Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can't Lose Three Team Teaser

(Ryan Broyles, as the kids say, goes HAM)

Well, I hate to harp on the facts here, but we can't lose. I'm not good with numbers but we have not lost yet this year. 13-0, betting the good teams instead of the bad ones. Let's catch three more dubs.


LSU -8 vs Tennessee

LSU is really good and they are rolling teams right now. Tennessee did blow out Montana and Buffalo though, to bad LSU blew out Florida, Oregon and West Virginia. This should be another roll over game for LSU.

LSU 40 Tennessee 15

Alabama -16 vs Mississippi

Trent Richardson and the Tide are beating people badly right now and they give up 7 points per game. Looking for a blowout here.

Alabama 35 Mississippi 7

Oklahoma -26.5 vs Kansas
Kansas is really good at getting blown out, like one of the best in the country at it. They gave up 70 points last weekend to Blackmon and co. Oklahoma has one of the best offenses in the country and this game should be over before it starts.

Oklahoma 58 Kansas 10

Trent Richardson Yikes

Rueben Randle LSU, HS highlights

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