Saturday, October 17, 2009

WOW...crazy endings all over

(Damian Williams had a huge day and helped USC edge Notre Dame)

USC just escaped a last second comeback attempt by Jimmy Clausen and the Irish. They got all the way down to 1st and goal, but only had time for three plays. Three incomplete passes in a row as the Trojans held tight and won the game 34-27. Great game and two stud QB's...

Florida avoided an upset attempt by Arkansas as the won 23-30. Florida waited till the last minute as they kicked a field goal after Arkansas missed one to win the game. Tim Tebow put the team on his back on the last drive...Heisman performance late.


Virginia Tech is down 7-3 at half to Georgia Tech...

Texas Tech blew Nebraska out of the water...yup

Arkansas vs South Carolina is about to start...this could be a good game, look for SC to cover...Bama crowd is crazy loud...big return and penalty for SC to start...inside the fifty

Penn State and Houston both rolled...

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