Friday, October 2, 2009

Noel Devine Running Wild

West Virginia beat Colorado last night 35-24. Noel Devine had the best rushing performance of his career.

Devine ran for 220 yards and a touchdown. If you didn't already know, this kid is a big time stud. Noel is an amazing athlete with talent for days. This year Devine is finally the centerpiece of the offense.

When Steve Slaton was at WVU with Pat White is was their show. Then Slaton left and White stayed, but it was still the Pat White show. With both of them gone Devine is the go to guy in the offense. Devine will go play somewhere in the NFL, but for now just watch him at WVU you will not be disappointed.

Oh PS look up his HS highlight reel, it's better than Reggie Bush's and I'm not joking.

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