Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Decade's Best

Great read here on the decade's best college football players. After reading this we decided to make a list of our own.


1.) Tim Tebow- Absolutely no denying what he did to the game of college football, he dominated his entire time at Florida and made them what they are today.

2.) Reggie Bush- USC was an absolute monster team and Reggie Bush was their best player. He ran the ball like no one we have ever seen.

3.) Vince Young- If your team was playing you were legit scared every time he took the snap. He was dangerous where ever he was on the field.

4.) Matt Leinart- He had to replace Carson Palmer, and he did as good of a job as anyone could of wished for.

5.) Adrian Peterson- He ran over people at Oklahoma, he set the NCAA record for yards by a freshman and finished 2nd to Leinart in the Heisman.

6.) Colt McCoy- His career obviously did not end how he wanted it to, but what a ride he took us on. Another Texas QB that could do it all.

7.) Bryant McKinnie- Played left offensive tackle, and never allowed a sack in his two years at Miami. That is absolutely ridiculous.

8.) Larry Fitzgerald/Calvin Johnson- These guys ushered in the new breed of WR's. Both guys were big, strong, fast, and unstoppable.

9.) Terrell Suggs- He was impossible to block and set an NCAA record with 24 sacks his JR season. One of the best pass rushers we have ever seen.

10.) Glenn Dorsey- Dorsey was the first coming of guys that dominated the interior line like Ndamukong Suh.

11.) Pat White- Dude was bonkers whenever he had the ball, defenses had no idea how to stop him, and when he had Steve Slaton behind him they were one of the most entertaining teams in the country.

12.) Julius Peppers- He ushered in the new breed of DE's. Peppers had unheard of athleticism and was always around the ball.

13.) Ed Reed- Absolute freak of nature, he is certifiably insane, and he was a main reason that Miami defense was so good.

14.) David Pollack- Quick, and to the point, Pollack was not someone that you wanted chasing after your QB. He won back to back SEC player of the year honors.

15.) Dan LeFevour- Set almost every record in the book, including most touchdowns in NCAA history. Now you have heard of him.


  1. No love for linebackers? There were some good ones in the Big Ten, but when it comes to lists like this it is hard to argue them really. So many great players have to be left off any list. Good work!

  2. Thanks, yea this list was really hard to compile with all of the great players we have seen in the past decade. As far as LB's go, if I had gone deeper, Patrick Willis and AJ Hawk would of been the next LB's.