Thursday, October 29, 2009


(Can Jordan Shipley and Texas outscore an explosive Oklahoma State squad?)

Alright, it's Thursday so 2ndnShort is picking the spread for all of the top 25 matchups. If your betting with us every week you are probably up 2 or 3 million by this point. So let's keep it going...

Big games this week include WVU vs South Florida, Cincinnati vs Syracuse, Mississippi vs Auburn, Houston vs Southern Miss, Georgia vs Florida, Tennessee vs South Carolina, and Miami vs Wake Forest.

HUGE games this week include Texas vs Oklahoma State, and the biggest of all USC vs Oregon.

This should be a great weekend of football...let's get to the picks



North Carolina +16.5 OVER Virginia Tech...I think that UNC can keep this one close, they can put up points and I think they only lose 29-15


West Virginia -3 OVER South Florida...Two solid teams playing in this one, but only one of the teams has Noel Devine


New Mexico State +44 OVER Ohio State...Ok, so the spread is 44, holy *** that is ridiculous. But get this the over/under is 49. It is very rare to see the spread and over/under this close. Vegas is predicting a stomp down, 2ndnShort is predicting 49-6, GO AGGIES!!!

Cincinnati -14.5 OVER Syracuse...Zach Collaros over Greg Paulus(great vid).

Indiana +17.5 OVER Iowa...still riding the "I think Iowa gets knocked off soon bandwagon", Iowa wins, 26-10

Mississippi -3 OVER Auburn...Two teams that are looking for a dub, Mississippi was everybody's sleeper at the start of the year, and now they are only giving 3 to Auburn.

Houston -6.5 OVER Southern Miss...This is my money line bet of the week, I think that Southern Miss can win this game, but I don't want this to turn out like Dolphins vs Saints. So I'm taking Houston 40-29.

San Jose State +35 OVER Boise State...Still riding the "Why don't you guys ever schedule big games, teams will continue to pass you in the standings with your weaker then this guy schedule" bandwagon. Boise State is praying Oregon beats USC this weekend.

Georgia +15 OVER Florida...A late AJ Green touchdown keeps this one close, Florida 30-17.

Miami -7.5 OVER Wake Forest...Although Miami had a setback against CJ Spiller and Clemson I still think they win this one 34-21.


Penn State -14.5 OVER Northwestern...Penn State in a low scoring affair 15-0.

Oklahoma -28 OVER KSU...Why? This is why...Landry Jones

Notre Dame -28 OVER WSU... A good game for Jimmy Clausen to pad his Heisman statistics...

Georgia Tech -11.5 OVER Vanderbilt...Jonathan Dwyer and co. 29-13...they run the ball so well, so hard to stop

Tennessee -5.5 OVER South Carolina...I would normally go with SC in this matchup but Rocky Top has been playing really well lately...and

LSU -35.5 OVER Tulane...No chance here for Tulane, sorry. I'm thinking 48-8.

USC -3 OVER Oregon...I heard a voice on ESPN today say that Oregon was the best team in the country...I guess we will have to see. USC wins 22-17.

Utah -17 OVER Wyoming...Hmmm

Texas -8.5 OVER Oklahoma State
...Shootout!!!...Colt McCoy shows why he is still in the Heisman race in this one...Texas 43-31

Well, that's all the picks this week...enjoy the money you win and remember 2ndnShort takes a 84% cut of all big and eat big, you only live once

Oh, and I almost forgot BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

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