Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bowl Picks Vol III: Utah vs Boise State

Neither team really thought that they would be playing in this game. Utah's season ended the minute that they took the field against TCU. They were completely embarrassed and beaten badly. The next week they failed to show up and lost to Notre Dame.

Boise State played terrific all year long and looked like they were going undefeated, and then they lost to Nevada after missing two chip shot FG's. Boise State had been gunning for the National Championship game all year long and due to their strength of schedule fell way out of the picture after losing to Nevada.

If you think about it these two teams might of played each other anyway if they had both gone undefeated because neither of them would of jumped Oregon or Auburn and Utah would of had to beat TCU.

Now looking at this match up, it is clear that Boise State is the better team here. They are 17 point favorites and were better then Utah all year long. For me it is impossible to take Utah here, you can take talent, coaching, experience and everything else and throw it out the window. I am taking Boise State because I watched Utah GIVE UP against Notre Dame. Yes, they were coming off a horrible loss to TCU at home, and yes they had ruined their perfect season but as a competitive athlete you can never take the field and give up.

I can not bet on Utah because I do not trust that they will show up tonight. Even if they do they will not be the better team on the field. Boise State will show up because that's what they do in big games (minus their kicker). Hopefully both teams show up and it's a good game to watch, but I will not be putting my money on Utah in this one.

Also, Boise State is probably a pretty pissed off team right now. They have a lot of seniors that wish they were playing in the last bowl game this year, not one of the first. Could Boise State lay an egg tonight as well, maybe, but I have never seen them do it and I would think they show up tonight.

Boise State 38 Utah 20

Also, Utah and Boise State have some pretty swaggy uniforms up their sleeves so hopefully they both bring their A game in that regard.

Golden Eagles came up just short last night and 2ndnShort is now 3-1

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