Monday, November 30, 2009

Charlie Weis is Out...

The inevitable just happened, Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis has been let go. This comes as no surprise and both parties knew this was coming. At such a storied program like ND you have to win, and Weis did not do that enough in South Bend.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

USC vs UCLA...ding ding

So, USC was up big late in the fourth and decided to kneel the ball. UCLA had other thoughts and decided to call a timeout. Bad idea...



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In case you missed it vid...

I'm always surfing the web looking for crazy hits, and I found another...

From this weeks OSU vs Michigan game...


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Jimmy Clausen Punched in a Fan*

Here are three more stories that all seem like the could of happened....we might not ever know how Clausen got that black eye

Yea, you read that right. Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen was punched in the face this weekend at a bar, by a fan.

So the story goes, Clausen and family were out to eat after the Irish lost to UConn. The bar was called CJ's, and at this bar was a man who didn't really like Mr. Clausen. So he did the logical thing and punched the QB in the face. The punch is being called a sucker punch and Clausen has a swollen face.

This guy was also apparently yelling at Clausens GF or just some girl he was with, but were gonna say GF, classy guy.

Things are not looking good for Notre Dame right now...Weis is about to get fired...and their QB has a black eye...

Monday, November 23, 2009

oops Les Miles...

Miles spoke after the game saying that he has no idea who told Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball aka lose the game. But in the video you can clearly see Miles signaling for the spike...oops

They should of run a play here, or kick a FG, but definitely not spike the ball..

Monday RECAP!!!

If you missed any action, or just want to make sure you caught it all, check out the POD!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poll UPDATE...not many changes

Here is the new poll, not many changes as all the top teams won. The top nine teams remain the same, and LSU falls as they lost to Ole Miss. Oregon moved up with a win over Arizona in a great game. UNC, California, and Mississippi all returned to the polls after wins.

Recap and review to come later...enjoy the NFL today.


Here are this weeks NFL picks, good luck, and happy betting.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Podcast!!!

Weekly Friday podcast covering the games, spreads, and much more...enjoy

Thursday, November 19, 2009


(Will Ohio State vs Michigan deliver another classic game?)

A lot of easy games for the top teams this week, but we are looking at some pretty exciting match ups from elsewhere.

Let's take a quick look at this weeks best games:

Ohio State vs Michigan
Penn State vs Michigan State
LSU vs Mississippi
Stanford vs Cal
Oregon vs Arizona

Alright, let's get into the picks...JUMP!!!


Oklahoma State -18.5 OVER Colorado...Colorado is not playing well, Oklahoma State has still only lost two games, only thing that will stop the Cowboys is if Zac Robinson has to sit out...we're thinking 32-11


Utah State +23 OVER Boise State...Good thing TCU won last weekend or Boise State would be the #5 team and headed to a bowl game...40-20 Boise State...could be an entertaining gam to watch on a Friday


Ohio State +11.5 OVER Michigan...I know this one is in the Big House, and I really wish that mattered. Ohio State can smell the roses, and Michigan is looking to fire Rich Rod after only two seasons....Ohio State 26-12

Miami -19.5 OVER Duke...another week of Duke in this post...Jacory Harris wins this one 33-9

Iowa -10 OVER Minnesota...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Alabama -88 OVER Chattanooga...No line for this one, aka BLOWOUT...Bama wins 51-4

Florida -45.5(real line) OVER FIU...That line is just plain embarrassing....BLOWOUT

Houston -23.5 OVER Memphis...Houston was very disappointing last week, they make up for it this week against a bad Memphis team...remember this guy


Penn State -3 OVER Michigan State...remember this guy, we wish him well in Cincinnati...Penn State wins this one in the fourth with a TD pass, 19-14...

