Thursday, October 15, 2009


(Oklahoma and Texas clash in Texas on Saturday)

2ndnShort is back at it with another segment of the top 25 picks. This week is filled with big games, and is headlined with Oklahoma at Texas. We also get USC vs Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech.

Let's get right after it...hit the JUMP fot the rest of the picks!!!!!!

Tonight we get a nice game to watch while we wait for the weekend...

Cincinnati -3.5 OVER South Florida...the line is close for a reason, South Florida is good, but not good enough to keep this one within the spread, Tony Pike by 7
Ohio State -13.5 OVER Purdue...Ohio State is on a roll, look for them to win big

Texas -3 OVER Oklahoma...I have no idea about this one, when in doubt bet the home team, this game is going to be really good, Oklahoma is looking to ruin Texas' season and Texas is trying to get to the national championship

Iowa +2.5 OVER Wisconsin...I'm taking Iowa because they are the better team, I think they win this one in a close game, Wisconsin has something to prove here for sure

Arkansas +24.5 OVER Florida...Ryan Mallett is a stud and one of the best prospects at QB in college football, but Florida is ridiculous and Tim Tebow is back. That being said Gators only win by 17

Texas Tech +10.5 OVER Nebraska...Texas Tech puts up enough points to keep this one close

Houston -17 OVER Tulane...Houston is ok, Tulane stinks...

Penn State -16.5 OVER Minnesota...Minnesota is really bad, but they do have Eric Decker, and he is a stud. Penn State in a blowout

USC -10 OVER Notre Dame...two good teams in this one if ND can win then Clausen looks like a very strong Heisman finalist, but USC will win this one 33-20


(LOCK) Virginia Tech -3 OVER Georgia Tech...Virginia Tech would beat Boise State by 20, Hokies 20-13

San Diego State +17.5 OVER BYU...betting against BYU is one of the most regular trends on this site, and it continues

Kansas -9.5 OVER Colorado...Kansas needs to keep winning to get the national attention, Colorado is in the way

Miami -15.5 OVER UCF...Miami was officially real when they beat Oklahoma, they roll 38-13

South Carolina +17 OVER Alabama...South Carolina is good enough to keep this close, but don't get me wrong I LOVE ALABAMA.

Oklahoma State -7 OVER Missouri...Oklahoma State is still kinda good, but Missouri is pretty pretty average

UNLV +16 OVER Utah...don't really know anything about UNLV, but Utah is not what they were last year

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