Thursday, October 29, 2009

Upset City!!!

(Greg Little and UNC knocked off #13 Virginia Tech on Thursday night)

As semi-predicted UNC covered the spread, and beat #13 Virginia Tech tonight in Blacksburg.

T.J. Yates and Greg Little lead the UNC offense, Casey Barth kicked two field goals late, one as time expired to get the win. This knocks VT out of the running for good as they now have three loses.

Don't forget to check out the PREVIEW AND PICKS POST...

$Bet Podcast$

Here is a quick Podcast detailing the 2ndnShort bet's for this weekend.

Good Luck


(Can Jordan Shipley and Texas outscore an explosive Oklahoma State squad?)

Alright, it's Thursday so 2ndnShort is picking the spread for all of the top 25 matchups. If your betting with us every week you are probably up 2 or 3 million by this point. So let's keep it going...

Big games this week include WVU vs South Florida, Cincinnati vs Syracuse, Mississippi vs Auburn, Houston vs Southern Miss, Georgia vs Florida, Tennessee vs South Carolina, and Miami vs Wake Forest.

HUGE games this week include Texas vs Oklahoma State, and the biggest of all USC vs Oregon.

This should be a great weekend of football...let's get to the picks



North Carolina +16.5 OVER Virginia Tech...I think that UNC can keep this one close, they can put up points and I think they only lose 29-15


West Virginia -3 OVER South Florida...Two solid teams playing in this one, but only one of the teams has Noel Devine


New Mexico State +44 OVER Ohio State...Ok, so the spread is 44, holy *** that is ridiculous. But get this the over/under is 49. It is very rare to see the spread and over/under this close. Vegas is predicting a stomp down, 2ndnShort is predicting 49-6, GO AGGIES!!!

Cincinnati -14.5 OVER Syracuse...Zach Collaros over Greg Paulus(great vid).

Indiana +17.5 OVER Iowa...still riding the "I think Iowa gets knocked off soon bandwagon", Iowa wins, 26-10

Mississippi -3 OVER Auburn...Two teams that are looking for a dub, Mississippi was everybody's sleeper at the start of the year, and now they are only giving 3 to Auburn.

Houston -6.5 OVER Southern Miss...This is my money line bet of the week, I think that Southern Miss can win this game, but I don't want this to turn out like Dolphins vs Saints. So I'm taking Houston 40-29.

San Jose State +35 OVER Boise State...Still riding the "Why don't you guys ever schedule big games, teams will continue to pass you in the standings with your weaker then this guy schedule" bandwagon. Boise State is praying Oregon beats USC this weekend.

Georgia +15 OVER Florida...A late AJ Green touchdown keeps this one close, Florida 30-17.

Miami -7.5 OVER Wake Forest...Although Miami had a setback against CJ Spiller and Clemson I still think they win this one 34-21.


Penn State -14.5 OVER Northwestern...Penn State in a low scoring affair 15-0.

Oklahoma -28 OVER KSU...Why? This is why...Landry Jones

Notre Dame -28 OVER WSU... A good game for Jimmy Clausen to pad his Heisman statistics...

Georgia Tech -11.5 OVER Vanderbilt...Jonathan Dwyer and co. 29-13...they run the ball so well, so hard to stop

Tennessee -5.5 OVER South Carolina...I would normally go with SC in this matchup but Rocky Top has been playing really well lately...and

LSU -35.5 OVER Tulane...No chance here for Tulane, sorry. I'm thinking 48-8.

USC -3 OVER Oregon...I heard a voice on ESPN today say that Oregon was the best team in the country...I guess we will have to see. USC wins 22-17.

Utah -17 OVER Wyoming...Hmmm

Texas -8.5 OVER Oklahoma State
...Shootout!!!...Colt McCoy shows why he is still in the Heisman race in this one...Texas 43-31

Well, that's all the picks this week...enjoy the money you win and remember 2ndnShort takes a 84% cut of all big and eat big, you only live once

Oh, and I almost forgot BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BWDG...World Series and NBA!!!

Bet With DG has treated us with two bets tonight...head on over to check out the picks

Dez Bryant Out...

The NCAA suspended Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant for the remainder of the season today, effectively ending his college career. Bryant was in trouble for lying about the relationship he had with former NFL player Deion Sanders. In other news LaGarrette Blount might be on his way back this year after sucker punching someone in the face(he deserved it), makes sense right?...

This ruling from the NCAA is absolutely ridiculous, it makes no sense at all...hogwash.

Well I guess if we have to move on we will. Dez Bryant is 6-2 215lbs, aka a large man. His has exceptional hands and is better at adjusting to the ball mid air then anyone in college football right now. He is fast, runs good routes, and even returns punts(for touchdowns).

Dez Bryant is the best WR in college football and should be the first wide out taken in next years NFL draft(barring any Darrius Heyward-Bey shenanigans).

For the record I think this suspension is ridiculous and the NCAA got this one wrong. Bryant will definitely have a chip on his shoulder and be ready to go come draft time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Humday Dance

It's Humpday and you should enjoy this video...56 seconds is the best part


Injuries, Injuries...

Iowa redshirt freshman Adam Robinson is out for the year with an ankle injury. Iowa is on a quest for a perfect season and this is the last thing they needed. Robinson leads the team in rushing yards and is fourth in the big ten in yards per game.

Standout Minnesota WR Eric Decker will miss the rest of the season due to a foot strain. Decker was most likely going to be an All-American, Minnesota is hoping he will be able to return for a bowl game.

Monday, October 26, 2009

2ndnShort Heisman Watch

(You would be hard pressed to find a pre-season list with this guy in the top 5)

This has been a year of surprises as far as the Heisman is concerned. Sam Bradford won it last year and he went down with an injury early in the season. After Bradford went down any chance of guessing this years winner went away. Not because we thought he would repeat, but no one stepped up, not Tebow, or McCoy.

