Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flash Recap: October 4th

Exciting games all over college football yesterday, hit the jump for the full recap...

Javarris James and Miami got past Oklahoma in a squeaker...Miami is now better then I had thought...

LSU looked solid against Georgia as they got the win, LSU proved that their #4 ranking might not be a fluke

Michigan lost a tough game in OT against MSU. Despite losing Tate Frocier looked really good late in the game, this kid is a stud and plays great in the clutch

VT didn't look great, but got the win against a bad Duke squad

USC blew Cal out of the water, USC is a really good team despite the loss to Washington. This loss for Cal knocks Jahvid Best far down the list of Heisman hopefuls.

52-6 is how bad Wash ST lost to Oregon, Oregon looks really good as of late.

Bama kept playing well as they beat Kentucky by 18.

Iowa is not that good as they barley beat Arkansas State.

Pryor played really well, he is a beat. Ohio State rolled Indiana.

Clausen looked good late as ND survived a scare from Washignton. Washington QB Jake Locker is one of the best prospects in college football.

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