Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bowl Picks...a lot of games today

Alright so JUSTIN BLACKMON blew up last night and we went 2-1 with Maryland and OK State winning and Baylor taking the L. 2ndnShort stands at 7-4.

Let's get the betting going

12PM - Army vs Southern Methodist - The reason this game is so early is because nobody cares. SMU's QB Kyle Pardon is having a pretty good year and he should help the Mustangs take this one home.

SMU 21 Army 13

320PM - Kansas State vs Syracuse - This game will be played at Yankee stadium and should be a good one. Both teams had decent years and are evenly matched. I am taking Kansas State because they have Daniel Thomas at RB, and he is a stub. K State pounds the ball to victory in this one.

Kansas State 24 Syracuse 18

640PM - North Carolina vs Tennessee - Down year for Tennessee and decent year for the heels. I think that TJ Yates leads UNC to victory tonight. UNC does have some goes suspended but no big parts. Look for UNC to pull out a close one.

UNC 27 Tennessee 23

10PM - Nebraska vs Washington - Nebraska had a good year and Jake Locker was a huge disappointed. Hopefully Locker can play well tonight and make this one close but I doubt it. Nebraska wins this one big.

Nebraska 34 Washington 18

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