Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bowl Picks...a lot of games today

Alright so JUSTIN BLACKMON blew up last night and we went 2-1 with Maryland and OK State winning and Baylor taking the L. 2ndnShort stands at 7-4.

Let's get the betting going

12PM - Army vs Southern Methodist - The reason this game is so early is because nobody cares. SMU's QB Kyle Pardon is having a pretty good year and he should help the Mustangs take this one home.

SMU 21 Army 13

320PM - Kansas State vs Syracuse - This game will be played at Yankee stadium and should be a good one. Both teams had decent years and are evenly matched. I am taking Kansas State because they have Daniel Thomas at RB, and he is a stub. K State pounds the ball to victory in this one.

Kansas State 24 Syracuse 18

640PM - North Carolina vs Tennessee - Down year for Tennessee and decent year for the heels. I think that TJ Yates leads UNC to victory tonight. UNC does have some goes suspended but no big parts. Look for UNC to pull out a close one.

UNC 27 Tennessee 23

10PM - Nebraska vs Washington - Nebraska had a good year and Jake Locker was a huge disappointed. Hopefully Locker can play well tonight and make this one close but I doubt it. Nebraska wins this one big.

Nebraska 34 Washington 18

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bowl Picks: Three Game Scramble

Iowa big win last night

Tonight we have three games...let's make some money

ECU vs Maryland - Gotta take Maryland here, ECU lost it's last two games to Rice and Southern Methodist. Not good.

Maryland 38 ECU 28

Baylor vs Illinois - Taking Baylor here, why...Robert Griffin III

Baylor 32 Illinois 27

Oklahoma State vs Arizona - Two solid teams here and this should be the game of the night. Both teams throw A LOT...but Zona does not have JUSTIN BLACKMON

OK State 41 Arizona 33

2 years ago

Forgot to pick some of the games but we are 5-3...SWAG

Monday, December 27, 2010

Air Force vs Georgia Tech

This could be a surprisingly good contest tonight. Air Force comes in at 8-3 and GT is 6-6. GT is down this year but still running the ball better then any team in the country.

Air Force also runs the ball extremely well. This will be a battle on the ground and I think that Air Force comes out on top in a tight one.

Air Force 28 Georgia Tech 24

2ndnShort 4-3

Monday Night NFL Lock

Here is DG with his MNF lock...swag


2-Team 6-Point Teaser

New Orleans +8.5 and over 43.5

New Orleans is still fighting for a playoff bid, a win would solidify them a spot.  A win would also keep them in contention to win the division.  Brees is a big game QB.  While the Falcons have been quietly one of the best teams in the league, I actually think they lose this game tonight.  If not, it will be a very close game.  This game should also go over the 49.5 it is set at, so tease that down and take over 43.5. 


Friday, December 24, 2010

Hawaii vs Tulsa

Points points points...this game has an over under of 75 and we think it will get there. Not a whole lot of defense from either team but no shortage of offense.

Hawaii throws the ball all over the field and will be lead by QB Bryant Moniz. Tulsa's leader is QB G.J. Kinne and he is also a gunslinger.

I think that Hawaii will be able to expose Tulsa's defense and come out with the win in this one.

Hawaii 41 Tulsa 29

Navy did not show up last night record is now 4-2

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Navy vs San Diego State

Another day and another bowl game. Last night we won as Boise State crushed Utah. 2ndnShort is currently 4-1 and looking to RUN our record to 5-1.

BAM taking Navy and Ricky Dobbs. Statistically this game is very even and these teams are very close to each other talent wise. This is a home game for San Diego but apparently there is a huge Naval base there as well so the game should be closer to 50-50 then expected.

his should be a great game because these teams play exact opposite styles of football. Navy of course runs the ball all day long with Dobbs and company, and Ryan Lindley airs it out for the Aztecs.

Players to watch for the Aztecs are WR's Vincent Brown, DeMarco Sampson and RB Ronnie Hillman.

For Navy you should look out for Ricky Dobbs and FB Alexander Teich.
I think this game comes down to experience and consistency. Navy has the edge in both of these and I think they come out on top of this one. Should be a great game and I expect it to be close the entire way.

Navy 28 San Diego 24

Wake Up With...well look at that

He made one...congrats. He was visibly nervous and did drop a pass on a trick play but he made a FG. Always gotta show the special team guys love so big ups.

