Friday, October 7, 2011

Three Team Teaser

Vegas is going broke and asking me to stop betting, but I cant do it. To many people count on this blog to pay the bills. Just gotta keep betting on the best teams in the country to win, if that's wrong I don't wanna be poor.

(Let's go Richardson we need ya this weekend)

Three Team 9 Point Teaser

Vanderbilt vs ALABAMA -19.5
Florida vs LSU -4
Oklahoma -1.5 vs Texas

Alright so all of the teams in this teaser this weekend need to win. Bama big an the others small. We are going with the formula that the better teams will win the football game. Florida and Texas are both very good teams. But Bama, Oklahoma and LSU are better. Vanderbilt has not seen a team like Bama yet this year and I am looking for a blowout.

Gotta be a little tapped to play this game

Gotta show love for all the teams your betting on...Let's go Tigers

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