Rutgers -9.5 OVER Syracuse...Rutgers was very impressive last weekend against UCF, I think they win this one 33-17

North Carolina State -21 OVER Virginia Tech...this is really sick...VT still holding onto hopes of getting into a big bowl game, they need to end the season impressively...VT wins 25-10

Virginia +21 OVER Clemson...HEISMAN CANIDATE...Virginia is not this bad, they only lose 29-16...seriously though, Spiller is ridiculous, amazing(i'll let you finish, but...)...oh I just found this video, it is a pre-game video of Brian Dawkins(who played at Clemson) he is insane and actually has two lockers, one for his alter ego...

Northwestern +7 OVER Wisconsin...Northwestern has played well lately, and Wisconsin does not have Ron Dayne anymore...Northwestern 21-20

LSU -4.5 OVER Mississippi...this could be a really good game, I'm still thinking that LSU is good. This one will be tight all the way LSU wins 33-27...

San Diego State +20 OVER Utah...Utah will still be reeling from the TCU loss, while San Diego State has been reeling all year long and is use to it by now...

Oregon State -30.5 OVER Washington State...Wash State has been on the wrong end of some pretty nasty spreads this year. So, out of sympathy I would like to pick them, but................

Stanford -7 OVER California...Stanford is on fire, and a California team without Jahvid Best can't hang in this one...Trees win 29-18

Texas -27.5 OVER Kansas...I still love Dezmon Briscoe, but Kansas has really disappointed me this year. I'm going with the Horns big 46-13...

Oregon -6 OVER Arizona...This is a huge game for the Ducks, they need this win to secure a rose bowl spot...QUACK...should be a great game from start to finish...Oregon 27-16

That's it for today...with college bball, and some NFL tonight the couch is calling...

stay tuned for a podcast to come...

Great Trick Play

A lot of trick plays have been popping up lately, this one is particularly funny. QB fakes the hand off then chucks the ball over his head into the endzone, TOUCHDOWN!!!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Love My Ducks???

When you really love something why not rap about it...

Pretty funny stuff here...

Podcast and picks tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night Football Bet

For those of you who would like to continue a hot streak, or get back at Vegas for a bad weekend, we welcome you...

Head on over to BWDG to check out the lock of the always, bet big.

Two Vol's Dismissed...

When you try to rob someone at gunpoint you usually get kicked off the team, good job guys...

This is definitely a great excuse to run an Eric Berry highlight...

and another ridiculous video(this one has some great production value aka these kids don't go to class)

Weekend Recap Podcast

(Tony Gerhard and Stanford shot up the rankings after beating USC this weekend)

Little podcast here to catch you on everything that happened this weekend...

Friday, November 13, 2009


Another podcast to give you all of the info you need to have a good day betting, and watching football...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


(Andy Dalton and TCU face a tough test against Utah this weekend)

Not a lot of marquee match ups this weekend, but there is no shortage of important contests. No matter the game when the end of the season is this close every game is important.

Before we take a look at every top 25 match up let's highlight a few...

Utah vs TCU
Cincinnati vs West Virginia
Houston vs UCF
Georgia Tech vs Duke
Iowa vs Ohio State
Miami vs UNC
Stanford vs USC
Pitt vs Notre Dame
Oregon vs Arizona State

Alright now let's dive deep into the picks...JUMP


South Florida -1 OVER Rutgers...Early Thursday game and it should be a good one, both of these teams are playing decent football but I give the edge to South Florida...29-21


Cincinnati -9 OVER WVU...West Virginia is a dangerous team looking for the upset, and Cincinnati needs to stay perfect. Should be a good battle throughout as WVU is a pretty tough team...Cincinnati stays perfect 34-20


Clemson -8 OVER NC State...Clemson has CJ Spiller(ridiculous speed), and that will be enough in this one...Tigers 23-10

Indiana +24 OVER Penn State...Penn State wishes they were being talked about right now, but instead it's Iowa and Ohio State...JoPA 32-16

Houston -4.5 OVER UCF...Tricky spread, I think Vegas knows something here...but we are going to bet it hard anyway...Houston rolls 41-28

Georgia Tech -12 OVER Duke...Georgia Tech stayed out of trouble last week and I think they win big this weekend against an average Duke team(NSFW language)...

