Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Round Recap

Texas came back to beat Oklahoma 16-13 good win for Texas in the rivalry. Colt McCoy although not doing much will see his Heisman hype grow a little bit more after this one. Great game that was fought hard the whole way through.

Ohio State lost to Purdue, they already had one loss so this knocks them out of the running for certain.

Iowa, who was an underdog for some strange reason beat Wisconsin 20-10...very strange line, I thought it was a trap bet so I didn't bet it heavy, but bet it nonetheless.

Michigan put up 63 points and 727 big blue

USC and ND are playing now tied 7-7

Florida as well as TCU just got started in their games...

Texas Tech is up 14-0 on Nebraska...I smell an upset

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