Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Under The Radar: Justin Blackmon

Profile: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State #81, Sophomore

If you have not heard of this kid yet, it's not your fault. Justin Blackmon is only a Sophomore and just started to make an impact this year.

He red shirted his first year (probably because they were loaded), and last season only caught 20 passes for 260 yards. This year is a horse of a different color; to say he started off hot would an understatement.

Through three games Blackmon has caught 24 passes for 431 yards and 8 TD's. So he has already crushed all of his stats from last year, and has only played in three games.


So why did we choose to profile Blackmon as the first WR we write about this year?

1.) He is still kind of under the radar
2.) Only a Sophomore and has tons of upside
3.) We love big physical receivers on 2ndnShort, and this guy fits the mold pretty well

Now let's get down to the specifics. Speed, not lightning but he is not about to get caught from behind. Strength, absolutely we like that Blackmon is a solid 6'1 210, but above that he trains hard and plays like a physical reviver. When you have any size advantage over the DB's you need to use it, and Blackmon is very good at doing so. Route Running, getting there, remember he is still young (born in the 90's, which still looks weird on paper) and this is his first year being the go to guy, give him some time.

Potential is the most overused word in football, but to say this kid didn't have it would be stupid. Young, athletic (all-state basketball is HS), and physical Blackmon has the tools to have a huge year, and should continue to improve game by game. To add to all of this apparently Blackmon has a tireless work ethic and gets after it in the gym...we love that.


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