Monday, September 27, 2010

Highlight of the Day

OK, so I have seen a lot of crazy football videos in my time, so many that while searching for the "wake up with hits" I usually find myself in a deep dark corner of the internet looking for something new. Here to help us all today is Marky Thompkins.

Now this is no traditional hurdle here, this is a full on guy standing straight up jump right over him for a touchdown so nasty they have to penalize you for it hurdle.

Just take a look at the ridiculousness of this play...he walks on the dudes back after jumping over him...and the kid he hurdles is a normal size dude were not talking about him hurdling Kenny Powers buddy, were talking a real human...


By deep dark corners I mean this video has 704 views right now, but it was just on deadspin so look for that to go up...

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