Friday, October 2, 2009

LaGarrette Blount UPDATE

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly recently spoke about his suspended star RB LaGarrette Blount. Kelly said that he is considering reinstating Blount due to how well he has been doing since that whole punch thing.

Oregon set out a plan to help Blount recover from the incident and apparently Blount has been following it very well. This plan includes going to class, speaking with doctors, and talking with Tony Dungy. Yes, Tony Dungy...don't ask me how Dungy gets involved in all of this kind of stuff but he does. If you remember Dungy recently helped someone named Michael Vick recover from his troubles. What a great guy.

If Blount continues to perform well then he will be set to return later this season. Sources close to coach Kelly are saying that his return date would most likely be after October 17th.

I'm all about second chances, and maybe even third for Blount, but the coaches need to make sure he has completely dedicated himself to change. Oregon is a real good team, and with Blount in the backfield they are even better.

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