Since this race is wide open let's take a look at the current top five candidates.


1.) Mark Ingram RB, Alabama

Alabama is having a great year, and their standout player has been Mark Ingram all season long. Ingram has 1,004 yards and 8 TD's on the season. He also has a game in which he rushed for 246 yards. Ingram is putting together the most impressive season for a RB and with Tebow and McCoy failing to impress Ingram finds himself at the top of the list.

2.) Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen has shed the "bust" label quite well as he has been the most impressive QB thus far. His completion percentage is ridiculous, and he only has 2 INT's against 16 TD's. Notre Dame is not an overly impressive team, but Clausen has them looking at a solid season. If Clausen can continue to put up these numbers then he has a great chance of winning this thing.

3.) Tim Tebow QB, Florida

He will always be on this list because of what he has done in the past, and as long as Florida continues to win how can we take him off of this list. Tebow does have a couple thing going against him, one is the fact that he put up such ridiculous numbers in the past that it is hard to do any better. Tebow also has to deal with the highest of high expectations, even when they win people say that they didn't win by enough. As long as Florida stays perfect Tebow will be in this convo all year long.

4.) Case Keenum QB, Houston

When you lead the nation in passing your name will be in the Heisman race as long as you play for a semi-decent team. Add in the fact that he has thrown 20 touchdowns and only 4 picks, and we have a Heisman candidate. Keenum boasts a one loss team and 2,734 passing yards to lead the nation. Only problem for Keenum is he plays for Houston, and there are two QB's on this list ahead of him.

5.) Colt McCoy QB, Texas

McCoy is here because Texas is undefeated and he is their leader. His stats are not great but without a loss we can't take him off this list. McCoy has thrown an interception in every game this year and has not run with the ball as well as he usually does. That being said a down year for McCoy is still a good year. McCoy has slim chances of taking home to award due to the fact that there are three QB's ahead of him.


Jerry Hughes DE, TCU

TCU is really good and Hughes is their best defensive player. Hughes already has 8 sacks on the year, and he faces double teams all the time. A defensive player won't win the award this year but if we could pick one it would be Hughes (sorry Eric Berry). Hughes should be taking home other hardware so don't feel bad for him. TCU warwagon is running out of seats so if you want in let us know now

Bet With DG: Monday Night Special Lock

(This is what 44 reps of 225lbs at the combine looks like)

BWDG is taking the Eagles tonight -8 head on over to see why.

Monster, Beast, He-Man

Poor William Gay...

Bradford Headed to NFL

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford has decided that after his shoulder surgery is complete he will enter the NFL draft.

Bradford will be out 4-6 months and decided that he will opt to leave school for the league after his shoulder is repaired.

He is one of the top three QB's on most draft boards. Jake Locker out of Washington and Jimmy Clausen are the other QB's being mentioned with him. Before this injury Bradford was the unanimous first QB taken. Locker and Clausen have both emerged as top picks so Bradford definitely has some competition.

He has not hired an agent which is a good move. He will want to make sure he is fully recovered before he makes his final decision.

He is young and hopefully will recover fully, I would like to see Bradford in the NFL because he has tons of talent.

Landry Jones is Bradford's backup and has showed that he is full of potential. This is now his team, and his time to prove he can take over without taking steps back.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Night Picks NFL

Bet with DG is on a roll right now so let's stay on the train and keep it moving...

BWDG second round picks here


Another week and another set of picks from "Bet with DG". Yesterday was a good day of betting over here at 2ndnShort so let's hope BWDG can keep the streak going.

Head over to BWDG to take a look at the featured picks...

Recap and poll reaction to come later today...

and we might have a trend here....I love this video more then life...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Scary Being #1...BCS computers are blue screen of death UPDATE

Alabama just played their scariest game of the year. They just hung on to a 12-10 win over Tennessee. The guy below is who Alabama can thank...he blocked two kicks...including the attempt for the win...

(Terrence Cody is a monster)

It will be interesting to see what this does to their #1 ranking in the AP poll.

Penn State blew Michigan out of the water in Ann Arbor for a very impressive victory...State completely dominated every component of the game for start to finish...

Miami and Clemson are locked in an absolute battle right now in OT....great game...but my Direct TV just went out due to the rain...sweet...and Clemson just won with a TD in a day...and we still have Florida

Cincinatti rolled 41-10...they put up numbers like no one else...

Oregon rolled Washington...they are good

Florida beat Mississippi State 29-19 in a game that was too close for too long

Turn the sound on...please...let this get you pumped up for the big games tonight and the NFL tomorrow...


First Wave Recap...and the big house

The first wave of games are pretty much all wrapped up, let's take a look at what happened...

Ohio State looked really good as they blew out Minny, Pryor had three total TD's...38-7

Georgia Tech rolled 34-9...good win for the Yellow Jackets

Pitt was very impressive today look out for them, they won 41-14

UConn lost a heart breaker 28-24...too bad...great game

Penn State Michigan COMING UP...110+ thousand people...yea...

Just look at that....ridiculous...should be a great game

Halftime Halftime Halftime

Jonathan Dwyer has 80 yards on the ground and Josh Nesbitt has 70 as Georgia Tech is rolling Virginia 20-6. Georgia Tech has a scary good running and this week marks the second consectutive week a Virginia team has failed to handle them.

Ohio State is up 14-0 on Minny, Terrelle Pryor has run a TD and thrown one, but has also completed less then 50% of his passes and has thrown a pick. Eric Decker has been held in check thus far.

Oklahoma State up 17-0 on Baylor...

UConn and WVU are locked in a great back and forth game as UConn is playing inspired football, they lead 17-14

Pitt looks strong up 31-7 over SFU

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cha Ching

(What happens on 2ndnShort...)

