Friday, October 21, 2011

Breaking Vegas Teaser


Three team teaser again this week and if we win this week were talking Cal Ripken Jr type streak. Yacht is the next purchase, park that thing right next to those damn hipster protesters.

Betting with the good teams again this week. Usual suspects Bama, Oklahoma and LSU are not picked this week because of some match ups, players suspended, etc. Might as well pick three new good teams and have 6 teams to roll with going forward.

Don't disappoint me Broncos don't you do it.

Oklahoma State +2.5 vs Missouri

Oklahoma State rolling right now and to stay in the picture the have to continue to win big. With the tease they need to win by a FG. JUSTIN BLACKMON, let's go Cowboys.

Oklahoma State 40 Missouri 26

Air Force vs Boise State -20

I can't watch Boise State blow anybody else out and not get my hand in the pot. Don't let me down here Boise, this should be a roll over game and you and I both know you need the points for that wacky BCS your always left out of.

Boise State 41 Air Force 13

Wisconsin +2 vs Michigan State

Wisconsin is nasty, they can flat out play and right now they are scoring the most points per game in the country. I watched Michigan State play last week against Michigan and they do have a nasty defense. But Wisconsin is too good and Michigan State will not be able to handle Russell Wilson and crew.

Wisconsin 31 Michigan State 18

as always, let's give some love to our picks this week

Monday, October 17, 2011

Trent Richardson #beast

They mention he benches 450lbs and then he does this. Craziest juke I have seen in a while. Dude missed Richardson twice on the same play, had the angle, had the position, did not have the tackle.

PS - 16-0, please someone stop us. Vegas called again, not happy #runningoutofmoney

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can't Lose Three Team Teaser

(Ryan Broyles, as the kids say, goes HAM)

Well, I hate to harp on the facts here, but we can't lose. I'm not good with numbers but we have not lost yet this year. 13-0, betting the good teams instead of the bad ones. Let's catch three more dubs.


LSU -8 vs Tennessee

LSU is really good and they are rolling teams right now. Tennessee did blow out Montana and Buffalo though, to bad LSU blew out Florida, Oregon and West Virginia. This should be another roll over game for LSU.

LSU 40 Tennessee 15

Alabama -16 vs Mississippi

Trent Richardson and the Tide are beating people badly right now and they give up 7 points per game. Looking for a blowout here.

Alabama 35 Mississippi 7

Oklahoma -26.5 vs Kansas
Kansas is really good at getting blown out, like one of the best in the country at it. They gave up 70 points last weekend to Blackmon and co. Oklahoma has one of the best offenses in the country and this game should be over before it starts.

Oklahoma 58 Kansas 10

Trent Richardson Yikes

Rueben Randle LSU, HS highlights

Friday, October 7, 2011

Three Team Teaser

Vegas is going broke and asking me to stop betting, but I cant do it. To many people count on this blog to pay the bills. Just gotta keep betting on the best teams in the country to win, if that's wrong I don't wanna be poor.

(Let's go Richardson we need ya this weekend)

Three Team 9 Point Teaser

Vanderbilt vs ALABAMA -19.5
Florida vs LSU -4
Oklahoma -1.5 vs Texas

Alright so all of the teams in this teaser this weekend need to win. Bama big an the others small. We are going with the formula that the better teams will win the football game. Florida and Texas are both very good teams. But Bama, Oklahoma and LSU are better. Vanderbilt has not seen a team like Bama yet this year and I am looking for a blowout.

Gotta be a little tapped to play this game

Gotta show love for all the teams your betting on...Let's go Tigers

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Vid's

If your betting with 2ndnShort, you rich. Plain and simple. We have hit 11 bets in a row and we are perfect on the season. If you not on board yet then hop on because seats are filling up

2 Points the hard way

Another high school football brawl (must watch 38-44 seconds)

Paging @thefluxcapcitor #podcast