Michigan +8.5 OVER Wisconsin...Hoping Michigan gets a win here to prove what they are capable of...the best is yet to come out of Ann Arbor...Michigan 23-20

Baylor +23.5 OVER Texas...Texas can't lose, period. They also need to blow teams like Baylor out. That being said this spread is too big, Texas 40-22...remember this guy

Maryland +17.5 OVER Virginia Tech...Tech continues to be unimpressive, I think this one stays close for a half, then VT realizes who they are playing...29-15...remember this guy

BYU -26.5 OVER NMU...At this point I almost feel bad for NMU...almost...remember this "guy"...BYU wins easy 48-12

Iowa +17 OVER Ohio State...this line is crazy, even though everyone knew that Iowa was going to lose eventually, that does not mean they are horrible...Ohio State 21-10...remember this guy...

Florida -16 OVER South Carolina...Time for Florida to start blowing people out and get hot here late. South Carolina looked bad last weekend...Florida 44-15...remember how both of these guys are the same but different sports...

Miami -3.5 OVER UNC...Two good teams but Miami is clearly the better of the two, and they did this(PLEASE LISTEN NSFW)...epic...

Stanford +10.5 OVER USC...I am done with USC still being ranked high, and stinking...unless they win by 25...TREEEEEEEEE

Idaho +31 OVER Boise State...This is TCU's weekend, I will give Boise State this to go and play with while we watch the real underdog play...

Alabama -12.5 OVER Mississippi State...MARK INGRAM FOR HEISMAN 2009...Bama rolls 29-8

Arizona +2 OVER Cal...Because Jahvid Best is out...and

LSU -24 OVER Louisiana Tech...LSU is really good, they have only have two loses, and to the best two teams in the country...remember him...


Pitt -7 OVER Notre Dame...Dion Lewis is nasty, in a good way...Clausen still has moves to make for the Heisman race...Pitt 26-17

Texas Tech +4 OVER Oklahoma State...I'm taking Tech 81-75...SHOOTOUT

Oregon -17.5 OVER Arizona State...not sure what happened to Oregon last week, but at least they get this guy back...

That's all folks, podcast to come...

Really excited about this weekends football...SPEECH!!!

Tennessee UPDATE

Alright we now have names, and sort of a story. Ok the names are Janzen Jackson, Mike Edwards, and Nu'keese Richardson, all of whom are freshman football players. They were all arrested this morning.

So apparently last night the three men and a handgun(this is now a serious crime) went out to a gas station and tried to rob some people. The victims had no money so the footballers fled.

In the getaway car cops found a pellet gun, and some weed.

The charge against the men is attempted armed robbery.

I have no idea why gifted division one athletes get in this kind of trouble. How can you be so broke that you need to rob someone, schools throw money at these kids. Stupid stupid stupid...

Rocky Top Robbery

Three Tennessee football players were arrested last night on robbery charges. The players names have not yet been released.

As soon as this news is released you will know. Let's hope its not Eric Berry.

Picks, preview, and podcast to come tonight...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow slow slow

Pretty slow day of news around the college football world, so I thought I would share this with you...

Look for a picks preview and podcast tomorrow as we get closer to the weekend.

Really sweet...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh Boy...

As always when I find something sweet on the internet I make sure to share it with you guys. Here is a kid making a bad play worse, then making that worse play absolutely awful.



Cincinnati has just announced that Tony Pike's backup Zach Collaros will remain the starting QB for this weeks game against #25 WVU. Cincinnati is the #5 team in the country and it is largely due to their excellent QB play this season.

Collaros has played very well this season so there is no need for panic here. But WVU has a solid squad and this match up certainly has upset potential.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Behind the Back Football Pass....for the win

Just found this pretty cool...