Just a quick podcast for anyone who wants to make some money this weekend. I will be detailing the weekends best bets.

This pod includes the best teases, straight wagers, and moneyline bets of the weekend.

Enjoy...and go make some money

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Closer Look: Penn State vs Michigan

(Martavious Odoms and the Michigan receivers will be counted on to make big plays this weekend)

This game should be a battle. Everyone knew Penn State would be good this year, and they are. Michigan started the season with a lot of questions, they have answered many of them.

Both teams really need this game, Penn State only has one loss and is looking to stay on par with the elite one loss teams. Michigan is looking to defend the big house and get a signature win for this young squad. Beating Notre Dame was good, but this would be a great win for the Wolverines.

Let me hand over the wheel to Michigan football expert Kyle Rickstad as he dives deep into this match up and gives us everything we need to know.


Penn State is scared of playing in the Big House this Saturday and its
not because were closing in on Halloween.

Penn State has not been able to get out of Ann Arbor with a victory since 1996 including a last play loss on a Mario Manningham's touchdown catch as time expired
in 2006. Michigan even threatened Joe Pa last year in Happy Valley
leading 17-14 at half before getting throttled in the second half.
This year looks to be a great match up with the Nittany Lions favored
by 4.5.

Lets break it down...

Penn State comes into the Big House on a roll outscoring their last
three opponents 107-20. Michigan comes into the game after beating
Snoop Dogg's pee wee squad (Delaware State) 63-6 last Saturday. Wait,
Snoops team probably would have put up a better fight.

There are several keys to this match up, but none more important than the
Nittany Lions run defense (75.4 yards per game) against the Wolverines
eighth ranked rushing offense (235 ypg). If Brandon Minor and Carlos
Brown are healthy for the Wolverines and Denard Robinson doesn't trip
over his shoe laces it could be a long afternoon for Joe Pa's D. It
will probably be a long day for Rich Rod's D as well as they have had
trouble stopping teams all year.

When it all boils down the winner in The Big House on Saturday will have won three or four of these key categories:

1) Special Teams-whether its a last second field goal, a blocked punt,
big return, or a muffed punt look for one team to make a big play that
might swing the game

2) Turnovers-at some point in this game one of the defenses is going to
have to come up with a big stop and its probably going to have to be
late in the ball game.

3) Darryl Clark vs Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson(Rich Rod said
Denard will be getting plenty of snaps)- in Clark's only big game this
year against Iowa he had a long TD pass on the first play and than
seemingly disappeared. He needs to play BIG for a W. Tate seems to
always make plays and if he can avoid his careless turnovers the
Wolverines will be in good shape (Rich Rod please put Tate in on the
last series if the Wolverines have a chance to win)

4)WR's-Michigan seems to have a new guy each week as no one has over
20 receptions(Hemingway, Stonum, Matthews, please stand up) while Penn
State is led by Derek Moye. If either or both teams get their running
games going....LOOK OUT....because that will lead to some big plays
down field and POINTS!

5)Whoever gets the ball last(I'm serious)- if it's Michigan (assuming
Tate is in) its GAME OVER, but if its Penn State I'm not to sold on Mr.

Either way it should be a good match up. Michigan is going to cover
and they need a big win to have some sort of chance at the Big Ten
title and they always ruin Penn States season (Penn State has faced
Michigan undefeated or with one loss six times in nine games from
1997-2007, but has never come out victorious).

Michigan 31
Penn State 27

.....thanks to some Tate "I am legend" Forcier last minute magic.

Wow...great stuff...standing ovation

Feel free to leave some comments for our guest writer Mr. Kyle Rickstad, with that showing he will certainly be back


Here is the promised podcast to go along with the picks for this weeks games.



(TCU looks to run through BYU this weekend and stay unbeaten)

It's Thursday and time to take a look at all of the top 25 spreads, and pick the winners. This week we have a lot of interesting matchups, and some big games.

The college football season is getting serious, losing now might mean losing your chance at a BCS bowl game, so let's dive into these games and see who will survive.

HIT THE JUMP!!!!!!!!!

Minnesota +16.5 OVER Ohio State
...Terrelle Pryor has been struggling as of late, he has been so inconsistent that people have been calling him and giving him support. One of those people is LeBron James, I'm not sure who this James guy is but I'm pretty sure he doesn't play football. On another note Eric Decker is a big time stud, big time, look for him the catch 10 balls for 108 yards and a score, if this happens Minnesota can keep this one close.

South Florida +6.5 OVER Pitt...South Florida has a solid squad this year, and is always upset hungry. This is Pitt's first week in the polls and I think they run into some trouble with South Florida.

Georgia Tech -5.5 OVER Virginia...GT seems to have things figured out after beating VT last week(and ruining my teaser), so this week I have to take my hat off and pick em. Dwyer and Co. are running all over the place and I don't think Virginia has the people to stop them.

UConn +7.5 OVER WVU...With a tragic death hitting the UConn team I think they come out with a fire in their hearts, hopefully they can pull this one out...R.I.P. Jasper Howard

Oklahoma State -9.5 OVER Baylor...In a shootout I've got to take the Cowboys, even without Dez Bryant they have plenty of firepower

Penn State -4.5 OVER Michigan...We might be looking at the game of the week here, Penn State fans have got to be scared in this matchup, that being said I think this game goes down to the wire and Penn State wins 35-30...more analysis coming later tonight

Cincinnati -18 OVER Louisville...The Cardinals have been getting beat up lately and the last thing they want to see is the Bearcats offense, even without Tony Pike Cincinnati is very dangerous look for this one to end 38-13.

Miami -4.5 OVER Clemson...I had my doubts with Miami early in the year, but they have been very impressive in the last two weeks, I think they can pull away from Clemson if they can contain CJ Spiller.

