Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who is Coaching/Playing HS Football These Days?

Ok, so the link below is to a ridiculous HS football play. My reaction is after the link..

Again, as we posted earlier this week this HS game features some very windy weather, and some idiots. So basically a kid on the white team punts from his own 1 yard line. He gets a pretty good kick off although the wind helped a lot and it lands around the 50. The game is being played on astro turf so it starts bouncing, and rolllllllllllllllling, and rolllllllllllllllling until it literally rolls down to the 4 yard line...a 86 yard punt (you take away 10 yards for the snap)...

The white team moves a long with the ball the entire way and the black team JUST WATCHES.

Hey black team the further that ball goes the more yards you lose...have you ever watched football before, fall on the damn ball. No need to pick it up or try anything heroic, just fall on the ball. The white team is just watching the ball, go fall on it and save your team 50 yards.

How does a coach let this happen, I would be screaming for someone to fall on the ball...

HS football will always amaze me...12OT's one day, a negative yard kickoff the next and now this...I guess that's what makes HS football awesome, absolutely anything can happen

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