Monday, October 26, 2009

2ndnShort Heisman Watch

(You would be hard pressed to find a pre-season list with this guy in the top 5)

This has been a year of surprises as far as the Heisman is concerned. Sam Bradford won it last year and he went down with an injury early in the season. After Bradford went down any chance of guessing this years winner went away. Not because we thought he would repeat, but no one stepped up, not Tebow, or McCoy.

Since this race is wide open let's take a look at the current top five candidates.


1.) Mark Ingram RB, Alabama

Alabama is having a great year, and their standout player has been Mark Ingram all season long. Ingram has 1,004 yards and 8 TD's on the season. He also has a game in which he rushed for 246 yards. Ingram is putting together the most impressive season for a RB and with Tebow and McCoy failing to impress Ingram finds himself at the top of the list.

2.) Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen has shed the "bust" label quite well as he has been the most impressive QB thus far. His completion percentage is ridiculous, and he only has 2 INT's against 16 TD's. Notre Dame is not an overly impressive team, but Clausen has them looking at a solid season. If Clausen can continue to put up these numbers then he has a great chance of winning this thing.

3.) Tim Tebow QB, Florida

He will always be on this list because of what he has done in the past, and as long as Florida continues to win how can we take him off of this list. Tebow does have a couple thing going against him, one is the fact that he put up such ridiculous numbers in the past that it is hard to do any better. Tebow also has to deal with the highest of high expectations, even when they win people say that they didn't win by enough. As long as Florida stays perfect Tebow will be in this convo all year long.

4.) Case Keenum QB, Houston

When you lead the nation in passing your name will be in the Heisman race as long as you play for a semi-decent team. Add in the fact that he has thrown 20 touchdowns and only 4 picks, and we have a Heisman candidate. Keenum boasts a one loss team and 2,734 passing yards to lead the nation. Only problem for Keenum is he plays for Houston, and there are two QB's on this list ahead of him.

5.) Colt McCoy QB, Texas

McCoy is here because Texas is undefeated and he is their leader. His stats are not great but without a loss we can't take him off this list. McCoy has thrown an interception in every game this year and has not run with the ball as well as he usually does. That being said a down year for McCoy is still a good year. McCoy has slim chances of taking home to award due to the fact that there are three QB's ahead of him.


Jerry Hughes DE, TCU

TCU is really good and Hughes is their best defensive player. Hughes already has 8 sacks on the year, and he faces double teams all the time. A defensive player won't win the award this year but if we could pick one it would be Hughes (sorry Eric Berry). Hughes should be taking home other hardware so don't feel bad for him. TCU warwagon is running out of seats so if you want in let us know now


  1. Let not count out Westfield State corner Josh Mathieu. The kid has 7 interceptions. Long shot?

  2. That kid Mathieu sure has been impressive this season, and I would not rule out the possibility of him being invited to the award ceremony. If he can keep putting up incredible numbers he might move into the top five.