Friday, December 17, 2010


(Chad Spann aka the swag tsunami)

You better believe we are picking every single one of these Bowl games, and they start tomorrow.

Last year we were one game over .500 and BEAT VEGAS by a game. So if you put a million on every game last year you were up 1 MILLION DOLLARS. That's swaggy.

Here we go.
-----------------December 18th----------------

New Mexico Bowl

BYU vs. UTEP - Gotta go with BYU here as much as I hate to pick them. UTEP stinks.

Humanitarian Bowl

Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State - On the blue turf i'm going with Northern Illinois. Very evenly matched game and could turn out to be a barn burner. Northern Illinois runs the ball very well, and will win by 5.

New Orleans Bowl

Ohio vs. Troy - This could also turn out to be a really good game. I'm gonna go with Troy for the simple fact that they played very well against a good Oklahoma State earlier in the year, and have faced better competition this year.

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