Kansas +7.5 OVER Oklahoma...I have been betting Kansas hard all year long and it has been working, no way I jump off the bandwagon now, especially with all the turmoil going on it Norman...good luck to Bradford, bring in the mustache...Dezmon Briscoe will have over 100 yards in this one.

Oregon -10 OVER Washington...Jake Locker might be the best NFL prospect at QB, but Washington is not as good as he is, they get better every week, but still need time to put it all together. Oregon wins 31-19.

Utah -9.5 OVER Air Force...I genuinely have no interest in this game(sorry Tiko) , but I do see Utah winning 23-10.

South Carolina -12.5 OVER Vanderbilt...SC has been a good bet all year long and it continues this week against a poor Vandy team.

Texas Tech -21.5 OVER Texas A&M...This is a really hard line to bet, but if your every in this situation take the better team to cover...Texas Tech might put up 50+ in this one(they could start a dog at QB and still put up points).

Iowa +1 OVER Michigan State...This is exactly why I think Iowa is at risk, they are undefeated and go into this game the underdog, MSU has a solid squad and looks to upset every week. Iowa simply has too many weapons, Iowa 24-18

Florida -23 OVER Mississippi State...Florida is not happy about being knocked out of the #1 spot in the AP poll, they finally have something to prove.

Alabama -14 OVER Tennessee...I'm back to betting Bama, and I like this line a lot, maybe a tease bet. Alabama struts it's stuff this weekend 29-10

TCU -2.5 OVER BYU...OH BABY HERE WE GO!!!...this is the game TCU has been looking at all year long, if they get a win here they are really really real. HORNED FROGS BANDWAGON 2009!!!

Houston -16.5 OVER Southern Methodist...Points will not be hard to come by in this one. Houston wins 40-19.

LSU -7.5 OVER Auburn...I have bet and won with LSU, I can't say the same about Auburn. I bet on Auburn their first week in the polls, and lost. Sorry Tigers but I'm taking the Tigers in this one.

Texas -12.5 OVER Missouri...Texas is feeling left out as they are always number three, they will continue to roll while Bama and Florida get all of the attention.

Oregon State +20.5 OVER USC...I honestly guessed this line would be somewhere around 15.5, and because it's 20.5 I've got to take Jaquizz Rodgers in this one.

Hawaii +24.5 OVER Boise State...I'm changing the motto of this site to "Betting against Boise State since 1902"...

Well, that is it for the lines...Florida State vs North Carolina tonight to get you warmed up for Saturday...I will take North Carolina because FSU is falling apart...38-30 Tarheels

Podcast to come...and a special guest expert stops by to give his take on the Penn State vs Michigan match up...

Bradford UPDATE

ESPN might have jumped the gun last night when they reported Sam Bradford was having the shoulder surgery and therefore missing the rest of the season.

They are now reporting that Bradford will announce his decision tonight during a news conference.

Still, I think the chances are about 85% that he has the surgery. The hit that put him out vs Texas was not especially hard, he just landed right on his shoulder. He will get hit a lot in the NFL, so he should probably get fixed up first.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bradford to Have Surgery

We promised an update and here it is.

His stock will probably drop, and he might fall out of the top ten now. Sad story and we wish him the best. Still a great player but now durability is an issue, never good.

Sam Bradford UPDATE

Same Bradford will hold a press conference later today to let his future plans be known.

Bradford has already missed time due to an injured shoulder, and last weekend against Texas he again hurt that shoulder. The timetable for his return was said to be the same, but there is obviously more to it than that.

Bradford was set to be the number 1 pick in the draft, but with this shoulder injury who knows...

More to come as details become available...

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Monday, October 19, 2009

MNF Pick/Bet

(Darren Sproles was a stud at Kansas State and he is looking to become the same in San Diego)

Bet With DG is bringing us another pick, tonight's pick is for the MNF game between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers.

The spread is close and I see the game being the same. San Diego needs a win and Denver is looking to stay perfect.

If you had a rough week of betting(then you didn't listen to 2ndnShort)make up for it tonight with the BWDG lock of the day.

BCS Poll Reaction

Here are the standings...

Boise State

Let's break this down into five groups...

THE FAVORITES(Florida, Alabama,Texas)...everyone knows these are the best three teams in the country and there is no arguing that. Texas and Florida have looked vulnerable, while Alabama has been rock solid.

If Florida and Bama both run the table it will be an excellent SEC championship. Texas is looking to win out, wait for the SEC championship,and leap the loser into the title game.

THE UNDERDOGS(Cincinnati,TCU) ...Cincinnati throws the ball all over the field and just keeps winning. TCU is on a roll after beating Boise State last year to finish out the season, their defense is playing great football. Some could of expected TCU to be here but not the Bearcats.

Cincinnati has a cake walk schedule and might win the rest of their games, TCU also has a legit shot of going unbeaten.

THE ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS(Iowa,LSU)...don't get me wrong both of these squads are good, but between getting a little lucky thus far, and remaining schedule these guys might not be here for too long.

THE HMMM(Miami,USC)...I can't figure these guys out. I know they are both good, but sometimes they get caught in close games (USC vs ND...and loss to Wash), and I don't know if Jacory Harris(good win against Okla but they are now 3-3) can get it done in the big big games yet. In a couple of weeks we should know whats going on with these guys.

THE LOOPHOLE/WORMHOLE/PLEASE GO AWAY(Boise State)...They keep winning, and therefore are here by default. I think they could play with Cincinnati, but I think they get beat by every other team on this list. They will get passed in this poll even if they keep winning because their schedule is as weak as Byron Hout's chin...

Feel free to comment...

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The BCS poll was released and Florida gets back at Bama and takes the #1 spot.

Bama is #2 followed by Texas, Boise, and Cinncy...