Last night's game started very slowly, Utah was sticking with BSU and both teams were making a lot of mistakes. But as time went on Boise State started to show their true colors and pulled away from Utah. Final score 26-3.

Boise covered the spread and got the win for us pushing our record to 4-1.

and your hit

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bowl Picks Vol III: Utah vs Boise State

Neither team really thought that they would be playing in this game. Utah's season ended the minute that they took the field against TCU. They were completely embarrassed and beaten badly. The next week they failed to show up and lost to Notre Dame.

Boise State played terrific all year long and looked like they were going undefeated, and then they lost to Nevada after missing two chip shot FG's. Boise State had been gunning for the National Championship game all year long and due to their strength of schedule fell way out of the picture after losing to Nevada.

If you think about it these two teams might of played each other anyway if they had both gone undefeated because neither of them would of jumped Oregon or Auburn and Utah would of had to beat TCU.

Now looking at this match up, it is clear that Boise State is the better team here. They are 17 point favorites and were better then Utah all year long. For me it is impossible to take Utah here, you can take talent, coaching, experience and everything else and throw it out the window. I am taking Boise State because I watched Utah GIVE UP against Notre Dame. Yes, they were coming off a horrible loss to TCU at home, and yes they had ruined their perfect season but as a competitive athlete you can never take the field and give up.

I can not bet on Utah because I do not trust that they will show up tonight. Even if they do they will not be the better team on the field. Boise State will show up because that's what they do in big games (minus their kicker). Hopefully both teams show up and it's a good game to watch, but I will not be putting my money on Utah in this one.

Also, Boise State is probably a pretty pissed off team right now. They have a lot of seniors that wish they were playing in the last bowl game this year, not one of the first. Could Boise State lay an egg tonight as well, maybe, but I have never seen them do it and I would think they show up tonight.

Boise State 38 Utah 20

Also, Utah and Boise State have some pretty swaggy uniforms up their sleeves so hopefully they both bring their A game in that regard.

Golden Eagles came up just short last night and 2ndnShort is now 3-1

Wake Up With Hits...RB Swagger

Big hit here by the RB, DB did a good job but got run over a little bit.

More bowl picks to come later today. Utah vs Boise State, should be a good one.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ridiculous HS Football Finishes

We say it almost everyday here at 2ndnShort. Anything can and will happen in HS football. Today we bring you the first and last games of a D3 Cali school's season.

First game of the year, 5 seconds left, 80 yards away...losing

State Championship Game, 80 yards to go...losing


Southern Miss vs Louisville

Couple reasons why I will be taking the Golden Eagles tonight. Louisville may play as many as three QB's tonight and that is never a good idea. The Big East is good at basketball this year, but not so much at football (I like UConn as a school but they will be in big trouble against Oklahoma). I say that because Louisville still only went 3-4 in the Big East after playing some poor teams. Another reason to take the Golden Eagles is because there is no way a Cardinal could beat up an Eagle, sorry.

2ndnShort 2010 Bowl Picks: 3-0

Wake Up With Hits...FOOTBALL!!!

Props to both players here, Tolbert get his helmet knocked off and still chases after the ball carrier. He get leveled, and pops right back up. This is football...

Bowl game tonight so picks to follow...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Trick Play Monday...really

This one cant wait until Friday. This is the Texas 5A State Championship game at Cowboys Stadium and the trick played worked. The CB didn't fall asleep like the rest of the guys but still pretty horrible that nobody paid attention.

Again....anything can and will happen in HS football.

Wake Up With Hits

Great hit here by the Colts D but even better job by Lewis to hold on and even continue to run.

3-0 so far with the bowl pick so right now would be a great time to hop on the bandwagon...

Friday, December 17, 2010


(Chad Spann aka the swag tsunami)

You better believe we are picking every single one of these Bowl games, and they start tomorrow.

Last year we were one game over .500 and BEAT VEGAS by a game. So if you put a million on every game last year you were up 1 MILLION DOLLARS. That's swaggy.

Here we go.
-----------------December 18th----------------

New Mexico Bowl

BYU vs. UTEP - Gotta go with BYU here as much as I hate to pick them. UTEP stinks.

Humanitarian Bowl

Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State - On the blue turf i'm going with Northern Illinois. Very evenly matched game and could turn out to be a barn burner. Northern Illinois runs the ball very well, and will win by 5.

New Orleans Bowl

Ohio vs. Troy - This could also turn out to be a really good game. I'm gonna go with Troy for the simple fact that they played very well against a good Oklahoma State earlier in the year, and have faced better competition this year.

