Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Scary Being #1...BCS computers are blue screen of death UPDATE

Alabama just played their scariest game of the year. They just hung on to a 12-10 win over Tennessee. The guy below is who Alabama can thank...he blocked two kicks...including the attempt for the win...

(Terrence Cody is a monster)

It will be interesting to see what this does to their #1 ranking in the AP poll.

Penn State blew Michigan out of the water in Ann Arbor for a very impressive victory...State completely dominated every component of the game for start to finish...

Miami and Clemson are locked in an absolute battle right now in OT....great game...but my Direct TV just went out due to the rain...sweet...and Clemson just won with a TD in a day...and we still have Florida

Cincinatti rolled 41-10...they put up numbers like no one else...

Oregon rolled Washington...they are good

Florida beat Mississippi State 29-19 in a game that was too close for too long

Turn the sound on...please...let this get you pumped up for the big games tonight and the NFL tomorrow...


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