Already got some beefs with this but I guess we just need to wait and hope things shift as time goes on...

USC is #7...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


2ndnShort has teamed up with "Bet With DG" to bring you weekly betting picks, today we have the NFL teaser lock of the week. BWDG will also bring us assorted picks throughout the week for those of you who need to bet more then twice a week.

So head on over and make some money.

Bama Takes the #1 Spot

(Greg McElroy and Bama jumped Florida and moved to #1 in the polls)

Alabama moved past Florida when they handled South Carolina and Florida struggled with Arkansas.

Texas stays at #3 USC moves to #4, and Cincinnati moves into the top five over Boise State after beating USF.

Others movers include...

Iowa up four spots to #7

Georgia Tech up to #11 from #19, after beating Virginia Tech

Pitt, Texas Tech, and West Virginia all moved into the polls after wins

R.I.P. Jasper Howard

(Howard died late last night after being stabbed during an altercation)

Jasper Howard, a standout corner back and return man for the UConn Huskies was stabbed and killed last night after UConn beat Louisville 38-25. The incident took place around midnight and Jasper died while being treated at St. Francis hospital. Another person was also stabbed but survived and has already been released from the hospital.

Details are still coming out, so check back later to see if anything breaks.

Howard had 11 tackles for the Huskies on Saturday and also forced a fumble, he was 20 years old.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bama Rolls 20-6

(246 yards on 24 carries...beast)

Alabama just beat a good South Carolina team 20-6. Mark Ingram led the Tide with 246 yards...yea you read that right. Alabama really flexed their muscle in this one, and showed why they are ranked number 2.

Video goes out to Mark Ingram what an incredible day running the ball.
400+ yards and 5 TD's...are you kidding me


WOW...crazy endings all over

(Damian Williams had a huge day and helped USC edge Notre Dame)

USC just escaped a last second comeback attempt by Jimmy Clausen and the Irish. They got all the way down to 1st and goal, but only had time for three plays. Three incomplete passes in a row as the Trojans held tight and won the game 34-27. Great game and two stud QB's...

Florida avoided an upset attempt by Arkansas as the won 23-30. Florida waited till the last minute as they kicked a field goal after Arkansas missed one to win the game. Tim Tebow put the team on his back on the last drive...Heisman performance late.


Virginia Tech is down 7-3 at half to Georgia Tech...

Texas Tech blew Nebraska out of the water...yup

Arkansas vs South Carolina is about to start...this could be a good game, look for SC to cover...Bama crowd is crazy loud...big return and penalty for SC to start...inside the fifty

Penn State and Houston both rolled...

First Round Recap

Texas came back to beat Oklahoma 16-13 good win for Texas in the rivalry. Colt McCoy although not doing much will see his Heisman hype grow a little bit more after this one. Great game that was fought hard the whole way through.

Ohio State lost to Purdue, they already had one loss so this knocks them out of the running for certain.

Iowa, who was an underdog for some strange reason beat Wisconsin 20-10...very strange line, I thought it was a trap bet so I didn't bet it heavy, but bet it nonetheless.

Michigan put up 63 points and 727 big blue

USC and ND are playing now tied 7-7

Florida as well as TCU just got started in their games...

Texas Tech is up 14-0 on Nebraska...I smell an upset


(Joey Elliott and Purdue are looking to pull through with the upset)

#7 Ohio State is down 23-7 to Purdue with three minutes left in the third quarter. Purdue is 1-5 and this would be a huge loss for the Buckeyes. Should be a wild fourth quarter as OSU try's to get back into this one.

Texas Oklahoma HALFTIME

(Gerald McCoy and the Oklahoma defense has held Texas to three first half points)

Stoops just said that Bradford will not return for the second half. On another note Oklahoma is up 6-3, this game has had turnovers all over the place and both defenses are playing really well.

It will take a big play or a turnover to win this game, because of how well both defenses are playing.

Oklahoma has been dominating this game and Colt McCoy has been getting hit ever other play.

Sam Bradford OUT!!!

Sam Bradford just took a hit and landed right on his bad shoulder. He was in obvious pain and went straight to the ground after initially standing up. This is not good news for the Sooners. Landry Jones has come in to show off his mustache, as Bradford is being treated on the sidelines.

I don't want to bring it up, but if Bradford is hurt badly, again, this really hurts his draft stock.

Hopefully he can return.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here it is, the latest installment of the 2ndnShort podcast. This week we take a look at all the betting lines, the big games, and cover all of college footballs odds and ends.


(Oklahoma and Texas clash in Texas on Saturday)

2ndnShort is back at it with another segment of the top 25 picks. This week is filled with big games, and is headlined with Oklahoma at Texas. We also get USC vs Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech.

Let's get right after it...hit the JUMP fot the rest of the picks!!!!!!

Tonight we get a nice game to watch while we wait for the weekend...

Cincinnati -3.5 OVER South Florida...the line is close for a reason, South Florida is good, but not good enough to keep this one within the spread, Tony Pike by 7
Ohio State -13.5 OVER Purdue...Ohio State is on a roll, look for them to win big

Texas -3 OVER Oklahoma...I have no idea about this one, when in doubt bet the home team, this game is going to be really good, Oklahoma is looking to ruin Texas' season and Texas is trying to get to the national championship

Iowa +2.5 OVER Wisconsin...I'm taking Iowa because they are the better team, I think they win this one in a close game, Wisconsin has something to prove here for sure

Arkansas +24.5 OVER Florida...Ryan Mallett is a stud and one of the best prospects at QB in college football, but Florida is ridiculous and Tim Tebow is back. That being said Gators only win by 17

Texas Tech +10.5 OVER Nebraska...Texas Tech puts up enough points to keep this one close

Houston -17 OVER Tulane...Houston is ok, Tulane stinks...

