Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 1 Betting PODCAST

This is the first installment of something that will become regular here at 2ndnShort, the weekly betting podcast.

In this pod we break down all of the games we are going to bet on this week and detail the games we are staying away from.

As usual I am joined by my good friend Mr. Paulie Grouper.

Wake up With Hits

This hit is so hard that I actually had to google him and make sure he was alive before I put up the vid. This happened a couple of years ago, and one of the first articles that popped up about him was a story about him recovering in the hospital. Then I realized it was from 2008 and this kid is fine now. Then he ran off the field and I felt like a real idiot.

So enjoy this video without feeling bad, dude got absolutely lit up


PS You know it's a big hit when the announcer says "OHHHHH what a hit and I hope he's ok" in one breath, and the trainers Usian Bolt onto the field

Monday, August 30, 2010

Stud Watch: Braxton Miller

ESPN has been showing a of HS football as they usually do around this time due to the lack of College or Pro ball. We at 2ndnShort have no problem with this and as long as there is football on TV we will be watching it.

HS football is great because you get to see kids that might turn out to be stars at the college level and sometimes even NFL players completely dominate on the HS turf.

Baxton Miller is one of those kids.

And to tell you about him is our good friend Paulie Grouper...

Braxton Miller the # 1 QB recruit in the nation made his ESPNU debut last night as his Huber Heights Wayne team lost in a last minute thriller to traditional Ohio High School football powerhouse Cincinnati Moeller.

While Moeller prevailed by dominating the second half behind the tough running of tailback Tucker Skove, Braxton Miller put on a show in the games first few minutes running for touchdowns of 27, 75 and 21 yards. Not sure if he can make all the throws yet but this kid is certainly a special athlete.

Tune in this Sunday to ESPNU @ 3:30 to see how Miller holds up against a tough Canton McKinley Bulldog team led by fellow OSU commit Steve Miller, who just happens to be the #3 defensive end recruit in the nation.

Don’t forget to check out the noon game Sunday on ESPN featuring Cleveland power house Glenville (home of current NFL players Ted Ginn, Troy Smith, Donte Whitner and Pierre Woods) against Dwyer High School out of Palm Beach, FL.

And as always, some highlights...


While your at it you might want to watch the guy Braxton will be filling in for in the future. Here is Terrelle Pryor dunking on some poor kid in HS

Monday Speech and Hit

I just watched this video and it almost got me pumped up to work, well that and the 5-hour energy I just took.

I'm not sure if he got this from someone or if this is original material, but it is certainly one of the best speeches out there.

And a HS kid getting lit up...enjoy your Monday...



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

College Football Week 1 Preview

As we get ready for the college football season to start we will be doing a lot more podcasts. This podcast runs through the best games of week 1, and as always features Paulie Grouper.

If you want to be featured on the podcast send us an email at 2ndnShort@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Case You Missed It Vid

If you love football then you love the below video. If I'm a head coach I want a guy like this as my strength and conditioning coach. Everything this guy says is quotable. If your not awake at work yet, you will be after watching this.

Morning Must Read

You have to click the link below, it is an absolute must read. Apparently some kid at Oregon State got wasted, passed out naked at a neighbors house and when woken by the cops tried to charge them. Then got tased...talk about an epic night/morning.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

College Football Betting Guide PODCAST

This podcast includes among many other things, betting lines for the upcoming college football season. As always it features Paulie Grouper and touches on many subjects not related to football. It also features a call in from a Big 10 expert.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High School Football is Awesome

I often find myself on youtube late night searching for sick videos to post. This is NOT because I am so dedicated that I can't get to sleep before I find something. It's because I'm not that cool. I mean I think I'm cool, but then I realize that I've been on youtube for three hours and realize I am quite far from cool. Anyways it was a good session tonight and I found this beauty.


PS I realize the kid celebrated like a real tool, but other then that it's a great hit

Lebron James Fathead

So the media has been following LeBrick's every move lately, and we all know he has been getting tons of hate. We're not going to get into that here, I just wanted to share a couple of pretty funny things that I recently saw in regards the former king. But first we will let James have his moment of rebuttal.

Via Twitter "Don't think for one min that I haven't been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!"

First of all there is this new fathead:

I received this photo via an anonymous tipster and I am going to assume it is from a Cleveland restroom. If you live in Cleveland I think you should have the legal right to do stuff like this, I mean LeChokeintheplayoffs knows stuff like this is going to happen so I'm sure he doesn't care at all.

I also wanted to make sure everyone has seen this:


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nik Lewis is a Stud

Nik Lewis is a player for the CFL's Calgary Stampeders. Back in 2003 he was attending Southern Arkansas University a D2 school, and earning All-American honors. He has caught over 1,000 yards every season he has played in the CFL. So basically this dude is a serious athlete.

He also ran track and field while at SAU and his main event was the triple jump, watch the video's below and you will know why I mentioned that...




I can't remember another dude who was more known for his hurdling besides...


McGuffie sets the standard for hurdling...and you can see him play at Rice University now after he transfered from Michigan to be closer to home.

Mark Ingram Does Tiger Woods Trick

Apparently Mark Ingram has some pretty good golf skills to go along with his ridiculous football skills.

Here is the Heisman winner from Alabama doing the famous Tiger Woods golf trick. There is a good chance he could shoot a better round then Tiger right now too, given the way Tiger is playing.

Darrelle Revis Highlight

Derrelle Revis is a hot topic right now because he is holding out and has still not gotten the contract that he wants. He obviously deserves more money seeing that he is currently the 8th highest paid DB...ON THE JETS!

But this has dragged on long enough, and I am tired of hearing about it. Rex Ryan already said that the Jets are planning on playing without Revis, so who knows how this will end up. Football players have short careers and after seeing what Revis did last year it would be a shame if we could not see him play at all this year.

UPDATE: Paulie Grouper just emailed me with his opinion on this issue:

"I think Revis should be playing. He was a 1st round pick, so therefore he got a lot of guaranteed money up front. So when he says he is getting one million dollars this year that’s not really true.

If you get ____ amount as a signing bonus they aren’t just giving it to you because you are a nice guy, that is part of your contract. Just because his game check isn’t huge this year doesn’t mean he isn’t getting paid. You have to actualize part of that bonus over the life of the contract…I think hold outs by former 1st rounders is pretty bush (league)"

Anyone else with opinions on Mr. Revis and his holdout feel free to sound off in the comments...

But this is a college football blog so we have decided to dig up a sick vid of Revis at Pitt for your enjoyment...

Monster block to spring him


Saturday, August 7, 2010

PODCAST: Bengals Roster Breakdown w/ Paulie Grouper

Below is the first podcast of the year for 2ndnShort. We will be bringing a lot of podcast throughout the year touching on all different subjects. The subject of this podcast is the Cincinnati Bengals roster for the upcoming season. When college football starts we will be focusing more on that.

This podcast will also introduce you to the newest member of the 2ndnShort team, Paulie Grouper.