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Week 5 Betting PODCAST

Here is the week 5 betting podcast, complete with everything you need to retire early.

Paulie Grouper is in the building.

Let us know how bad is was this week...

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Heisman Rankings


Now that the season is fully underway we can start to look at the Heisman race.

1.) Denard Robinson QB, Michigan

Denard is a very special athlete, he is not the greatest passer in the world but he does enough with his arm, and more than makes up for it with his feet. So far this season big blue has struggled on defense (see giving up 37 to UMass) but have put up enough points to get away with it. Denard does everything on offense for Michigan and leads the NCAA in rushing yards even after missing 3/4 of their game against BGSU.

Stats: Passing 57-80 731 Yards 4 TD's 1 INT, Rush 79 Carries 688 Yards 6 TD's

2.) Terrelle Pryor QB, Ohio State

Terrelle like Denard is a dual threat QB and is freakishly athletic. Pryor can get it done passing or running, and has used both of them as they have been rolling so far this year. Ohio State looks really good as the second ranked team in the country and with Pryor behind the wheel they look tough to beat.

Stats: Passing 71-107 939 Yards 10 TD's 2 INT, Rush 43 Carries 269 Yards 3 TD's

3.) Kellen Moore QB, Boise State

Not to take anything away from Kellen but to compare him to the previous fellows on the ground is not fair, but through the air is a different story. Kellen Moore is the unquestioned leaded of the Broncos and has them firing on all cylinders coming out of the gate this season. He has Boise State right where they need to be at 3-0 and has them looking very good through the toughest part of their schedule. If they go undeafeated he has a legit shot to win this thing.

Stats: Passing 62-95 873 Yards 8 TD's 1 INT

4.) Andrew Luck QB, Stanford

Right now Andrew Luck is the best QB in college football, a couple of other guys are close, but right now Luck is the top dog. Andrew is a big dude, and has a rocket cannon arm, he is exactly what NFL scouts look for. Luck pilots an undefeated Stanford team that will face it's toughest test in Oregon this weekend. If luck comes out on top he might shoot up this board.

Stats: Passing 64-102 912 Yards 11 TD's 2 INT's

5.) Patrick Peterson CB/KR, LSU

Like Suh and Berry last year Peterson is the defensive guy highest on the board this season. Peterson has all of the tools that will one day land him a job in the NFL, but for now he is a force for LSU. Peterson is absolutely lock down on the outside, and kicking to him is a really dumb idea. Paterson does everything for LSU and although they are down this year Peterson is way up.

Stats: 11 Tackles 2 INT's 14 Punt Returns 253 Yards and 2 TD's

Just FYI we did not forget about the defending champ Mark Ingram, he is still a beast. But due to the fact that he has missed time this year we are keeping him off the list until he runs all over Florida this weekend. Then you will see him again.


Andrew Luck and Kellen Moore were left out for obvious reasons...both monster studs though...

Wake up With Hits

Never seen anything like this before. QB throws a pick on the two point conversion, not game deciding but I guess a momentum shift from what it sounds like. The play is dead as soon as the interception but the DB's still run it out 10 yards or so, the whistle blows and the play is over. But one of the DB's is still running towards the QB (who is not a happy camper) like he is going to block him...well that didn't work out to well for the DB...

#dudegotflippedprettybadly #qbrevenge #fakeextrapoint

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Highlight of the Day

Just stumbled across this gem, it's one of the NFL's greatest ever Barry Sanders. Sanders was probably the quickest running back that ever lived, I remember watching him and wondering how he ever got tackled.

#shifty #yikes #alsoridiculouslyfast

Under The Radar: Justin Blackmon

Profile: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State #81, Sophomore

If you have not heard of this kid yet, it's not your fault. Justin Blackmon is only a Sophomore and just started to make an impact this year.

He red shirted his first year (probably because they were loaded), and last season only caught 20 passes for 260 yards. This year is a horse of a different color; to say he started off hot would an understatement.

Through three games Blackmon has caught 24 passes for 431 yards and 8 TD's. So he has already crushed all of his stats from last year, and has only played in three games.


So why did we choose to profile Blackmon as the first WR we write about this year?

1.) He is still kind of under the radar
2.) Only a Sophomore and has tons of upside
3.) We love big physical receivers on 2ndnShort, and this guy fits the mold pretty well

Now let's get down to the specifics. Speed, not lightning but he is not about to get caught from behind. Strength, absolutely we like that Blackmon is a solid 6'1 210, but above that he trains hard and plays like a physical reviver. When you have any size advantage over the DB's you need to use it, and Blackmon is very good at doing so. Route Running, getting there, remember he is still young (born in the 90's, which still looks weird on paper) and this is his first year being the go to guy, give him some time.