Blount is Back

LaGarrette Blount aka the dude that sucker punched a Boise State player has been reinstated and will join the Ducks this week for practice.

In other news Dez Bryant was suspended an entire year for not telling the truth about something that was legal. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...interesting....hmmm...

Monday Injury Report

LSU RB Charles Scott suffered a broken collarbone in Saturdays loss to Alabama. Scott who is a crucial part of the Tigers offense will be out the rest of the season. This is a huge blow for LSU, they are a very good team who has only lost to Florida and Alabama. LSU can not afford another loss.

California RB Jahvid Best who suffered a scary (scroll down you've got to see it) concussion on Saturday will be released from the hospital soon. Best was taken off the field in a stretcher, and after watching the fall, things did not look good.

Best will likely miss the Golden Bears next game vs Arizona, as this is the second concussion in as many weeks for Cal's superstar RB.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quick Top 25 Recap

Here is a quick link to a Top 25 recap from some guys I know...who are apparently staying in tonight...

Full recap and reaction to come.

Jahvid Best ...Injured...

Reports are saying that he is moving his arms and legs, but after suffering a concussion last week this is not good.

We wish him the best...really scary...

Alabama beat LSU to solidify them in the SEC championship.

Oregon fell to Stanford despite a late rally.

Good luck tonight, be safe...

Iowa Loses...Jordan Shipley Doesn't

Iowa just lost to much for the perfect season. Iowa could still win the big ten and get to the Rose Bowl but they need to win out, and they have Ohio State left.

Not good for Iowa as their BCS national championship chances are now completely shot.

11 catches for 273 yards and a touchdown. Those are the numbers Jordan Shipley put up today vs UCF. This kid is ridiculous, crazy good. 273 yards is unreal...

Friday, November 6, 2009


Here it is, this podcast includes an in depth preview of all this weeks top 25 games. Also 2ndnShort takes a look at this weeks lines.


Thursday, November 5, 2009


(Can LSU stay hot and run past the undefeated Alabama on Saturday?)

As always we have a lot of intriguing match ups this week as every game becomes more important.

Let's take a look at the key games and then we will pick the spreads.

Notre Dame vs Navy
Penn State vs Ohio State
LSU vs Alabama
Oregon vs Stanford
Oregon State vs California
Tulsa vs Houston
Oklahoma vs Nebraska
USC vs Arizona State

Alright go ahead and hit the JUMP and 2ndnShort will take you through all of the picks for this weeks games...


East Carolina +12.5 OVER Virginia Tech...VT has been well under expectations this year and ECU will look to knock them off again...shouts


Louisiana Tech +21.5 OVER Boise State...Betting against Boise State for life...seriously...I just wonder how far they would drop if they lost...


Syracuse +21.5 OVER Pittsburgh...GREG PAULUS!!!

Virginia +13.5 OVER Miami...I can't figure Miami out, at all. They might be one or two years away from a full return to form...good tough win last week though, Virginia keeps this one close and loses 30-20.

Indiana +10.5 OVER pants man

Texas -36.5 OVER UCF...UCF will miss Kevin Smith in this one...a lot

Northwestern +16.5 Iowa...Still thinking Iowa loses a game this year...but not this one Iowa wins 19-10

BYU -13 OVER Wyoming...betting with BYU for an unknown reason

Notre Dame -11 OVER Navy...with Michael Floyd coming back Jimmy Clausen will continue his Heisman quest...Notre Dame wins 29-15

Penn State -3.5 OVER Ohio State...This game should be close all the way, taking JoPa in this one, 16-12

Georgia Tech -16 OVER Wake Forest...Sticking with Georgia Tech because they have looked great as of late, 40-18. GT is definitely one of the best one loss teams.