Penn State -16.5 OVER Minnesota...Minnesota is really bad, but they do have Eric Decker, and he is a stud. Penn State in a blowout

USC -10 OVER Notre Dame...two good teams in this one if ND can win then Clausen looks like a very strong Heisman finalist, but USC will win this one 33-20


(LOCK) Virginia Tech -3 OVER Georgia Tech...Virginia Tech would beat Boise State by 20, Hokies 20-13

San Diego State +17.5 OVER BYU...betting against BYU is one of the most regular trends on this site, and it continues

Kansas -9.5 OVER Colorado...Kansas needs to keep winning to get the national attention, Colorado is in the way

Miami -15.5 OVER UCF...Miami was officially real when they beat Oklahoma, they roll 38-13

South Carolina +17 OVER Alabama...South Carolina is good enough to keep this close, but don't get me wrong I LOVE ALABAMA.

Oklahoma State -7 OVER Missouri...Oklahoma State is still kinda good, but Missouri is pretty pretty average

UNLV +16 OVER Utah...don't really know anything about UNLV, but Utah is not what they were last year

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday News and Notes

Dez Bryant, the suspended Oklahoma State WR met with the NCAA yesterday to speak on his reinstatement. OK ST has asked the NCAA to take it easy on Bryant(because he is their best player), and they are hoping to get him back soon.

Bryant should be the first WR taken in the draft regardless.

Also, I remember Deion Sanders mentoring Devin Hester while he was at Miami, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on here.

What I have been hearing is that Bryant is in trouble because he lied about meeting with Sanders.

South Bend got good news today as star WR Michael Floyd should be able to return in a month. Floyd was Notre Dames leading receiver when he went down.

Since then the talented Golden Tate has stepped up to fill the void and the Irish have looked good. Jimmy Clausen is building a Heisman case and with Floyd back it should get easier.

Too bad Floyd will be out this week because the Irish have a meeting with USC.

Speaking of USC, their star RB Stafon Johnson is scheduled to be released from the hospital today.

Johnson was involved in a weight room accident where he dropped the bar on his throat whilst bench pressing.

If Johnson can be on the sidelines this week it will give USC a major boost.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dez Bryant UPDATE

Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant is set to meet with the NCAA today. Hopefully by the end of this meeting we will know when to expect him back.

Details to come as they are released...

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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Look Back

Bama finally passed Texas in the polls. Bama moved to #2 while Texas slid to #3. Alabama beat a Mississippi team that was ranked #20. Alabama again proved how good their defense is as they shut down a good Mississippi offense. Alabama is scary good.

Florida also looked good as the Gators handled LSU.

Michigan fought hard all game before losing to Iowa. I'm still wondering why Denard Robinson came in for the final series. Tate is proven, and Robinson is not a passer...

Tennessee crushed Georgia, I didn't see a blowout coming that's for sure...

Ohio State moved ahead of Cincinnati as the Bearcats were idle

Virginia Tech is good....

Georgia Tech beat Florida State in a great game...FSU has lost three in a row...

Great week of football

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Early Updates

Auburn is down 20-3 with two minutes left in the first half, they got into the polls last week and might leave this week

VT is again proving how good they are, up 34-0 over BC

South Carolina is locked in a close one with Kentucky, and Kansas is struggling with Iowa State

Alabama and Ohio State at 3:30 after these games conclude

Friday, October 9, 2009

Get pumped, football is coming soon...

I just found this video, it is a four year old kid recreating the famous Herb Brooks speech from the Olympics(miracle on ice). This speech led the USA to an upset victory over the Soviets. This version will get you ready to watch some football tomorrow.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: October 10th, 2009

(Does Jordan Jefferson have what it takes to lead LSU to an upset over Florida?)

Well, we are moments away from another weekend full of college football, and it's going to be a good one.

This weekend is highlighted by

Florida VS LSU

Alabama VS Mississippi

Oregon VS UCLA

Air Force VS TCU...yea I said it

Georgia Tech VS Florida State

All of these and more are waiting so hop on over to the jump to see how things will play out...

(Friday) Missouri +3.5 OVER Nebraska
...Danario Alexander and Jared Perry both have big games and Missouri wins a close one

Penn State OVER E. Illinois...I love the new big ten commercial with JoPa, he's hilarious...Penn State in a no line blowout

Virginia Tech -13.5 OVER Boston College...this game is usually a good one, but not this year as VT needs this one badly

Auburn -2 OVER Arkansas...Auburn just entered the polls, they can't leave this soon can they?

Kentucky +9.5 OVER South Carolina...I love SC's defense I just think this spread is a little wide, Kentucky had Florida, then Bama, they are sick of losing by double digits

Kansas -19.5 OVER Iowa State...I'm still riding the Kansas football train, and still loving Dezmon Briscoe even after the fight, Kansas rolls

Oklahoma State -5 OVER Texas A& Dez Bryant no problem (huge problem)...but I think they still handle A&M

Ohio State -16.5 OVER Wisconsin...OSU is playing great football right now

Oklahoma -26 OVER Baylor...Oklahoma is good, and really pissed off about losing to Miami, I think they recover big here

(LOCK) Alabama -6 OVER Mississippi...riding the Tide covering the spread train, and I still think they are the second best team in the country

(LOCK) Oregon -3.5 OVER UCLA...Oregon has been on fire since losing to you know who, UCLA just lost to a good Stanford team...Oregon 31-19

Miami OVER Florida A& really is surprising how many A&M schools exist...

Texas -32 OVER Colorado...big win for a big state, Texas has really picked it up since looking sluggish early...sorry Alaska I know you're bigger

TCU -10 OVER Air Force...seriously, this might be my favorite bandwagon, go horned frogs!

