Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Position Rankings: WR's

(Alshon Jeffery is kind of a beast)

Below you will find a list of my top receivers in the country. Feel free to disagree and sound off in the comments.

1.) Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State

As we have been seeing more and more in the last five or so years, big receivers get it done. These guys also tend to be the guys who get it done in the pros (see Megatron, AJ and Hakeem Nicks to name a few). Blackmon and the next guy on this list are prime examples of big guys putting up major numbers. Blackmon uses his frame when he needs to but a lot of the time you can see him pulling away from guys in the open field with his speed. Note that these numbers could be even better if he had not missed a game due to a little incident we like to call a DUI. To add to all of this the kid is only a sophomore.

Stats: 75 Catches 1,285 Yards and 15 TD's

2.) Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina

Jeffery is a monster at 6-4 233 lbs he eats corners alive and also has the speed to get it done in the open field. QB Stephen Garcia has no problem throwing it up to Jeffery and letting him make the play. Jeffery also has ridiculous upside as he is only a sophomore this year. Look for Jeffery to continue to light it up this year as he shows no sings of slowing.

Stats: 59 Catches 1,034 Yards and 7 TD's

3.) Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma

Broyles is different then the first two guys because he is a smaller guy at 5-11 180, and regularly makes the tough third down, and short catches. That being said he has a knack for the big play and is explosive in the open field. With Landry Jones throwing to him this year he has been the best WR on the team and has been a big part of the success that Oklahoma has had.

Stats: 86 Catches 1,077 Yards and 8 TD's

These guys are the top three in the country but there are others that are close, see below for 5 more guys that should not be overlooked.

4.) A.J. Green, Georgia
A.J. missed half of the season due to NCAA violations (suspension was BS) so we can't put him in the top 3 but he deserves special mention here because he is arguably the most talented of the group.
5.) Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
6.) Julio Jones, Alabama
7.) Randall Cobb, Kentucky
8.) Titus Young, Boise State

wait for the replay at the 50 second mark

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