Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heisman Rankings


Now that the season is fully underway we can start to look at the Heisman race.

1.) Denard Robinson QB, Michigan

Denard is a very special athlete, he is not the greatest passer in the world but he does enough with his arm, and more than makes up for it with his feet. So far this season big blue has struggled on defense (see giving up 37 to UMass) but have put up enough points to get away with it. Denard does everything on offense for Michigan and leads the NCAA in rushing yards even after missing 3/4 of their game against BGSU.

Stats: Passing 57-80 731 Yards 4 TD's 1 INT, Rush 79 Carries 688 Yards 6 TD's

2.) Terrelle Pryor QB, Ohio State

Terrelle like Denard is a dual threat QB and is freakishly athletic. Pryor can get it done passing or running, and has used both of them as they have been rolling so far this year. Ohio State looks really good as the second ranked team in the country and with Pryor behind the wheel they look tough to beat.

Stats: Passing 71-107 939 Yards 10 TD's 2 INT, Rush 43 Carries 269 Yards 3 TD's

3.) Kellen Moore QB, Boise State

Not to take anything away from Kellen but to compare him to the previous fellows on the ground is not fair, but through the air is a different story. Kellen Moore is the unquestioned leaded of the Broncos and has them firing on all cylinders coming out of the gate this season. He has Boise State right where they need to be at 3-0 and has them looking very good through the toughest part of their schedule. If they go undeafeated he has a legit shot to win this thing.

Stats: Passing 62-95 873 Yards 8 TD's 1 INT

4.) Andrew Luck QB, Stanford

Right now Andrew Luck is the best QB in college football, a couple of other guys are close, but right now Luck is the top dog. Andrew is a big dude, and has a rocket cannon arm, he is exactly what NFL scouts look for. Luck pilots an undefeated Stanford team that will face it's toughest test in Oregon this weekend. If luck comes out on top he might shoot up this board.

Stats: Passing 64-102 912 Yards 11 TD's 2 INT's

5.) Patrick Peterson CB/KR, LSU

Like Suh and Berry last year Peterson is the defensive guy highest on the board this season. Peterson has all of the tools that will one day land him a job in the NFL, but for now he is a force for LSU. Peterson is absolutely lock down on the outside, and kicking to him is a really dumb idea. Paterson does everything for LSU and although they are down this year Peterson is way up.

Stats: 11 Tackles 2 INT's 14 Punt Returns 253 Yards and 2 TD's

Just FYI we did not forget about the defending champ Mark Ingram, he is still a beast. But due to the fact that he has missed time this year we are keeping him off the list until he runs all over Florida this weekend. Then you will see him again.


Andrew Luck and Kellen Moore were left out for obvious reasons...both monster studs though...

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