Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Night Football Special

(rooting for D in this one, Taylor Mays)

It's Monday so that means we have DG and his lock of the day. If you listened to DG on Thursday then it made your Thanksgiving that much better, if not get with the program.

DG take it away...


Alright betters, I gave you another win with my Turkey Day Teaser. If you didn't listen that's on you. Don't make that mistake again. We have a Monday Night Football game this week that no one cares about Not even Niners or Cardinals fans care, no seriously. This game is will showcase two of the most stagnant offenses in the NFL. So I am taking UNDER 41 tonight. On one hand you have the niners, who were picked by many to win the division and are now seemingly one of the worst teams in the NFL. They are pitted against a city who's hopes left when Kurt Warner said goodbye to the game of was a sad day for football when that happened. I believe Fitzgerald is crying somewhere right now wishing Kurt were back.

So even though this is the QB match up of the year so far, Anderson vs. Smith, we have to UNDER 41.

Until next week....DG OUT!

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