Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday News and Notes

Dez Bryant, the suspended Oklahoma State WR met with the NCAA yesterday to speak on his reinstatement. OK ST has asked the NCAA to take it easy on Bryant(because he is their best player), and they are hoping to get him back soon.

Bryant should be the first WR taken in the draft regardless.

Also, I remember Deion Sanders mentoring Devin Hester while he was at Miami, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on here.

What I have been hearing is that Bryant is in trouble because he lied about meeting with Sanders.

South Bend got good news today as star WR Michael Floyd should be able to return in a month. Floyd was Notre Dames leading receiver when he went down.

Since then the talented Golden Tate has stepped up to fill the void and the Irish have looked good. Jimmy Clausen is building a Heisman case and with Floyd back it should get easier.

Too bad Floyd will be out this week because the Irish have a meeting with USC.

Speaking of USC, their star RB Stafon Johnson is scheduled to be released from the hospital today.

Johnson was involved in a weight room accident where he dropped the bar on his throat whilst bench pressing.

If Johnson can be on the sidelines this week it will give USC a major boost.

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  1. in other news, barack obama is now the leading canidate for the heisman after watching the flordia lsu game on saturday night.