Monday, October 12, 2009

A Look Back

Bama finally passed Texas in the polls. Bama moved to #2 while Texas slid to #3. Alabama beat a Mississippi team that was ranked #20. Alabama again proved how good their defense is as they shut down a good Mississippi offense. Alabama is scary good.

Florida also looked good as the Gators handled LSU.

Michigan fought hard all game before losing to Iowa. I'm still wondering why Denard Robinson came in for the final series. Tate is proven, and Robinson is not a passer...

Tennessee crushed Georgia, I didn't see a blowout coming that's for sure...

Ohio State moved ahead of Cincinnati as the Bearcats were idle

Virginia Tech is good....

Georgia Tech beat Florida State in a great game...FSU has lost three in a row...

Great week of football

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  1. Yeah Robinson in for Focier?? Not making much sense all. Robinson threw an AWFUL interception beacuse he was nervous. Oh well live and learn I guess.