Trick Play Friday...PUNTER SWAG

BAM!!!!!! Punter swaggg....and it's Friday!!!!!

Got some bowl games coming up stay tuned for picks

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wake Up With Hits ...blocking

WR lays out a dude chasing the QB...great heads up block


get excited!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cam Newton Rap at Blinn

Cam Newton is a beast and a monster. He is also this years Heisman winner. Maybe he is not very good at freestyle rap, but I would never tell him that to his face, look how much bigger he is then the other dudes and he is the QB.

Wake Up With Hits

Great hit here on the WR coming across the middle...on 3rd down

Bowl games are coming soon so expect some bets/posts on those

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wake Up With Hits...welcome to the NFL young fella

Javier Arenas is statistically* the best return man/special teams player in the history of the NCAA.

He got lit up...

*played for a while at Bama, but still ultra swaggy

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Night Football Special

(so tell me why they can't play here...)

DG is back to his winning ways and I suggest you ride this guy while he is hot.


Hopefully you guys bet my Thursday Special, EASY W. Now for my Monday Night Special...

2-Team 6-Point Teaser

Baltimore +3
NY Giants +2

First off, the Texans are not who we thought they were. They have shown to be a mediocre team, with a very mediocre defense. Baltimore will win this game, even on the road.

Secondly, the Giants are catching a break, having this game played at Ford Field should take home field advantage completely away. Giants D-line should punish the Vikings. Giants win this game.
Bet it hard.



Gotta give credit where it is due. Cam Newton had a ridiculous year and definitely deserved this award.

Here are some highlights from Mr. Newton in JR College. Absolute BEAST.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Trick Play Friday

It is finally Friday so we have got a little trick play for you...Army vs Navy this weekend but who honestly cares.

Bowl games start up next weekend and we will have bets, coverage, and highlights from all of them.

Oh and DG CASHED IN LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR WELCOME

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Night Special

A very short, but swaggy bet from DG today. Get your betting feet wet and start off the football week with this gem.


2-Team 6-Point Teaser


Tennessee Sucks
Colts Defense Sucks
Colts Offense > Tennessee's Offense

Simple Math. Bet this hard.


Wake Up With Hits...clean hit, legal hit, please don't take college football too

This happened a couple weeks ago, and is clearly a legal hit. I don't even know what the refs are watching here.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wake Up With I'm just way late on this one my bad

Ok, so I have been horribly late with the vid the last two days and I have no one to blame but myself. To make up for it I have a sick video of Georgia WR AJ Green in high school making a ridiculous one handed catch.

Also UVM plays BYU tonight in college basketball. This is one of the only times I will mention basketball here...but GO UVM!!! #VT #Catamounts #Rally #swaggy #802

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wake Up With Hits...Is it really already 1pm? This is just not a wake up at all

Well, got a swaggy hit for you here to get you through your lunch break.

DG has been studying all day for his Thursday pick so worries about another letdown. #stillabove.500

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Night Football Special...Lock it Up

We are again graced with a pick from DG on this lovely Monday. I suggest you listen to him because he has been giving away money lately.


Two Team 6 Point Teaser: Jets @ Patriots

Jets +9.5 & Under 50.5

Alright, if you took my advice again last Monday, you won again. It is as simple as that. Tonight's bet will be no different than last Monday's. Two 9-2 team's will be battling in the cold and windy condition of Foxboro in December. This has under written all over it. Tease it up and take UNDER 50.5.

This game should also be an exciting one to watch, a lot of emotion will be showcased tonight. This game will most likely come down to some sort of final drive to win. Tease the Jets up to getting 9.5 and enjoy a good game. LOCK IT UP.

DG will be back for a special Thursday NFL lock. Stay tuned......DG OUT!

Wake Up With Hits...passing over the middle

Rolando McClain was a monster at Alabama, and from what I have seen he has had some monster plays as a Raider. You don't see a lot of form tackling in the NFL, and you won't here either. McClain rocks Darren Sproles coming across the middle. I would also like to point out that this is a completely clean hit. He leads with his shoulder, and Sproles is not a defenseless player. Also, how do you get lower then Sproles pad level he is like 5'6.

I would also like to thank everyone who took our betting advise this weekend and made some money on the college football teaser...#swag

Friday, December 3, 2010


It has been a while since we posted some picks, but no worries because we are coming back and we are coming back with FREE MONEY!!!

