Monday, October 19, 2009

BCS Poll Reaction

Here are the standings...

Boise State

Let's break this down into five groups...

THE FAVORITES(Florida, Alabama,Texas)...everyone knows these are the best three teams in the country and there is no arguing that. Texas and Florida have looked vulnerable, while Alabama has been rock solid.

If Florida and Bama both run the table it will be an excellent SEC championship. Texas is looking to win out, wait for the SEC championship,and leap the loser into the title game.

THE UNDERDOGS(Cincinnati,TCU) ...Cincinnati throws the ball all over the field and just keeps winning. TCU is on a roll after beating Boise State last year to finish out the season, their defense is playing great football. Some could of expected TCU to be here but not the Bearcats.

Cincinnati has a cake walk schedule and might win the rest of their games, TCU also has a legit shot of going unbeaten.

THE ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS(Iowa,LSU)...don't get me wrong both of these squads are good, but between getting a little lucky thus far, and remaining schedule these guys might not be here for too long.

THE HMMM(Miami,USC)...I can't figure these guys out. I know they are both good, but sometimes they get caught in close games (USC vs ND...and loss to Wash), and I don't know if Jacory Harris(good win against Okla but they are now 3-3) can get it done in the big big games yet. In a couple of weeks we should know whats going on with these guys.

THE LOOPHOLE/WORMHOLE/PLEASE GO AWAY(Boise State)...They keep winning, and therefore are here by default. I think they could play with Cincinnati, but I think they get beat by every other team on this list. They will get passed in this poll even if they keep winning because their schedule is as weak as Byron Hout's chin...

Feel free to comment...

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  1. you know ill comment. i agree 110% on everything said above. boise state please go away...i mean they barely beat tulsa. im just waiting for the day some nerdy teen hacks into the bcs computer and completly salvages the rankings to prove a point. i hope that teen likes michigan

  2. haha that would be hilarious...yea for me to believe in Boise State I need to see them winning games by 40 consistently, because if Texas or another big school was playing these teams they would be blowing them out every week...

  3. Haha nice, I really enjoy the Hawkeye love, hopefully they don't lose to MSU this week for your sake.