Georgia Tech +2.5 OVER Florida State...Florida State is not playing well, and Georgia Tech is a solid squad with a crazy run game

(LOCK) Florida -8 OVER LSU...this is a pending lock, if Tebow plays take it, if not hold tight because I've got one more for you

(LOCK) Michigan +8 OVER Iowa...Iowa proved that they are a solid team, but so is Michigan, I think Tate Forcier keeps this one close all the way

UNLV +17 OVER BYU...yup, still riding the BYU hate train...they are playing TCU in three weeks, I hope TCU wins by 100

Boise State -6,784 OVER would think that Tulsa could cover such a large spread, but they can't...PLAY SOMEONE!!!

That wraps up the picks for this week, make sure to check back soon for a podcast taking a deeper look into this weeks games...

Oh, the bonus pick on the week is...

Georgia +1.5 OVER Tennessee...these two teams are both pretty close to the top 25, and you get to watch AJ Green vs Eric Berry...epic matchup


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dez Bryant Out!!! UPDATE UPDATE

(If Dez Byant is out for the year then Oklahoma State is in trouble)

Update 1: In this story it tells why Bryant was suspended, he went to Deion Sanders house and was not truthful about it, the result is the suspension.

Update 2: The Big Lead has links to his facebook page where he tells the story himself, and adds that he will not be suspended for the remainder of the season.

In my mind any many others Oklahoma State WR Dez Brynat is the best WR in the country.
Only one problem, he is no longer playing for the team.

Due to interactions that Bryant allegedly had with a former NFL player he has been suspended by the NCAA until further notice.

This is a gigantic blow for Oklahoma State as Bryant is the teams most talented option on offense.

More to come as it becomes available.

BREAKING NEWS: Braylon Edwards to Jets

Braylon Edwards punched one of LeBron's buddies, and got a free trip to NYC (well Jersey) as a prize.

Details to come, as this story just broke.

Early on this looks great for Edwards, he punched someone, and got traded to much better team.

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BREAKING NEWS: Crabtree Inks Deal

Texas Tech standout and holdout for no reason pro, Michael Crabtree has finally singed with the 49ers.

Crabtree was the tenth overall pick and wanted more money then tenth picks gets. Then he decided to holdout for what seemed like years.

I don't know who was telling this kid what to do, but this whole thing was really dumb.

I know Crabtree is good, and the 49ers have been playing well, so we will have to give this a couple weeks and see what happens.

Thank you Michael, for ending the madness.

Note to anyone going pro in the future, don't let this be you.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eric Berry For Heisman...Again

It must be nice to be the biggest stud on campus. This is the second song dedicated to Eric Berry(even has his own site). He is a stud and is having a great year. Oh, did I mention this song is written and performed by a TU basketball player, yea...enjoy


Florida is Popular

From backup QB's to WR's...everyone at Florida is popular. This is the technology age and LSU fans are taking advantage of it.

Florida players, and coaches, recently reveled that they have been getting texts, and phone calls from LSU fans. Were not talking about just a few either, were talking about hundreds, maybe even thousands.

The main targets have been head coach Urban Meyer and backup QB John Brantley. Brantley has become a target because of Tebow's injury, and the possibly that he will not be cleared to play after suffering a concussion two weeks ago.

When asked about the matter Brantley said that he was getting messages day and night, but none of them were harmful in any way. Brantley also said that the messages were annoying, and that he might have to change his number.

Another target was WR Riley Cooper.

Well guys, now you know what it feels like to be the hottest girl in your HS a week before prom...

No harm in these messages, just another great part of college football...should be a good game

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Poll...Welcome in the New Guys

(Welcome to the polls Auburn)

The poll was just released and it features four new teams. Auburn comes in at 17 after beating Tennessee, South Carolina is in along with Missouri and South Florida.

Top three remain the same.

Cal, Michigan, Houston, and Georgia dropped out after loses.

Miami is up to 11 after beating Oklahoma.

Golden Tate...

Golden Tate went bananas on Saturday,he had 9 catches for 244 and a TD. 244 yards...With Floyd missing for the season Tate is the all everything guy for the Irish, and he has one of the best names in football.

Also, this happened...this was the hit that ended the game. Dude got absolutely hammered, when he hit the turf he went stiff as a board. He was clearly knocked out, it looked just like when an MMA fighter gets caught on the chin...

Flash Recap: October 4th

Exciting games all over college football yesterday, hit the jump for the full recap...

Javarris James and Miami got past Oklahoma in a squeaker...Miami is now better then I had thought...

LSU looked solid against Georgia as they got the win, LSU proved that their #4 ranking might not be a fluke

Michigan lost a tough game in OT against MSU. Despite losing Tate Frocier looked really good late in the game, this kid is a stud and plays great in the clutch

VT didn't look great, but got the win against a bad Duke squad

USC blew Cal out of the water, USC is a really good team despite the loss to Washington. This loss for Cal knocks Jahvid Best far down the list of Heisman hopefuls.

52-6 is how bad Wash ST lost to Oregon, Oregon looks really good as of late.

Bama kept playing well as they beat Kentucky by 18.

Iowa is not that good as they barley beat Arkansas State.

Pryor played really well, he is a beat. Ohio State rolled Indiana.

Clausen looked good late as ND survived a scare from Washignton. Washington QB Jake Locker is one of the best prospects in college football.


(Buckram had a video game performance against Houston on Saturday)

Don't know him? Well you do now. I don't know how UTEP recovered after getting beat down by Texas last week but they did. Houston is officially no good, garbage. Buckram, ran for 262 yards, the most by anyone this year.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Miami is Good...

(Harris proved he can get it done in big games, as Miami beat Oklahoma)

Miami just beat Oklahoma 21-20, I thought Oklahoma was going to win. Oklahoma now has no chance of playing in the national championship game, and Miami looks like one of the best teams in the country. Yes, best teams in the country might sound weird but seriously they have beat Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Oklahoma. That is a crazy schedule and the have come out of it pretty well. Props...