Alright, so after tons of research and multiple calls with my Vegas Connects I have come up with the following teaser...

10 Point 3 Team Teaser

Oregon -6.5 @ Oregon State

This is possibly the biggest game in the history of the Oregon football program. They need this win to secure a spot in the National Championship game. They are clearly the better team in this match up and Oregon State has not been playing well lately. Look for Oregon to take control early as they get their offense going, and beat Jaquizz and friends by a solid margin.

Auburn +4.5 vs South Carolina

Auburn is in the same spot as Oregon, they need this win to get into the National Championship. Auburn and Cam Newton have been spectacular all year long and although South Carolina is a good team I think Auburn comes out on top here. After seeing what Auburn did to Alabama last week coming from behind it is very hard to bet against them. This is going to be a close game throughout but Auburn has been very good late in games this year and I think they pull this out in the second half.

Virginia Tech +6.5 vs Florida State

Virginia Tech has been red hot after dropping their first two games of the season. Florida State has also been playing well but with the ACC on the line I see the Hookies coming up big in this one. These teams are very evenly matched but at the end of the day I think Tyrod Taylor and Darren Evans will be too much for the Seminoles defense to handle. If VT can pound the ball all game long I think that they will come out on top.

So go ahead and call up your bookie because this one is a winner, also all three games are on TV and all at different times so HAVE YOURSELF A DAY YOU EARNED IT!!!!

Trick Play Friday...not how they drew it up

KICKING A FIELD GOAL....WAIT IT'S A FAKE...oh boy touchdown wrong team.

This play could not have gone wrong any quicker, within ten seconds the wrong team had already scored.

Little bonus also, Sav Rocca the holder on this play is one of the most famous kickers is the history of Australian rules football. He turned out to be a very good punter in the NFL, and below you can watch a vid of him getting his clock cleaned. YES this is a dirty hit, legal (although would receive a huge fine today) but Sav is tough and he was fine.

FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (yea I know exactly what song I linked too)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wake Up With Hits...DB Swag Vol. 28

This happened last month. This is one of the best hits I have posted here in a while. Every once in a while a hit comes a long that is just a bit better then the others, this is one of those.

Helmet comes off, ball gets knocked loose, receiver does not pop right back up. Also helps that the victim is not dead, hes moving around just fine...yikes.

Anyway you look at it this is a swaggy hit.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wake Up With Hits

You don't usually see big hits when the RB is running down the sideline, especially that this kid is pretty fast. But a DB had an angle and got there with some serious force.

Good quality video, great hit and it's already Wednesday...were looking pretty good so far

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts on the BCS TOP 4

(Cam Newton and Auburn vaulted to #1 with a win over Alabama)

#1 - Auburn

They are here instead of Oregon because they beat Alabama last week. They are a very talented team offensively. With Cam Newton at the helm they can be the best team in college football. As far as he goes is as far as this team goes...that's why you pay him $180,000 a year. Oh and by the way I have no issue with players getting a sweet car or some extra money when they are bringing in as much money for the school as these guys are. Let's not get out of hand but why can't the kid have some extra money for food.

Auburn could be the best team in college football right now, the way they are playing they will be tough to beat. The only concern I have with Auburn is that they do allow a good amount of points per game.

#2 - Oregon

Oregon scores the ball better than anyone in the country. They also play solid defense. The reason they are #2 is because they have not played as tough as a schedule as Auburn. Auburn has South Carolina left and Oregon has Oregon State, so the rankings will be the same if they both win.

I think Oregon could definitely beat Auburn, they can score on anyone in the country it would probably just be a matter of who had the ball last. Certainly one of the most entertaining teams in the country, LaMichael James is a beast.

#3 - TCU

TCU does everything well, but it is hard to compare them to the top teams because of the weakness of their schedule. Every test that TCU has had they passed with flying colors. I think that TCU can compete and beat any team in the country, but they will be left out of the national championship if Oregon and Auburn win out. TCU and Boise State are huge reasons that we NEED A PLAYOFF IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Boise State did lose but if they had not we would of had 2 undefeated teams not playing in the national championship...just stupid.

It is unclear whom TCU will face in it's bowl game but they will compete with anyone so it will be exciting to see what they can do. Also, they are headed to the Big East next year and will certainly do well there.

