked like an NFL QB late in the game and in overtime. He has the ability to rise up and lead a team, and a rocket arm...

Don't worry we did not forget about Bear Woods

This was the biggest win of the season so far for us because it takes us back to .500. If you don't know 2ndnShort has a bet with a certain avid reader that if we fail to go better then .500 they will stop reading. One game left, it's going to be interesting...beating Vegas is not enough, we need over .500

Check tomorrow for the Bama vs Texas post...

2ndnShort 17-17

Vegas 16-18

Central Michigan vs Troy

Were taking Central Michigan tonight vs Troy, game starts soon. Should be a nice high scoring affair.

CMU 29-21


2ndnShort 16-17

Vegas 15-18

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Randy Johnson Retires...

One of the best ever...props...HOF

GT vs Iowa in an hour

Iowa vs Georgia Tech

RB Jonathan Dwyer is a beast and he leads the triple option attack of GT. Along with QB Josh Nesbit Iowa will struggle to shut down the GT run game.

Iowa is led by QB Ricky Stanzi, and the RB tandem of Adam Robinson and Brandon Wegher.

This game should be close and we think Georgia Tech wins 22-17

2ndnShort 16-16

Vegas 15-17


This is the hardest thing by far I have had to write all season, but, congratulations to the Boise State Broncos. With games like this smaller schools are putting themselves on the map. We really need a playoff so that both TCU and Boise would of had a chance to knock off a bigger school...

Great season TCU

Monday, January 4, 2010

Boise State vs TCU

(The TCU offense is led by Andy Dalton)

Although we would of preferred Boise State vs Cincinnati and TCU vs Florida, we are still extremely excited about tonight's match up.

Boise State is led by Kellen Moore at QB, and boasts loads of talent all over the field.

At RB they have two great backs in Jeremy Avery, and Doug Martin. Boise State loves to throw the ball but to win this one they will need to pierce the Horned Frogs defense with these guys first.

At WR they have the NFL ready Austin Pettis, who is currently listed as doubtful for tonight's game, but he has been practicing in pads all week and will obviously try to play. Opposite him they have the talented Titus Young, if Pettis is out Young will be a very busy man.

On Defense Kyle Wilson is one of the best DB's in the country and he will certainly be all over the place.

Moving on...

TCU prides themselves on defense, and that unit is lead by DE Jerry Hughes, Hughes is fast and almost impossible to block with one man, he needs to be in the backfield all night for the Horned Frogs to win. At LB they have the speedy and versatile Daryl Washington, he will play a major role in stopping both the run and pass game of Boise State.

On offense the Horned Frogs are led by QB Andy Dalton. Dalton will be throwing to a talented group of guys. Led in receptions by Jeremy Kerley TCU has a deep receiving core that also includes Antoine Hicks who caught six TD's, Jimmy Smith who had 449 yards in the regular season, and Bart Johnson who caught 30 balls.

At RB the Horned Frogs have the shifty vet Joseph Turner who led the team with 732 yards. Turner will be accompanied by two stud Freshman, Matthew Tucker, and Ed Wesley. Tucker ran for 667 yards during the regular season and Wesley added four touchdowns.

Both of these teams have a lot of talent and this game should be highly contested throughout.

If you know anything about this blog you know that we are...TAKING THE HORNED FROGS TO WIN THIS GAME 28-18!!!

2ndnShort 16-15

Vegas 15-16

This is really coming down to the wire...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Michigan State vs Texas Tech

First off, how awesome is Taylor Potts beard...awesome

Michigan State is a very mediocre team, I don't think that they can slow down the Tech offense. However, this game is late in the bowl season and MSU is hungry, and with this whole Mike Leach thing nobody is sure how Tech will play. I think that the players felt like they were always being watched with leach around, and with him gone they will play well.

Tech wins, 24-16

Arkansas vs East Carolina

This game should be a good one, both teams have some offensive weapons and the fire power to make this interesting...

We have liked both teams all year long so this is a pretty tough pick for us...

We're going to take Arkansas in a close one 24-18

Bowl Picks

Battling to stay .500 with a lot of close and tough games, feeling good about this next slate...

To start the early games we have South Floirda vs Northern Illinois at noon...we are going to take South Florida...29-21

Then we have two awesome teams to watch in UConn vs South Carolina...we really want to take the huskies, but they lose to many close games...Gamecocks 24-20 (Eric Norwood for SC is a beast)

To end the early games at 2:30 (early for us, because as you can see this post is going up at 6:40am) we have a shootout in Oklahoma State vs Mississippi...for me the Jevan Snead boat has sailed a bit...we like Oklahoma State 46-38

more games after these so check back...

if you missed it...

2ndnShort 13-13

Vegas 12-14

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oregon vs OSU and Cincy vs Florida

Auburn just won in OT in a crazy game

Florida State and West Virginia is going on right now as well as LSU vs Penn State

Tonight we get the Rose Bowl between Oregon and OSU....and Florida vs Cincy

Were taking Oregon 24-16


Florida 44-24

2ndnShort 11-10

Vegas 9-12