Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Night Special

(DG is pictured above, after winning last time we posted his picks here)

If you listened to us this weekend, you didn't do very well on your bets (we are probably like 1,356-8-4 on the year so give us one bad week).

But we are givers here and wan't to bring some money in on a Monday.

This is an NFL bet so we have contacted resident expert DG on this one and he has an absolute killer bet for you all....GO!!!


Alright, let me be clear. The follow pick is for those who want to make some serious coin. This is an absolute lock. I am selling my burros and betting everything I have on this one.

2-Team 7-Point Teaser: Eagles +4 and Over 36. (moved from Eagles -3 and o43- incase you are dumb and cant do the math, in which case you should probably not be betting)

The eagles are a good team with Vick at the helm. Yea sure he kills dogs, but shit, who honestly cares besides PETA. The Skins are a team in a bit of trouble, their QB isn't even in good enough shape to do 2 consecutive minutes of cardio. The eagles will score at least 27 points tonight. I suspect the skins will score around 17. If I were a betting man, which I am, I would say Final: Birds 31 Indians 17. Should be a pretty comfortable win. Quick sell off all of your assets and bet this game hard.

Until next week....DG OUT!


  1. Looks like DG is spot on with this one... I'll be counting my money all the way to the bank!!!!

  2. DG absolutely nailed this bet and we thank him for bringing his talents to this blog...