#4 - Stanford

Andrew Luck is hands down the best QB in the country. Stanford has a great offense and an underrated D (11th in the country). They have only lost to Oregon. If Andrew Luck plays well then Stanford can stay with anyone in the country. If you have not seen this kid play yet then you need to check him out because he might be the best QB we have seen in college in a while.

Other teams in the mix

Wisconsin - Great D, great run game
Ohio State - Terrell Pryor will be a WR in the NFL, but for now he is a great QB for the Buckeyes
Arkansas - Ryan Mallet is HUGE
Michigan State - Well rounded team, Cousins is having a good year for them
Oklahoma - Jones to Broyles is one of the best QB to WR combos in the country
LSU - Patrick Peterson is the best DB in the country

Wake Up With Hits...DB Swag

Really hope everyone listened to DG last night because we hit that under really hard, not even close $

Today's hit is Asante Samuel swagging all over Derek Hagan. Dude gets blown up COMPLETELY CLEAN AND LEGAL HIT...very nice work here. Not often you see the no hands no wrap no form swag tackle work perfectly.

Here it is...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Special MNF Hit

I was watching some highlights and stumbled across this beauty. Patrick Willis is one of if not the best LB in football right now, here he is doing what he does and destroying Brad Smith.

You can watch Willis tonight against the Cardinals in a sure fire barn burner (ugh)...

Happy MNF

Monday Night Football Special

(rooting for D in this one, Taylor Mays)

It's Monday so that means we have DG and his lock of the day. If you listened to DG on Thursday then it made your Thanksgiving that much better, if not get with the program.

DG take it away...


Alright betters, I gave you another win with my Turkey Day Teaser. If you didn't listen that's on you. Don't make that mistake again. We have a Monday Night Football game this week that no one cares about Not even Niners or Cardinals fans care, no seriously. This game is will showcase two of the most stagnant offenses in the NFL. So I am taking UNDER 41 tonight. On one hand you have the niners, who were picked by many to win the division and are now seemingly one of the worst teams in the NFL. They are pitted against a city who's hopes left when Kurt Warner said goodbye to the game of was a sad day for football when that happened. I believe Fitzgerald is crying somewhere right now wishing Kurt were back.

So even though this is the QB match up of the year so far, Anderson vs. Smith, we have to UNDER 41.

Until next week....DG OUT!

Incredible Interception

We have all dreamed about doing this right? Well now it has actually happen. Landry Jones just tossing the ball out of bounds and a DB for Oklahoma State has other ideas. He skies to get to the ball and bat it back in play. Another Ok State DB sees this and grabs it.

Absolutely ridiculous...great play

Mid-day GLEE!!!!

I don't watch Glee (anymore) so I was not aware that they did a little football song/dance. Well as I always say anything can happen in High School football. So why not copy the Glee episode and make your own rendition of it...

Is that cool?

Wake Up With Hits...

I am not the biggest Boise State fan in the world, but props are due for how well they have been playing the last 4-5 years. They finally lost to Nevada in OT. For the record that game should of been over twice. I don't know if I have ever seen a kicker miss to FG's to win that were both inside 30 yards. Horrible day for that kid, hope he's doing alright because he cost the team the season.

Boise State hit for you today...

PS - Hope you enjoyed the free NFL $$$$$ DG brought us all on Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Thanksgiving football tomorrow so of course we bring the gunning gambling guru out for the picks.

Here is DG with his Turkey Day Teaser...


Alright, sorry about Monday's pick people. Missed it by a point and a half. Maybe if Denver would have pretended they knew what they were doing out there. Oh well, can't win em all. But we can win on Turkey Day, and we will.

Two Team 7 Point Teaser: Patriots +1/2 @ Detroit & Saints +3.5 @ Dallas. The Patriots should beat the lions by at least a touchdown, easy enough. Drew Brees should destroy the Cowboys Defense. Tease them both down, watch both teams win, eat some turkey and collect your winnings. Simple Formula. Watch.Eat.Win. If only everyday were like that.

Until Next week. DG OUT!

Thanksgiving Day Hit

This hit apparently came on Thanksgiving and it's a pretty good one.

Enjoy the football, enjoy the turkey...enjoy the beers...HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Fights

What blog was it that said anything can and will in happen in HS football. I don't remember...but they were certainly right.

Huge brawl here started by some haymakers to the dome. I think I saw some pepper spray in there as well, really crazy it possible anyone got hurt? Maybe a broken hand from punching helmets...

