Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts on the BCS TOP 4

(Cam Newton and Auburn vaulted to #1 with a win over Alabama)

#1 - Auburn

They are here instead of Oregon because they beat Alabama last week. They are a very talented team offensively. With Cam Newton at the helm they can be the best team in college football. As far as he goes is as far as this team goes...that's why you pay him $180,000 a year. Oh and by the way I have no issue with players getting a sweet car or some extra money when they are bringing in as much money for the school as these guys are. Let's not get out of hand but why can't the kid have some extra money for food.

Auburn could be the best team in college football right now, the way they are playing they will be tough to beat. The only concern I have with Auburn is that they do allow a good amount of points per game.

#2 - Oregon

Oregon scores the ball better than anyone in the country. They also play solid defense. The reason they are #2 is because they have not played as tough as a schedule as Auburn. Auburn has South Carolina left and Oregon has Oregon State, so the rankings will be the same if they both win.

I think Oregon could definitely beat Auburn, they can score on anyone in the country it would probably just be a matter of who had the ball last. Certainly one of the most entertaining teams in the country, LaMichael James is a beast.

#3 - TCU

TCU does everything well, but it is hard to compare them to the top teams because of the weakness of their schedule. Every test that TCU has had they passed with flying colors. I think that TCU can compete and beat any team in the country, but they will be left out of the national championship if Oregon and Auburn win out. TCU and Boise State are huge reasons that we NEED A PLAYOFF IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Boise State did lose but if they had not we would of had 2 undefeated teams not playing in the national championship...just stupid.

It is unclear whom TCU will face in it's bowl game but they will compete with anyone so it will be exciting to see what they can do. Also, they are headed to the Big East next year and will certainly do well there.

#4 - Stanford

Andrew Luck is hands down the best QB in the country. Stanford has a great offense and an underrated D (11th in the country). They have only lost to Oregon. If Andrew Luck plays well then Stanford can stay with anyone in the country. If you have not seen this kid play yet then you need to check him out because he might be the best QB we have seen in college in a while.

Other teams in the mix

Wisconsin - Great D, great run game
Ohio State - Terrell Pryor will be a WR in the NFL, but for now he is a great QB for the Buckeyes
Arkansas - Ryan Mallet is huge...capital HUGE
Michigan State - Well rounded team, Cousins is having a good year for them
Oklahoma - Jones to Broyles is one of the best QB to WR combos in the country
LSU - Patrick Peterson is the best DB in the country

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