Monday, November 1, 2010

BCS Rankings: Reactions

Alright, when I was looking at the schedule for last weekends games, I wasn't over the top excited. But we ended up seeing some pretty big shifts in the top 10 as a results of a couple of upsets.

Here is the BCS top 10:

BCS Standings
4Boise State7-0

Oregon came out slow but ended up blowing USC out, they have done everything right and deserve to have the top spot.

Auburn got a big win as well and looked pretty impressive, If Oregon vs Auburn was the championship that would be pretty crazy, considering where the teams were pre-season.

Boise State got passed by TCU and the two are currently 3rd and 4th in the polls. If Boise State misses the title game and goes unbeaten it would really make the case for a playoff, and that would be awesome. Or if TCU misses it and does the same...PLAYOFFS!!!

Utah has been creeping up the polls slowly and has finally cracked the top 5. They have a HUGE game against TCU coming up. It is really crazy to see Boise State, TCU, and Utah in the top 5.

Alabama made out very well in their bye week as they moved up #6, make no mistakes they are still nasty.

Oklahoma and Nebraska got huge wins and are still right in the convo.

Wisconsin and LSU round out the top 10.

Michigan State is out after losing to Iowa, and Mizzou is as well after falling to Oklahoma.


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