Wake Up With Hits...not so tricky

Here is a clip from a Zoo Mass spring football game. They attempted a double got cut short by a LB coming up and putting a vicious hit on the QB.

This is also a great way to get your QB hurt before the season ever starts.

Let's not run this one in the game.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Night Football Special

(Picture I took of DG last night at his house)

Another Monday and another bet from DG. After a big win last Monday DG is looking to continue his hot streak.

Below is DG unfiltered and ready to help everyone pay the cable bill...


Alright betters, if you listened to me last week I told you to sell off all of your assets and take my Monday Night Football Lock. I did not disappoint. It was by far the easiest bet of the year, just as I predicted, Hope you all listened.

This week we have another Monday Night lock. I am very confident in this pick as well, I just wont be advising anymore selling of assets. That is a once a year thing. Broncos will be traveling to San Diego tonight for what will surely be a high scoring battle. I am taking over 50.5 total points. Denver allows 28 points a game, and against a potent passing offense in San Diego they will surely be giving up more than that. Denver is no offensive slouch. Orton is having a hell of year with almost as many yards and TD's as Rivers. Take the over tonight and enjoy some free money courtesy of DG.

Until Thanksgiving...DG OUT.

Wake Up With Hits...wrestling moves

Definitely a flag in the NFL, because of how soft the league is getting. But nice clean tackle at any other level of football. It must be pretty embarrassing to get slammed like that, he did hold onto the ball though so we will give him that.

Told you it was a flag in the NFL...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Trick Play Friday

First of all I would like to clear up rumors that I was at the opening of Harry Potter last night camped out in a tent. To dissolve these rumors please refer to my twitter timeline @2ndnshort.

Now on to the trick play, very well executed here. Great throw and unbelievable catch...

Should have some picks for you later today so we can all make some money this weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hopefully Your Already Up...with HITS

Late post today, had a tryout with the Panthers for their starting QB went pretty well

Well here is your hit...laid out

Also took some reps at RB, went well

No podcast tonight but look for a big day out of us tomorrow as we get you ready for the games this weekend...

If you've got a twitter make sure to yell at @thefluxcapcitor because he has been MIA for weeks now and we have not done a podcast in years...Rumor is that he has a GF, not good

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quotes Quotes Quotes

Montana Tech has a football team, that football team has a coach and that coach is awesome. The local news spliced up his interviews to included all of his great quotes and it is actually pretty funny.

All coaches have different ways of expressing themselves and his way is straight metaphors...He never really says anything at all he just makes a strange comment and keeps it moving.

Gotta love it

Mid-day STREAKER...(SFW)

Nice streak here, had it's moments, he evaded for a decent amount of time, and then got jacked up by a security guard.

Apparently this is the second time this year he has done this... pretty funny

Do you think it would be possible for someone so fast and athletic to run around for like 5 minutes and get a scholarship out of something like this. Maybe at a school with a really bad team? If someone really streaked for five minutes without getting caught they deserve to be the punt returner, no one wants to return punts anyway.

Also would like to add that it looks like he has a pretty solid MOVEMBER going on...epic epic epic

Wake Up With...High School Comebacks

Everybody loves a great comeback, right. Well we have got a good one here...not typical either. Usually when these go down it takes 5+ laterals and some shady tackling and all sorts of stuff. This was the cleanest trick play miracle ending I have seen in a while.

Only took a couple of laterals and two missed tackles and BOOOM GAME OVER...enjoy

Game was tied 28-28

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now That's Football

Not a big fan of the Jets but this has to go up.

Jerricho Cotchery got hurt mid play and still managed to suck it up and keep playing, ending the play with a great diving catch. This is why football is awesome, because guys like this play it. Dudes are always hurt and they go out and get it done.

Hats off...

Is he as tough as Greg Jennings though??? (NSFW LANGUAGE)

Wake Up With Hits

If you listened to us last night you won the Monday Night Football bet in the first half (almost in the first quarter). So hopefully all of you followed DG's advise and bought yourself a nice breakfast this morning.

In celebration we give you this...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Night Special

(DG is pictured above, after winning last time we posted his picks here)

If you listened to us this weekend, you didn't do very well on your bets (we are probably like 1,356-8-4 on the year so give us one bad week).

But we are givers here and wan't to bring some money in on a Monday.

This is an NFL bet so we have contacted resident expert DG on this one and he has an absolute killer bet for you all....GO!!!


Alright, let me be clear. The follow pick is for those who want to make some serious coin. This is an absolute lock. I am selling my burros and betting everything I have on this one.

