Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Closer Look: Penn State vs Michigan

(Martavious Odoms and the Michigan receivers will be counted on to make big plays this weekend)

This game should be a battle. Everyone knew Penn State would be good this year, and they are. Michigan started the season with a lot of questions, they have answered many of them.

Both teams really need this game, Penn State only has one loss and is looking to stay on par with the elite one loss teams. Michigan is looking to defend the big house and get a signature win for this young squad. Beating Notre Dame was good, but this would be a great win for the Wolverines.

Let me hand over the wheel to Michigan football expert Kyle Rickstad as he dives deep into this match up and gives us everything we need to know.


Penn State is scared of playing in the Big House this Saturday and its
not because were closing in on Halloween.

Penn State has not been able to get out of Ann Arbor with a victory since 1996 including a last play loss on a Mario Manningham's touchdown catch as time expired
in 2006. Michigan even threatened Joe Pa last year in Happy Valley
leading 17-14 at half before getting throttled in the second half.
This year looks to be a great match up with the Nittany Lions favored
by 4.5.

Lets break it down...

Penn State comes into the Big House on a roll outscoring their last
three opponents 107-20. Michigan comes into the game after beating
Snoop Dogg's pee wee squad (Delaware State) 63-6 last Saturday. Wait,
Snoops team probably would have put up a better fight.

There are several keys to this match up, but none more important than the
Nittany Lions run defense (75.4 yards per game) against the Wolverines
eighth ranked rushing offense (235 ypg). If Brandon Minor and Carlos
Brown are healthy for the Wolverines and Denard Robinson doesn't trip
over his shoe laces it could be a long afternoon for Joe Pa's D. It
will probably be a long day for Rich Rod's D as well as they have had
trouble stopping teams all year.

When it all boils down the winner in The Big House on Saturday will have won three or four of these key categories:

1) Special Teams-whether its a last second field goal, a blocked punt,
big return, or a muffed punt look for one team to make a big play that
might swing the game

2) Turnovers-at some point in this game one of the defenses is going to
have to come up with a big stop and its probably going to have to be
late in the ball game.

3) Darryl Clark vs Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson(Rich Rod said
Denard will be getting plenty of snaps)- in Clark's only big game this
year against Iowa he had a long TD pass on the first play and than
seemingly disappeared. He needs to play BIG for a W. Tate seems to
always make plays and if he can avoid his careless turnovers the
Wolverines will be in good shape (Rich Rod please put Tate in on the
last series if the Wolverines have a chance to win)

4)WR's-Michigan seems to have a new guy each week as no one has over
20 receptions(Hemingway, Stonum, Matthews, please stand up) while Penn
State is led by Derek Moye. If either or both teams get their running
games going....LOOK OUT....because that will lead to some big plays
down field and POINTS!

5)Whoever gets the ball last(I'm serious)- if it's Michigan (assuming
Tate is in) its GAME OVER, but if its Penn State I'm not to sold on Mr.

Either way it should be a good match up. Michigan is going to cover
and they need a big win to have some sort of chance at the Big Ten
title and they always ruin Penn States season (Penn State has faced
Michigan undefeated or with one loss six times in nine games from
1997-2007, but has never come out victorious).

Michigan 31
Penn State 27

.....thanks to some Tate "I am legend" Forcier last minute magic.

Wow...great stuff...standing ovation

Feel free to leave some comments for our guest writer Mr. Kyle Rickstad, with that showing he will certainly be back


  1. Do you think they call Martavious Odoms "Marvelous" Martavious Odoms?

  2. If they don't then they should...that's for sure