Potential is the most overused word in football, but to say this kid didn't have it would be stupid. Young, athletic (all-state basketball is HS), and physical Blackmon has the tools to have a huge year, and should continue to improve game by game. To add to all of this apparently Blackmon has a tireless work ethic and gets after it in the gym...we love that.


Wake up With Hits

Throwback clip from a Texas High School game here. This play would of worked fine if the WR blocked, but WR's don't block...nice catch tho.

PS how many divisions of football do they have in Texas...9-5A powerhouse???...what the hell does that mean, is 1-1A the best or is 10-10A better? None of this makes sense. Divisions should go 1-10 best teams are in 1 and the worst in 10...BAM problem solved.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wake up With Hits

Don't know how I missed this, but I did. Here is the Million Dollar Hair Man Troy Polamalu guessing the snap count exactly and leaping over the o-line. Pretty swagged...


Monday, September 27, 2010

Highlight of the Day

OK, so I have seen a lot of crazy football videos in my time, so many that while searching for the "wake up with hits" I usually find myself in a deep dark corner of the internet looking for something new. Here to help us all today is Marky Thompkins.

Now this is no traditional hurdle here, this is a full on guy standing straight up jump right over him for a touchdown so nasty they have to penalize you for it hurdle.

Just take a look at the ridiculousness of this play...he walks on the dudes back after jumping over him...and the kid he hurdles is a normal size dude were not talking about him hurdling Kenny Powers buddy, were talking a real human...


By deep dark corners I mean this video has 704 views right now, but it was just on deadspin so look for that to go up...

Top 25 Recap: Week 4

( QB Colin Kaepernick has Nevada in the polls for the first time in 30,000 years)

With WVU and Oregon State getting dropped from the rankings Nevada and North Carolina State were added to the top 25. Nevada makes it's first appearance since 1948. Oregon State dropping out hurts Boise State, but if Nevada can stay in the polls it will be a another ranked opponent Boise State will be playing.

Alabama pulled out a big win over Arkansas in a game that was close all the way and saw Bama trailing late. Ohio State coasted and those two remain atop the polls followed by Boise State, Oregon and TCU. Oregon saw it's first test of the season and after starting slow turned it on to beat Arizona State 42-31. Boise State beat Oregon State on Saturday night and TCU beat SMU 41-24.

Texas dropped the furthest after losing badly to UCLA 34-12, they moved from #7 to #21.

Denard Robinson got hurt in Michigan's win over BGSU, but looks to be alright.

A lot of good games this week, check out the poll to the right to vote...

Wake up With Hits

Nice fumble causing hit to start the week off. Lot of good games this week, look for a top 25 recap later on today.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Trick Play Friday

Nice double reverse to take you into the weekend.

It will be a miracle if we record a podcast this weekend, but still keep an eye out just in case...and be sure to check out the betting podcast below


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 4 Betting PODCAST

Another week, and another betting guide podcast. Along with the bets we also run through the must watch games of the week.

As always Sir Paulie Grouper is in the booth bringing unmatched knowledge with a hint of cheese.

Here we go...

Under The Radar: Daniel Thomas

First off I would like to apologize for the lack of posts. This job I am at is making me work, which I think is completely ridiculous but they don't seem to care.

Now that the season is fully underway 2ndnShort would like to give some love to the guy's we feel don't get enough. Obviously the guys names that you hear all day long on TV and the internet are nasty, but some guys don't get nearly enough attention.

Meet Daniel Thomas #8, RB, Kansas State:


So far this season Thomas has run for 552 yards and 6 TD's...absurd. In his first game of the season he ran for 234 yards on 28 carries against UCLA.

Taking a step back so you know where this kid came from. Originally from Florida (of course) he killed it in HS as a QB (of course) and then moved on to JUCO in Mississippi (not of course).

In JUCO he put up really good numbers as dual threat QB, and was ranked as the 35th best JUCO player in the country as he earned All-American honors.

After his JUCO stint he was discovered by Kansas State and had a breakout first year leading the Big 12 in rushing and getting himself Big 12 First Team honors, and Newcomer of the year award.

Due to his stint at JUCO last year was his Junior year and this season will be his last at K-State.

Thomas is on pace to be a finalist for the Doak Walker Award (best RB in the nation), and at this pace could very well win it. One of Thomas' best attributes is his agility, he is very hard to get a solid hit on and escapes tackles on the reg. After reading that you might think he is a smaller dude, if 6-2 230lbs is small then you are correct.This dude is a beast.

So now that you know about Daniel Thomas be on the lookout for him, he gets a lot of carries and is going to get a lot of yards. He should definitely be a Doak Walker finalist by the end of the year, and if he keeps up this pace will certainly have NFL scouts taking a look.