Charles Scott=Monster, Monster Stud

19 carries 95 yards and 2 Td's...dude is a big game player...20-13 LSU under a min to

AJ Green=Monster Stud

Cox just threw one up for AJ Green and he went up and got it, this game is getting crazy late. Georgia up 13-12.

This is why you throw it up to Green...


Lock of the Week/Updates

(Bama proved worthy of the 2ndnShort lock of the week winning by 18)

Michigan lost a heart breaker in OT....great game

Cinncy is running away with it

Arkansas covered but lost to three...Iowa not as good as advertised

VT looked sloppy winning against Duke

LSU vs Georgia is getting underway right now

USC vs Cal later tonight


Michigan was about to go three and out and instead they tried a fake punt, not even close. That is the worst call of the college football season so far. Absolutely stupid. They were hanging tight, just got a big int and stole some mo, and now they are probably going to give up another score.



Michigan is down 10-6....good game so far

Bama up 21-6...looking good after starting froggy

Cinncy up 13-0 starting to pull away

Duke hanging around vs VT only down 10-17

Iowa up 14-10

Michigan needs this game badly, we all knew it would be a good game and it is shaping up to be just that. Michigan just got a HUGE interception while they were backed up all the way down to the five. Great game...

Week 5 Picks PODCAST

Listen to this before the games start, or at the break. This podcast details all of my week five picks and predictions.


Friday, October 2, 2009

LaGarrette Blount UPDATE

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly recently spoke about his suspended star RB LaGarrette Blount. Kelly said that he is considering reinstating Blount due to how well he has been doing since that whole punch thing.

Oregon set out a plan to help Blount recover from the incident and apparently Blount has been following it very well. This plan includes going to class, speaking with doctors, and talking with Tony Dungy. Yes, Tony Dungy...don't ask me how Dungy gets involved in all of this kind of stuff but he does. If you remember Dungy recently helped someone named Michael Vick recover from his troubles. What a great guy.

If Blount continues to perform well then he will be set to return later this season. Sources close to coach Kelly are saying that his return date would most likely be after October 17th.

I'm all about second chances, and maybe even third for Blount, but the coaches need to make sure he has completely dedicated himself to change. Oregon is a real good team, and with Blount in the backfield they are even better.

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Noel Devine Running Wild

West Virginia beat Colorado last night 35-24. Noel Devine had the best rushing performance of his career.

Devine ran for 220 yards and a touchdown. If you didn't already know, this kid is a big time stud. Noel is an amazing athlete with talent for days. This year Devine is finally the centerpiece of the offense.

When Steve Slaton was at WVU with Pat White is was their show. Then Slaton left and White stayed, but it was still the Pat White show. With both of them gone Devine is the go to guy in the offense. Devine will go play somewhere in the NFL, but for now just watch him at WVU you will not be disappointed.

Oh PS look up his HS highlight reel, it's better than Reggie Bush's and I'm not joking.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watch This Friday Morning

Ok, so Friday is awesome. I could write two more pages on why Friday is so awesome, but instead just watch the video. I hope that this video can help you through your Friday and on to the weekend.

Get ready for football, it's almost here.


::TOP 25 PREDICTIONS:: October 3rd, 2009

It's time for the weekly 2ndnShort top 25 predictions, we are going to switch it up this week and pick strictly against the spread (like the big timers do). The goal is to win money right, so maybe we can help.

(Brandon LaFell (left) and AJ Green matchup this week as two of the nations best receivers)


Utah State +24 OVER BYU...yea, I still think that BYU is overrated

Michigan +2.5 OVER Michigan State...I think Michigan is going to win straight up, this is a great matchup

Virginia Tech -16.5 OVER Duke...Duke stinks, and VT is underrated

Arkansas State +21 OVER Iowa...let's not get too high on Iowa just yet

Alabama -16 OVER Kentucky...second best team in the country, 41-20

Miami(OH) +28.5 OVER Cincinnati...still on the bandwagon but I think this plays closer then Vegas thinks

LSU +3 OVER Georgia...LSU wins this game, solid pick for a moneyline if you can get it

Penn State -7 OVER Illinois...this could be a blowout, JoPa is not happy

Vanderbilt +8.5 OVER Mississippi...Snead in a close one here

Ohio State -17 OVER Indiana...Pryor in a blowout, too much talent

Georgia Tech -5.5 OVER Mississippi ST...I like the way GT played last week

Oklahoma -7 OVER Miami...another chance for freshman Landry to show what he can do, another letdown for Miami

Boise State -810.5 OVER UC Davis...if Vegas leaves me without a line, I make one up

USC -5 OVER California...sorry Jahvid, I actually feel like a trader....Jahvid Best for Heisman, ok better

TCU -28 OVER Southern Methodist...horned frog bandwagon is rolling right now

Houston -16 OVER UTEP...hard one to pick but I'll take Case Keenum to throw 40+ times if that's a bet

Washington State +32 OVER Oregon...Oregon looked great last week, but so did Wash St as they covered vs USC, they do it again here

That wraps up the weekly picks, check back for a podcast with some more in depth analysis

Sweet AJ Green vid...enjoy


Bradford Out vs Miami

(Sam Bradford will miss one more week with a shoulder injury)

Sam Bradford is going to miss Oklahoma's game vs Miami this Saturday as he still has soreness in his shoulder. Coaches say that Bradford is making progress just not quite enough to suit up.

This is a very big game for Oklahoma as another loss certainly ruins their season.

The Sooners will look to impressive freshman Landry Jones to get the job done this week. Landry is a stud and can certainly win this game. It is much better to have a healthy Landry out there then to have a rusty Bradford.

This game should be interesting.