Friday, October 21, 2011

Breaking Vegas Teaser


Three team teaser again this week and if we win this week were talking Cal Ripken Jr type streak. Yacht is the next purchase, park that thing right next to those damn hipster protesters.

Betting with the good teams again this week. Usual suspects Bama, Oklahoma and LSU are not picked this week because of some match ups, players suspended, etc. Might as well pick three new good teams and have 6 teams to roll with going forward.

Don't disappoint me Broncos don't you do it.

Oklahoma State +2.5 vs Missouri

Oklahoma State rolling right now and to stay in the picture the have to continue to win big. With the tease they need to win by a FG. JUSTIN BLACKMON, let's go Cowboys.

Oklahoma State 40 Missouri 26

Air Force vs Boise State -20

I can't watch Boise State blow anybody else out and not get my hand in the pot. Don't let me down here Boise, this should be a roll over game and you and I both know you need the points for that wacky BCS your always left out of.

Boise State 41 Air Force 13

Wisconsin +2 vs Michigan State

Wisconsin is nasty, they can flat out play and right now they are scoring the most points per game in the country. I watched Michigan State play last week against Michigan and they do have a nasty defense. But Wisconsin is too good and Michigan State will not be able to handle Russell Wilson and crew.

Wisconsin 31 Michigan State 18

as always, let's give some love to our picks this week

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