(I can't watch these highlights without mentioning one thing, he does lack breakaway speed, but at 6-2 230 very few guys posses that...i.e. AP...this kid is still a monster stud regardless)

Wake up With Hits

This sweet little mix of hits from 2005 should get the job done...


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wake up With Hits

Here is your hit for the day. We should have a podcast dropping tonight to tell you all about this week's bets, if not tonight then Thursday for sure.

The great thing about this hit is that the kid loses the ball, his helmet, an ear pad, etc. The more equipment that goes flying through the air the better.

BTW, nice throw QB way to lead your guy into certain death...


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wake up With Hits

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the vid of former Alabama star Rolando McClain body slamming Danny Amendola. OK, so I understand why it's a penalty and I might be able to get on board with this flag, but I do disagree with a lot of the rule changes that have made the game softer.

I totally understand why it is illegal to lead with your head, hit someone helmet to helmet, hit a defenseless player etc. But some of the QB rules are getting ridiculous, and this is close in my opinion.

Check out the vid and sound off in the comments...


People are calling that slam the "Rolando Bottom", so we have to give credit where it is do, it's crazy to me that the ref couldn't break this up...


Monday, September 20, 2010

Wake up With Hits

Dude gets absolutely leveled on the kickoff, great vid to start the week. We should have some recap and reactions for you soon so keep a lookout for that.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Trick Play Friday

It's finally Friday so we've got some trick plays for you. I couldn't decide which one to post so I'm gonna put them both up.

Make sure to check out the podcast below this post...

Nice hidden ball trick here...when was the last time this was run in college football? I have never seen this live...


Flea Flicker on the first play of the game. Announcer says "they love to run the power football" tricky tricky tricky...

PS was the announcer in on this, he called the flea flicker pretty early...and why are they not really excited, that's a crazy play.



Week 3 Betting PODCAST

After going 4-1 last week we return with another five picks to see if we can bankrupt Vegas. This weekend doesn't have the huge match ups that last weekend did but it does have some solid bets.

As always some of this material/language is NSFW.

And of course we are joined by my good friend Sir Paulie Grouper.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wake up With Hits

Youth football big hits are awesome. Below is a transcript of how 99% of families react to a hit in youth football.

Here we assume the family's son is playing on D:

Mom: "Is that good? Did we win?...GO JIMMY SCORE A TRIPLE!!!"
Sister: *TEXTING* "Oh my god Becky did you see the Facebook pictures of Jenny in a bikini SHE IS SO GROSS"


Here is a transcript of how it would go down if this was in the South, or Texas:

Sister: *TEXTING* "Hey Samantha, did you see the VMA's last night Bieber is sooooo dreamy"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wake up With Hits

This kid (Robert Jackson apparently) might have not recovered yet. Not a whole lot of movement after the hit.

Humpday is here and we only have a few more days until football. If we can get our shit together over here then you should have a betting podcast today, so look for that.

Bonus points if you can tell us who the two teams are.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wake up With Hits 2.0

Finally located a good quality vid of Ray Lewis doing what he does best from last nights game. Ray Ray is an absolute freak of nature I have no idea how he is still good. It seems like he was the best LB when I was playing Madden 2000 and he is still killing anyone dumb enough to come across the middle.

The hit from last night is below, and below that is some of his more swaggy plays I found...


Ochocinco is hilarious, watch his coaches face when he says "there was no safety so I went and hit Ray"


I wish youtube was invented when video cameras were so we could have highlights of every player ever, but that's not the case, and youtube is lacking in the Ray Lewis sweet hits from when he attended Miami department




Wake up With Hits

Nice hit here, bonus points for causing the fumble. Look for a betting podcast to drop today or tomorrow, enjoy Tuesday as much as you can.

Quick Note: Last years Heisman winner Mark Ingram is back at practice for Bama


Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 25 Recap

Looking at the AP poll, three teams have been dropped out of the top 25. Virginia Tech was obviously dropped out as they lost to Boise State in week one and JMU this weekend. The state of Georgia had a rough weekend as both Georgia Tech and Georgia were dropped from the rankings, and as we all know Calvin Johnson went to GT and got screwed this weekend (I have no idea what a catch is in the NFL).

Michigan is new to the polls at #20 as our boy Denard Robinson accounted for 502 total yards broke a million records, put himself into the Heisman talk and got Big Blue the win over the Golden Domers. This kid is a freak athlete.

Here is the link to the polls.

Oh, and so Paulie Grouper doesn't murder me in my sleep, OSU got a big win over Miami. Bama also beat up on Penn State as those two pulled away as the top two teams in college football.

Also, we must give Iowa props for making us look smart and backing up the Brinks truck, thanks for the free money Iowa State.

Wake up With Hits

Big dude gets lit up on this one, gotta love the DB coming in hot...