LSU +7.5 OVER Alabama...hold on hold on hold on....I am not saying Alabama is going to lose, not at all. I think that they win 28-22. But, this could be the game of the week/year, neither of these teams can afford to lose. LSU is the top one loss team, and Alabama has a lot of people breathing down their neck for the #2 spot. Should be a good one...SPEECH!!!(I think I will post this vid every time we here at 2ndnShort feel fit, but mainly for huge games.

Oklahoma State -7.5 OVER Iowa State...SHOOTOUT!!!

Oregon -6.5 OVER Stanford...This should be a great game, Stanford is hungry for the upset. Oregon is good, really good, they need to win this game. QUACK!!!

Arizona -32.5 OVER Washington State...Washington State is pretty bad, like 42-4 bad...

TCU -24.5 OVER San Diego State...TCU WARWAGON FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Utah -27 OVER New Mexico State...NMSU is so bad...really ugly...sorry

Oregon State +7.5 OVER California...Jahvid Best and Jaquizz Rodgers...should be exciting

Florida -35 OVER Vanderbilt...Not even close, Tebow needs another big game to stay in the Heisman race...he get's it vs Vandy

Tulsa -1.5 OVER Houston...Tulsa wins, 58-50...yea

Cincinnati -16.5 OVER UConn...Can the Bearcats continue to roll? I think so...34-12

Oklahoma -5 OVER Nebraska...Yawn...MUSTACHE!!!

USC -10 OVER Arizona State...Worst loss in the Pete Carroll era last week, they have to bounce back

Alright, enjoy the football should be a great week. Check back here for updates Friday and Saturday

And enjoy this...Friday is here be happy, and take a girl to the movies...

This is the worst music video ever...or best...hilarious

Brandon Spikes UPDATE

Florida LB Brandon Spikes aka the guy who was caught trying to steal a Georgia players eyes, will be suspended the entire Vanderbilt game.

Spikes has decided to take himself out of the game so that he is not a distraction, aka Vanderbilt stinks and Spikes will not be needed.

Picks post and podcast tonight...get your betting shoes ready.


Sorry for the non Yankee fans...plenty of football tomorrow, picks and podcast.

But for now...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting your eyes poked out is fun...and some other stuff

Washaun Ealey said that he didn't really mind when Brandon Spikes attempted to rip his eyeballs out(picture might not be accurate). Ealey said he thinks it happens all the time, plus he had his eyes close, so it's all really? I still think he should be suspended at least one game. They are playing Vanderbilt so it would not really matter anyway.

Cincinnati QB Tony Pike is healing well and is now in a splint, not good news for anyone but the Bearcats because he is goooooood.

Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd is set to come back this week vs Navy. Jimmy Clausen is still in Heisman contention and this should do nothing but help as Floyd is one of the best wide outs in the nation.

and have a nice humpday...

don't lead with your head kids...bad idea...

Jamar Wall Plays Football

Not a lot of breaking news here today so watch this...

Monday, November 2, 2009

This is Why He Got Supended

Not cool Brandon Spikes, not cool, he was suspended for the first half of Florida's game vs Vanderbilt.

BCS Rankings

Florida is still on top of the BCS standings but there is a new number two.

Texas beat up on Oklahoma State Saturday to move into the #2 spot ahead of Alabama. This is great for Texas because of Florida and Alabama both win out they will collide in the SEC championship, leaving the winner to play Texas.

These three are followed by Iowa, Cincinnati, and TCU. TCU is looking to stir things up as they battle with Boise State as the underdog of the year.

Iowa is a team nobody expected to be here...they won by 18 points this weekend despite Stanzi throwing 5 picks.

Cinncy is still hot, and their passing attack is ridiculous.

Oregon moved up to 8th after smacking USC...Trojans dropped to 12th.

Notre Dame is #22.

The 2ndnShort best ten teams in the country are..

8.)Georgia Tech

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bloopers...and the internet is down

So...internet is out, here is a video of a kid tackling his teammate...never seen anything like this