Thursday, December 23, 2010

Navy vs San Diego State

Another day and another bowl game. Last night we won as Boise State crushed Utah. 2ndnShort is currently 4-1 and looking to RUN our record to 5-1.

BAM taking Navy and Ricky Dobbs. Statistically this game is very even and these teams are very close to each other talent wise. This is a home game for San Diego but apparently there is a huge Naval base there as well so the game should be closer to 50-50 then expected.

his should be a great game because these teams play exact opposite styles of football. Navy of course runs the ball all day long with Dobbs and company, and Ryan Lindley airs it out for the Aztecs.

Players to watch for the Aztecs are WR's Vincent Brown, DeMarco Sampson and RB Ronnie Hillman.

For Navy you should look out for Ricky Dobbs and FB Alexander Teich.
I think this game comes down to experience and consistency. Navy has the edge in both of these and I think they come out on top of this one. Should be a great game and I expect it to be close the entire way.

Navy 28 San Diego 24

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