Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 25 Recap

Looking at the AP poll, three teams have been dropped out of the top 25. Virginia Tech was obviously dropped out as they lost to Boise State in week one and JMU this weekend. The state of Georgia had a rough weekend as both Georgia Tech and Georgia were dropped from the rankings, and as we all know Calvin Johnson went to GT and got screwed this weekend (I have no idea what a catch is in the NFL).

Michigan is new to the polls at #20 as our boy Denard Robinson accounted for 502 total yards broke a million records, put himself into the Heisman talk and got Big Blue the win over the Golden Domers. This kid is a freak athlete.

Here is the link to the polls.

Oh, and so Paulie Grouper doesn't murder me in my sleep, OSU got a big win over Miami. Bama also beat up on Penn State as those two pulled away as the top two teams in college football.

Also, we must give Iowa props for making us look smart and backing up the Brinks truck, thanks for the free money Iowa State.

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