Thursday, November 12, 2009


(Andy Dalton and TCU face a tough test against Utah this weekend)

Not a lot of marquee match ups this weekend, but there is no shortage of important contests. No matter the game when the end of the season is this close every game is important.

Before we take a look at every top 25 match up let's highlight a few...

Utah vs TCU
Cincinnati vs West Virginia
Houston vs UCF
Georgia Tech vs Duke
Iowa vs Ohio State
Miami vs UNC
Stanford vs USC
Pitt vs Notre Dame
Oregon vs Arizona State

Alright now let's dive deep into the picks...JUMP


South Florida -1 OVER Rutgers...Early Thursday game and it should be a good one, both of these teams are playing decent football but I give the edge to South Florida...29-21


Cincinnati -9 OVER WVU...West Virginia is a dangerous team looking for the upset, and Cincinnati needs to stay perfect. Should be a good battle throughout as WVU is a pretty tough team...Cincinnati stays perfect 34-20


Clemson -8 OVER NC State...Clemson has CJ Spiller(ridiculous speed), and that will be enough in this one...Tigers 23-10

Indiana +24 OVER Penn State...Penn State wishes they were being talked about right now, but instead it's Iowa and Ohio State...JoPA 32-16

Houston -4.5 OVER UCF...Tricky spread, I think Vegas knows something here...but we are going to bet it hard anyway...Houston rolls 41-28

Georgia Tech -12 OVER Duke...Georgia Tech stayed out of trouble last week and I think they win big this weekend against an average Duke team(NSFW language)...

Michigan +8.5 OVER Wisconsin...Hoping Michigan gets a win here to prove what they are capable of...the best is yet to come out of Ann Arbor...Michigan 23-20

Baylor +23.5 OVER Texas...Texas can't lose, period. They also need to blow teams like Baylor out. That being said this spread is too big, Texas 40-22...remember this guy

Maryland +17.5 OVER Virginia Tech...Tech continues to be unimpressive, I think this one stays close for a half, then VT realizes who they are playing...29-15...remember this guy

BYU -26.5 OVER NMU...At this point I almost feel bad for NMU...almost...remember this "guy"...BYU wins easy 48-12

Iowa +17 OVER Ohio State...this line is crazy, even though everyone knew that Iowa was going to lose eventually, that does not mean they are horrible...Ohio State 21-10...remember this guy...

Florida -16 OVER South Carolina...Time for Florida to start blowing people out and get hot here late. South Carolina looked bad last weekend...Florida 44-15...remember how both of these guys are the same but different sports...

Miami -3.5 OVER UNC...Two good teams but Miami is clearly the better of the two, and they did this(PLEASE LISTEN NSFW)...epic...

Stanford +10.5 OVER USC...I am done with USC still being ranked high, and stinking...unless they win by 25...TREEEEEEEEE

Idaho +31 OVER Boise State...This is TCU's weekend, I will give Boise State this to go and play with while we watch the real underdog play...

Alabama -12.5 OVER Mississippi State...MARK INGRAM FOR HEISMAN 2009...Bama rolls 29-8

Arizona +2 OVER Cal...Because Jahvid Best is out...and

LSU -24 OVER Louisiana Tech...LSU is really good, they have only have two loses, and to the best two teams in the country...remember him...


Pitt -7 OVER Notre Dame...Dion Lewis is nasty, in a good way...Clausen still has moves to make for the Heisman race...Pitt 26-17

Texas Tech +4 OVER Oklahoma State...I'm taking Tech 81-75...SHOOTOUT

Oregon -17.5 OVER Arizona State...not sure what happened to Oregon last week, but at least they get this guy back...

That's all folks, podcast to come...

Really excited about this weekends football...SPEECH!!!


  1. I'm looking forward to Michigan v. Wisc....should be a good one. BTW the quality of the links are outstanding.
    That picture of Andy Dalton looks like Billy Stewart only taller, much taller.

  2. Hahahaha wow it really does, that is pretty weird...yea much taller haha. Thanks, I love putting in links I feel it really gives a good feel to the picks post.