2-Team 7-Point Teaser: Eagles +4 and Over 36. (moved from Eagles -3 and o43- incase you are dumb and cant do the math, in which case you should probably not be betting)

The eagles are a good team with Vick at the helm. Yea sure he kills dogs, but shit, who honestly cares besides PETA. The Skins are a team in a bit of trouble, their QB isn't even in good enough shape to do 2 consecutive minutes of cardio. The eagles will score at least 27 points tonight. I suspect the skins will score around 17. If I were a betting man, which I am, I would say Final: Birds 31 Indians 17. Should be a pretty comfortable win. Quick sell off all of your assets and bet this game hard.

Until next week....DG OUT!


(Casey Tipson MVP)

I got word this weekend that my former HS team (Rice Memorial) had won the Vermont State Championship. They beat an undefeated Middlebury team 38-20.

Rice Football=Powerhouse


Nice vid of Rice killing BHS as usual...

Spread offense...Swag
Numbers on helmets...Swag

Friday, November 12, 2010

Betting Guide: Week 11


Alright it is Friday so we have some games that you guys can make some money on.

Penn State +18 @ Ohio State

Yes, Penn State is having a down year and OSU is really good. But Penn State is not 18 points worse then OSU. Also OSU tends to be a pretty conservative team. Don't look for PSU to win this one but look for them to keep it within 18.

The Pick - Penn State

Stanford -6 @ Arizona State

Arizona State has hung tough in some losses to big teams this year, but this will not be the case against Stanford. Andrew Luck is the best QB in the country and he is going to pick apart the Sun Devils secondary. Also, Stanford needs this win as they only have one loss this year and it was to Oregon, The Sun Devils season has been over for a while.

The Pick - Stanford

Utah -5.5 vs Notre Dame

Utah got absolutely embarrassed by TCU, but TCU is nasty. Notre Dame is coming off losses to Navy and Tulsa, not exactly TCU caliber teams. Utah can still finish the season with only one loss and that is their goal right now. This should be a ten point win for Utah.

The Pick - Utah

Illinois -20.5 @ Minnesota

Illinois is OK this year, we do know that they can put up points even if it was against Michigan's D. Minnesota on the other hand is awful and they have lost nine games in a row. This is the classic match up of an alright team and one of the worst teams in the FBS.

The Pick - Illinois

and now we have the........................


hint below

TCU -27.5 vs San Diego State

TCU went on the road last weekend and blew Utah right out of the BCS, they now return home to face San Diego State. This spread should be 50. TCU is on an absolute roll and needs blowout wins the rest of the year in hopes that they can crack the top 2 in the BCS. San Diego State will not get in the way of TCU, they will be run out of the building early in this one. Can't wait to see TCU's uniforms because they def got beat in that department last weekend by Utah. Comeback week for TCU's jerseys.

and BAM just like that we are you feel richer, you should

and one of my favorite pump up speeches to get you into the weekend mood...

Trick Play Friday...the ol' swinging gate

Pretty nice play here, usually see the swinging gate for a PAT, but here we see it for a fake punt. Gotta love the swinging gate in HS because the players just freak out.

Defense actually looks like they practiced defending this but forgot about the snapper.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wake Up With Hits...kickoff

I am picky when it comes to big hits on youtube, I can't just put up any hit. A big hit needs to have a little extra to be up here.

I will admit that the helmet flying off is probably my biggest soft spot, if the dudes helmet comes flying off I will most likely put it up here.

Nice little swag after the hit as well, nothing over the top just swaggy...

Oh and as far as the title of the video goes..."hit of the decade" get off your high horse buddy...not even close

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wake Up With Hits: Hair Hair Hair

You don't see the great ones getting blown up to often (see Hines Ward vs Ed Reed), but it happens...good to see that the L has not gone completely soft.

Wake Up With...I just feel bad now

Game is tied, 2 seconds left, your on your own 40. Kneel the ball and head into overtime, no need to throw a hail mary or do anything risky, just kneel the ball and head to OT. JUST KNEEL THE BALL AND HEAD TO OT.

Or you could run around until the clock expires, think the game is headed to OT when the clock hits :00 (even though you have not been tackled or gone to the ground). Have the ball stripped, and run back for the game winning TD.

I think option number one would of been the way to go here but hey what do I know. HS football ladies and gentleman, always exciting.

I honestly feel bad for this kid...seriously