Lot of football this weekend, Bama and OSU pulled away in the top 25 and Virginia Tech lost to JMU. NFL also had a great opening weekend with two more games to come tonight.

We will have a recap and podcast to come soon to get you up to speed.

Also, I hope everyone enjoyed the "back up the Brinks call of the week" as we are now level at 1-1 for the season.

4-1 overall for the weekend.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trick Play Friday

Sloppy but big win for the Saints last night and now we move on to some college football for the next two days. Auburn did play last night and won 17-14 if you caught any of that.

Here is your trick play for today...


Be sure to check out the betting podcast a couple of posts below

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wake Up With Hits

Nice hit for you this morning, and if you have not checked out the betting podcast yet, you should (it's below this post).

NFL starts tonight, here we go...


Week 2 Betting PODCAST

With football only days away we have another betting guide podcast for you. We detail all the picks we like and even throw in a special teaser.

As always the podcast is featuring the world wide sensation Mr. Paulie Grouper.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wake up With Hits

USC's Michael Morgan put a pretty nice hit on Hawaii QB Bryant Moniz this weekend. Moniz is probably going to want to slide next time unless he enjoys getting lit up. Perfectly clean hit obviously, and a nice start to the day.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rankings Week 1

With week one over the first real rankings have been released. No big surprises here, North Carolina and Pitt were both dropped out as they lost and VT was the only losing team to stay in the polls.

Boise State received 7 first place votes and comes in at #3 behind Bama and OSU. BSU won't be able to go any higher unless Bama or OSU loses, and even if that happens, if Texas or any of the other top teams was to win out they would most likely be put ahead due to strength of schedule.

TCU comes in at #4 and Texas at #5.

Great first week of games, and it will only get more interesting from here on out.

Nice vid of the final drive


Wake up With Highlights

Ok, so the videos are starting to pop up online. Julio Jones from Bama made a ridiculous one handed catch this weekend, not only does he catch the ball with one hand but he completely lays out for it. This guy has had a streaky career, mixed with some injuries but he has loads of talent and will be a force if he stays healthy. Bama is nasty.


And we also have ECU winning via the hail mary...

When you have a 6'8 250lb dude, throwing it up to him is always a good idea

ECU lost a lot of guys last season and is coming into this one with a lot of question marks. They certainly start off on the right foot with a crazy win against Tulsa.


Wake up With Hits

Absolutely incredible weekend of games. Stay tuned for analysis, podcasts and videos to recap a great weekend of football.

To get you started until people upload hits from this weekend is a gem I found this morning.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Trick Play Friday 2.0

Below is the play I was looking for all morning, and it finally made it's way to the internet just a moment ago.

Presbyterian pulled off this beauty last night against Wake Forest.

A famous quote from one of my coaches in college was "if you don't know what's going on, hit someone"...Wake Forest probably should of done that here

Gotta give props to Presbyterian though, this was executed to the T...

Have yourself a Friday night...


Friday Fights

Apparently a fight broke out in the stands of the Miami game. Normally these kind of fights have a lot of pushing and shoving and not much real fighting. Well...this is different, some dudes are getting lit up and thrown down the steps. Others can be seen catching some serious haymakers with their mouths.

The best part is that they are playing some sort of promotional video in the background talking about why Miami is so awesome.

Happy Friday

And we might as well add this sweet Ed Reed video from his time at Miami.

How insane is this video, he literally rips the ball from a teammate after an INT and takes off. Ed Reed has some serious swag...

Trick Play Friday

We are going to start posting a trick play every Friday. The end of the work week is finally here and we have a great weekend of football ahead of us...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Football is HERE!!!

If your not headed to the bar soon to watch some football, I feel really bad for you.

The college football season has officially started!!! Thank you Presbyterian and Wake Forest for getting us started...

Wake up With Hits

Great hit here, nothing cooler then watching a guy level someone and stay standing, badass. The juke move didn't exactly work here, and he might of even been short of the first down.

The games start tonight and if you have some extra bones in your bank account listen to the betting podcast and get rich.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Braxton Miller Highlights

We talked about Miller the other day, and wanted to make sure we followed up with the highlights from his game vs Moeller.

This kid is an absolute stud, and in this game he made highlight plays with his feet, and arm. The re-run of the game was on last night and I watched it again because it was just that good.

Moeller RB Tucker Skove should not be forgotten as had scored 5 TD's and helped Moeller to the win...

Wake up With Hits

Nice old school hit for you this morning. The first hit is between the RB and the LB that completely bought the farm on the fake. Second hit is pretty obvious as both guys get knocked out.

Scroll down below the vid to see our weekly betting podcast.


18 games tomorrow including 3 ranked teams playing, here we go...